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Changeling PC

Player: Kenneth Letteer
Character: Jack Giant
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Render
Court: West
Freehold: Los Angeles
VST: VST Josh Harris

Character Information

Name: Jack Giant

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Render

Court: West

Notable Traits:

  • Jack is well over 7 feet tall and over 350 pounds.
  • Tends not to use any prepositions.
  • Incredibly stupid.
  • Keeps trinkets

Late 1960's - Born in Placentia CA. Late 1960's to 1986 - Lived in various trailer parks in the Orange County area. He is the eldest of several kids, and his father left the family in the late 1970's.
1986 - Hired by George Iant, a less than savory businessman in the area whose primary goal was a loan shark. Jack, who was already a large individual over six feet tall, was hired as a goon to get money back from people who didnt feel like paying George back.
1990 - Taken to the Hedge, in Hedge for what feels like for Decades. Served as an Enforcer to his Master.
2012 - Came out of the Hedge, changed into an Ogre and his physical size was newly visable. His intelligence also took a major dip when he came out of the Hedge, and his vocabulary and spoken word took a severe decrease in acuity. The only thing he knew was to go back to his old boss, and despite his newly large sized, recognized Jack. Feeling guilty for all the misdeeds he forced on Jack decades earlier, and unsure of what happened, George paid for his living arrangement along with getting him a new last name. On paperwork, Jacks name is Jack Giant, but he refers to himself as Giant Jack. Joined the Orange County Freehold after helping out the Summer King retrieve someone from the Hedge.
September 2013 - While on the Grey Ghost, he gathered the items quickly enough that the LA Freehold wanted him to join their group for a buy at the control of the ship. He joined up with the LA group and only due to a lack of 2 minutes, he lost out on becoming Captain Jack. October 2013 - Joined the LA Freehold

Jack Says
"No like people who complain who lose to Jack cause they no like Jack fight ability" - Said to Doc Hollywood and Ridge when they were patching him up after an altercation with another Changeling who lost to Jack in the Thunderdome.


Quotes "Jack Giant seems willing to try to talk peace and avoid wide scale confrontation. For that I have offered him the good will of the Spring court. I hope that he and his motley will earn it, but with Jack there's at least some hope. We'll see what comes."' - DJ Radix

"I can respect his desire to guide and protect his Motley members. What I don't understand is how a member of my Court suffers the idea of handing free Lost over to capture by Vampires." *Kage*


OOC Information

Player: Kenneth Letteer

MES Number: US2010016804

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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