Jack Morgan

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Character Information
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Ghost Wolf {{{{{Tribedots}}}dots}}
Renown: ••••• •
Wisdom ••
City: Vieques, PR
Pack: None
Player: Steve Gibson
Storyteller: Colin Douglas
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Real Name: Jack Morgan

Deed Name: None

Pack: None

Position: None

Age: 21

Character Livejournal: None

Backstory and Personality

Jack Morgan was born in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and was raised nearly single-handled by his mom, Sally. Sally raised him as best a single mom could, working several jobs and making sure he stayed focused on his school-work.

He changed when he was 18, and that's when his father came back into his life. His father taught him the ways of the Uratha, what it meant to be Forsaken. But Jack refused to join his tribe. He wanted to make his own path. His father was disappointed but understood.

Eventually Jack felt that his time with his father had come to an end, he just needed to prove that he was ready. So he undertook a quest to prove himself. His father claimed to have once "outran lightning." So had tried to do one better, he convinced the spirit of a lightning rod to help him, and defeated the lightning spirit on his terms.

Impressed, his father allowed him to set out and find his own place in the world. So far, he's ended up in Vierques, Puerto Rico.

Jack is still young and unsure of himself. Most of his knowledge on Uratha culture is academic rather than from first hand experience. While he is currently a Ghost Wolf, he is looking to join a Tribe.


OOC information

Player Name: Steve Gibson

Location: MD-001-D

Other Info: