Jack The Bloody Red Queen

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Public Information

Name: Jack Heart

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Draconic/Flowering

Court: South (Mantle 3)

Entitlement: Hallowed Garden

Title or Position:

Current Location: Chicago, Illinois


Mask Jack has shocking red hair that is generally styled in curles and pulled up away from her face. She usually dress in a classically stylish manner that is slightly reminiscent of victorian with some modern touches to it.


Horns grow from her forehead, framing her face like a crown of bone, and thorny vines of roses grow from her skin and wrap around her with thick blood red roses.

Mantle (South Court 3)

Jack's mantle is subtle showing through as a light heat that incites passion.


  • She could have been Spring in another life, perhaps. Maybe the South court is similar in a way? It's less about desire, and more about need--something about her that emboldens. - DJ Radix

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