Jackie Sharp

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Sabbat ••
Statuses: N/A
City: Cleveland, OH
Player: Amanda Schoen
Storyteller: VST Mark Stadul

Character Information

Name: Jackie "Nazelli" Sharp
Clan: Gangrel
Apparent age: 28

Title or Position
Pack: Bodycount

Status: 2

  • Initiated as of 7/19/14
  • Annointed (Innate)---Keeper of the Sacred Text
  • Courageous by Archbishop Constance Everwood for killing the hunter, David Boniface. (10/18/14)
  • Mistrusted per flaw and as a new True Sabbat.

Physical Description

  • Always seen in some sort of sports gear.
  • Spotted neck. She seems to use a lot of cover up, even though she's pretty pale as is.


  • Sire: Sunshine Gray, Gangrel Primogen, Cleveland, OH. (NPC)

Notable Traits:

  • Says "yo" all the time.
  • Always seen in some sort of Cleveland sports garb.
  • There's always a husky dog and a maine coon cat following her. They are her shadow.


All of this information is OOC until learned IC.

  • Was a Campire, embraced in the 1940's. She was known as an ancilla. While confirmed among the Tower, she wasn't well liked to to her over the top methods and inhumane ways of getting the job done. Many Campires thought they could take advantage of her due to her perceived low intellect. She was often warned and disgraced among the Camarilla throughout the years. There were some whispers she was put into torpor for many years due to her inability to conform to the Camarilla status quo.
  • She was born into an Italian neighborhood and lived her childhood through the great depression. She was a street urchin as a mortal, but still wanted to make something of herself and rise above her station in life. She even tried to go to Baldwin Wallace College as a young adult, though struggled with classes. She never accepted her role of being a lady, getting married, and having kids. She wanted to make a name for herself. She was loud and always seemed to attract the wrong type of attention.

Known Associates

All of this information is OOC until learned IC.


  • Is a Camarilla spy waiting for the moment to turn over the whole Sword in Cleveland to the Tower.
  • Diablerized the first night she met the Sabbat to prove to them she really wanted in.
  • Would have challenged the archbishop of Cleveland to monomancy if she could as she thinks she's a bitch.
  • Doesn't know how to pronounce monomancy.
  • She's not an idiot, just street smart.
  • Really buys into the freedom thing.
  • Is the real reason Tony Rizzo drinks too much.
  • Says Caine is her "boy"
  • Is the real reason Cleveland Sports are cursed.
  • Many priests in Cleveland are competing to convert her "impressionable" mind to their path of enlightenment.
  • She's a loyalist.
  • She's a moderate.
  • She's an ultra conservative.
  • She supports the status quo.
  • Honey badger doesn't give a damn.
  • She's actually a member of Rico Vega's pack in Philadelphia. She's been tasked with making Constance Everwood look like a fool so Rico can in time become Cardinal of the East without any opposition.
  • Is bloodhunted by the Cleveland Camarilla Prince, David Whitaker.
  • Joseph Pander said he wishes she was a Pander. She just dat dope.


  • "Caine is my boy, yo."-Jackie
  • "Praise Caine, yo!"-Jackie
  • "Mai boi Rico Vega makes me wet."- Jackie
  • "Fuck yeah bitchesssssssss. This gurl b on CAINETUBE."-Jackie
  • "I started calling she da "Bishop of Enthusiasm". Seems like dat name start to stick." - Rosa Madero
  • "When she makes it through her first year in the sect she will have a bright future. I have taken it upon myself to ensure she does make it through that first year." - Castiel
  • "Fräulein Sharp, in my opinion, has a bright future ahead of her. Rarely do I see such dedication out of one so newly converted to the righteous path. I expect great things from her." - Bishop Lucius Delacourte
  • "Her bling bought a nice reward, guess I owe her one." - Digby
  • "I was proud to see Jackie Sharp stand with us, with Bodycount, with my Diocese, as we fucked art and fucked Campires, during the Crusade on New York City." - Victoria Sutton