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"There is a reason we call it 'The Movement'; it represents a chance at moving from where we are to where we could be.
It isn't the promise of a better way, but the chance and hope that one day, we can find one.
It's not easy, but I can think of no more important task anyone could ever undertake with their immortality."

A lumbering man with a warm smile, Flynn is easy to spot for his long hair, full beard, and signature guitar either strapped to his back or in his hands. At times hot-headed, like most of his clan, Flynn tries at all times to be an example for what The Anarch Movement *could* be, rather than what it is perceived to be.

Having spent a great deal of time in California during the years of the Free State, Flynn was a founding member of The Band and a staunch believer in the Status Perfectus; he currently acts as the Advocate of the Free City of San Marcos and is known for authoring several attempted treaties with the Camarilla in an effort to bring a formal end to the Second Anarch Revolt.

Despite a painful (and somewhat publicly disastrous) personal life, Flynn holds onto his humanity as one of the defining traits of the Movement, insisting that the care of Mortals be taken as one of the highest priorities. Despite this, he is also known to keep on-and-off-again relationships with members of the Independent Alliance.

Status Traits


Authority, Mandate - As Advocate of the Free City of San Marcos


Moniker - As a founding member of The Band.


Loyal - By Call to Arms against the Sabbat in Austin, TX.
Hardcore - By Communal Vote, for fighting a Lasombra pack with no backup.
Veteran - By word of Constable Dust, for leading the charge in battle against the Tzimisce.
Favored - By word of Ambassador Evan Lazarus for continuing service as Advocate.
Honorable - By word of Advocate Mac, for negotiating with the Independent Alliance in Quebec City.

  • They say he has nightmares of some awaited terrible fate, and that it's what drives him.
  • I hear his sire is actually Smiling Jack himself.
  • That guitar he carries? It was a gift from a lover of his. He loved her and she loved another. He's been heartbroken ever since.
  • There are those who are certain Flynn is a puppet leader being controlled by The Gambler.
  • Some say he used to be a Primogen in the Camarilla, before something changed his life.
  • There are rumors of secret meetings with Archons and Justicars-- What would they want with an Anarch?
  • Why does an Anarch seem to have such a problem with the Sabbat, but not the Camarilla?
  • Whispers say that Flynn has been detoxing from something-- and that's why he's even more preachy and angry than usual.
  • Please, add your own!


"Flynn is an inspiration to Anarchs everywhere. The movement doesn't define him, he defines the movement." - Daphne Rose

"He is our leader and our Ace of Hearts. I love him but he is so bent on fighting his fate instead of riding it. It's why he's so unhappy all the time I think..." - The Gambler

"If it is possible to care too much, Flynn certainly does. His passion and his determination makes him a great leader. I just worry that the consequences may outweigh the cause." - Harper Gray

"He was one of the first to open my eyes and see what controlled and thoughtful change could bring. It's because of brothers and sisters like him, that I continue to do what I do." - Seneca

"I haven't known Flynn too long, but I do know this; he's my brother. We're all in this together, and I will do everything in my power to see his vision realized. His vision is my vision." - Nora Prescott

"Sometimes his personal passions and his politics become a bit too entangled, but I suppose that is what you get with Brujah. Still, it creates a drive that not many Anarchs possess on their own. He isn't content to just exist, he demands a change for the better in all things." - Evan Lazarus

"He's got a good head on his shoulders and he speaks a lot of sense. I'm sure he will be a great agent of change in the coming nights."- Moira Valentine

"If he resided closer I think we would have much to talk about, though in my short time as an Anarch he has shown himself to be thoughtful and a positive force in the Movement, bravo."- Icarus

"He gets it. Not something you can say about all Anarchs. But he knows where we need to go and is trying to get us there."- Malcolm Reynolds

"I can't wrap my head around his idealism. Past that, he and his seem like a good crew." -Levi

"I disagree with Flynn's dream. I don't think we can have the peace he sees. We fight. We kill. That is the truth. His dream is sweet, and innocent, and not drenched in as much blood as my truth. That said, I much prefer his dream to my reality." -Jacques Dupree

"People are so quick to judge him, say he's a dreamer. And you know what? He is. But it is fucking sad that his dreams are considered dreams. Who knew common decency would be out of the realm of possibilities for most people. Don't let people take away your integrity, Flynn. You do you, boo-boo." - Nora Prescott

"Ars longa, vita brevis. So make music and use it to teach lessons and change hearts. It is the greatest weapon we--you--have..." - Harper Gray


"He has a strong heart and a strong spirit. I see it in his aura." - Candice Caine

"Advocate Flynn is a pleasant change from most Anarchs that I've interacted with. He understands the value of politeness, the importance of patience, and clearly realizes that common courtesy is not so common in these nights." - David Daniel Steiner

"He is a man with passionate beliefs. It is my hope that I can show him that those beliefs are compatible with the Camarilla. He would make a most interesting member of the Ivory Tower and I suspect that the Brujah of the Camarilla would welcome his zeal." - Cedric Wadsworth

"He would be an excellent addition to the Ivory Tower. I have faith that in the centuries that follow he will be among us.." - The Broken

"Like many another idealist, he strives tirelessly to improve the system. Would that I could convince him that more change can be achieved when you work from within the mightiest of walls than when you hurl dirt clods from without." - Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes

"I had the pleasure to spend a little time with his gang. While many of the others seemed to enjoy our conversation, I do not believe this man appreciated my presence. I suspect he still recalls his first visit to Houston. I know I do." - Clémence deMontes

"An excellent case study into the personality markers that make a good kindred turn Anarch. I shall continue to monitor him and his ilk for my psychological studies." - Edward James Crowe, MD

"What an interesting figure he cuts. His band is pretty decent." -Jeannie

"He seems more like a rights activist than an anarchist. I would have expected a leader of the Anarchs to be, I don't know, less formal and preachy." - Dr. Alex Pond

"Youth, Pride, Drive, and Loyalty. I see much within, but I see Jealousy, Fear, Anger, and Lack of Control. Brujah or not, Flynn is worthy of staying in city. Need to temper him, show him new path and hope in time, he find Steel in heart." - Stoneking

"Remember the Rose, Advocate Flynn." - Dexter Mara

"Before meeting Flynn, I'd never sat down with a vampire and made small talk before talking business, only to find that I actually just wanted to keep up with the small talk and not worry about business too much after all." - Kasserine Powell

"It was never about need, or best judgement, or safety. It was about holding onto something pure that made you feel alive and kept you pushing forward, a show of tenacity and faith; but that's all gone now, isn't it? This.. was supposed to be for you." - Lexi

"Anarchs. So often I've seen them used as scapegoats, that I was honestly surprised how well received these were. That type of acceptance is hard work, and to the Leader go the spoils." - Hawk Saxon

"Gardez cette passion, M. Flynn, mais attention où il coule." - Guillaume

"The world doesn't need more soldiers, he told me once. I think he's wrong. The world needs more of the right kind of soldiers. Soldiers like Flynn. I'm not sure what he thinks he's fighting for, but whatever it is - it's just." - Ethan Sullivan

"I've been reading the man for years on the internet. I really did think he would be taller. Still, he has this 'devil may care' aura about him that makes my tummy all atwitter! He should know this about himself." - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV

"How can one person hold so much rage and passion without bursting into flames? It is a testament to some inner wellspring of strength..." - Astrid Malikov

"He should stick to his guitar. He's good at it. That's all I really know about the man, to be frank. Am I better off that way?" - Scarlett Thorne

"I respect Flynn's bravery. There's nothing more courageous than facing three Ravnos in a card game." - Aoife Nicomedo

"I still believe one day he will join the tower but until that time I find comfort that I can call him 'brother'. " - The Broken

"His leadership skills are growing! It's been such a thrill to watch from afar." - Jeannie


"A cautious Brujah who seems to know his place within a sea of predators. I'm curious if his bite is a flare or a cannon." - Achilles Hellgate

"I feel he should be careful. The one who takes responsibility for a group is often the one who gets blamed. I know this truth intimately." - Angelo

"He quickly made amends for an unintended slight, was reasonable in our negotiations, and ensured I will speak with him on future opportunities. He also never forgot who I represent. This is more than can be said of many of his fellow Anarchs." - Matteo Giovanni

"I have always been someone who supported the Anarchs, if only because they irk the Camarilla more then ourselves. Flynn, is excellent at this...carry on good sir, carry on." - Brother Billy

"I've known young Mr. Flynn for a long time. He's come into this world, a man of his own right. He has a voice for himself and his own vices. He stands up against the tyrants. He's grown up." - Jupiter Lotis

"That kid's alright. I'm getting him an Orange Ascot, and maybe a dog." - Giacomo Giovanni

"We will see if he has the stomach to keep his promise when the time comes." - Angelo

"Can't say he's the best musician I've heard but... he's better than the one we heard in St. Louis back in June." - Vincent Giovanni

"Anarchs're weird, an' I learned that mostly by watchin' this guy. Still, I met a whole lotta motherfuckers worse than him, an' not a whole lot better. He takes care of his people, an' I respect the fuck outta that." - Vincenzo Putanesca

And you always feel outnumbered, / so you don't dare make a stand...
I try to see the good in life, / But good things in life are hard to find.
We'll blow it away, blow it away. / Can we make this something good?
We've got to hold on to what we've got / Cause it doesn't make a difference / If we make it or not
We've got each other and that's a lot
There's a point I think we're missing, / It's in the air we raise our fists in,
In the smiles we cast each other, / My sister, my brother.
What makes you love the things you can never find?


Player: Kevin W.

MES Number: US2014020062

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch
City: Austin, TX
Player: Kevin W.
Storyteller: Austin Masquerade VST