Jacob Slynt

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Character Information
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Independents
City: Boston, MA
Player: Tyler B.
Storyteller: Tim C.



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Notable Traits: A philosopher at heart

Coteries/Societies: A known associate of the Sessiz Labirendi One might even say one of the two founders.

What is known about him

Bookish and relaxed, Jacob has an almost zen-like quality to him. He seems to be mostly apolitical and instead has a passion for seeking out that which he doesn't know. A known lore master, he is one of the few who actively pursue tracking down lost Lore within Kindred society for himself and others who wish his services.


No real knowledge is common


  • "It is better to build up than to tear down." -- Himself
  • "Jacob is someone about whom all the answers will probably never be known. However, what I do known is that he has been a solid and dependable ally to me and my people, and when like minds can work together for common cause, well that, my friend, is a beautiful thing." --Malcolm Donovan


Jacob Slynt of House Ailil


High Almoner

Keeper of the Swans


  • "A renowned traveler of the world, he knows all ends and all ways." -- Name
  • There are none who know more Lore and history of Vampires than he.
  • Has been known to work for the Justicars on more than one occasion.

OOC Information

Player: Tyler Brown.

Location: Boston, MA </div>