Jacob the Liar

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Changeling PC

Player: Anthony Fuentes
Character: Jacob the Liar
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Author
Court: Spring
Freehold: Freehold of the Phoenix Guard
VST: DST Bryan Himebaugh

In So Many Words...

  • Name: Jacob the Liar
  • Seeming: Wizened
  • Kith: Author
  • Court: Spring (Growth)

Jacob is like most Wizened in that he is a man of short stature. He seemingly walks with a slight limp - enough that he uses a cane. He never seems in a hurry and very few people can ever recall him running toward or away from anything. Usually sporting some sort of stylish facial hair and neat short cut hair, he doesn't really stand out among the masses. Usually well dressed, he tends to fit in with the "upper class" though there are times when his manners and tactlessness would preclude him from such.

The most noted feature is not the point of his ears like most Wizened - rather it is the words. Like tiny tattoos that drift from the corner of his left eye and the left side of his mouth. The words all seem like excuses or regrets and seem to change every day so nothing is ever the same:

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to...I didn't know...it didn't mean anything...I thought she loved me...I love you...that isn't fair...you cheated...why me...help me...it wasn't me...why can't you let go...there is no hope...it hurts so much...where were you...I have nothing...I feel empty...Love - love has nothing to do with it...".

He claims that these were words often heard by those who didn't know the full weight of the deal they have undertaken. Whether they are or not doesn't make them any better. They constantly change everyday - but the theme of the words all remain the same....

...Party In the First...

The world simply knows him as Jacob Lyre - his business is strictly politics. Tax records and city files have him listed as a political consultant though with no party leaning. Every election that comes around - Mr. Lyre can be scene providing aid & volunteers to political and social change candidates alike. Lyre Consultation is in the business of making sure the election machine carries on. He has been on the political scene since 1991 and has been a staple for the city.

Jacob the Liar.jpeg

However the Lost of the city know him by a different name. If Jacob had a last name - most people have forgotten it by now. To them he is Jacob the Liar. He arrived in the city of Phoenix around 1990 from parts unknown. Some have said that he might have gotten out of the Hedge only a few months early and just adapted more quickly than most. Some rumors even go as far to say he was exiled from his last city. Others even have said that he used the power of the written word to work his way back into society as if he never left. Then again - this is just drivel and hearsay as Jacob would never confirm such without a price being paid first...

So re-stating the facts, he arrived in Phoenix around the 1990. During that time he developed a reputation as Pledge Smith. While he doesn't ever speak of his Keeper - people have surmised (out of his line of hearing) that he may have once did the books for the Merchant or maybe transcribed for the Judge. In either case - he is exceedingly adept at both written contract and the oral agreement. He is reviled by some Lost while others see him as a necessary evil.

His deals have provided new lives, fortunes and clean slates for those that are willing to accept his price. Sometimes it is as simple as a Hedge Fruit. Other times it is something more "dangerous" - an unnamed favor. Though he rarely calls them in - those that owe them are cautious about ever mentioning it. Rumor are abound that he has had people murdered, tortured or even sold back to Arcadia - yet nothing that can be proven. He does everything (or so he claims) for the Freehold of the Phoenix Guard.

Reputations & Slander

(Quotes - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • "Until I met Jacob, I never understood why in all the stories, a person is truly tempted by a deal with the Devil, even knowing Him for who He is." ~Biancabella
  • "His reputation is something that should concern you...but which parts of that reputation should concern you most?" ~Reset
  • "I have to give him this, at least he admits he is a liar." - Cait the Oracle
  • "Never underestimate the Growing Season. There is so much more to us than anyone ever know, we deal in desire....and in that Jacob is very very good." - Belladonna
  • "Jacob... man, Jacob. He can get what you need, treat you right - but it costs. Always costs. It's part of what we are as Growing Court, most people forget. I like Jacob. He keeps people on their toes about us revelers." - Brook Ashley
  • "He's an excellent conversationalist - he'll talk gold threads around you and make you think you spun 'em yourself. That's why they call him the Liar, y'know." - Jack Frost
  • "He's a Liar. But whom among us is not without sin?" - Drek
  • "Jacob is a cool guy. Sure he lies. And God loves. And Man Kills. Stop acting like it's a surprise." Springheeled Jack
  • "Jacob and I are dear friends. He handles all of my important dealings and has never done me wrong. If you are looking for a Lawyer or simply someone to help you with a dealing he is certainly someone to go to." - Sabrina Von Noir
  • "Such a handsome young man. Why, if I was a little younger I might try to give him a little squeeze myself!" - Bes Frigg
  • "So listen, one time I had like two seconds to pick out the smartest guy in the room. I chose Jacob and I absolutely got it right." - DJ Radix

Fine Print

(Rumors - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • He was taken as a bet - can an illterate human learn the full mastery of the written word
  • He was never a man but a ledger created to be a man, hence why he has no feelings
  • He has had children tortured via waking nightmares for a parent who has welched on loan
  • He made a deal to remove his heart and keeps it in a safe deposit box
  • He is actually hundreds of years old and was the inspiration for Rumpelstiltskin
  • He founded the Guild of the Goldspinners but wrote himself an escape clause to which every new Goldspinner inheirts the debt of his freedom
  • He has no idea that the Guild exists
  • He has been refused by the Guild for being too underhanded
  • He always writes an escape clause for himself so he is never on the short hand of a deal
  • He has never broken a deal
  • He hires other changelings to do his dirty work so he remains clean of the implication due to the contracts made
  • He is a Master of the Pledge - both Literal and Unwitting
  • Those that make a deal with him, always regret it