Jacques Thibodeaux

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Character Information

NAME: Jacques Thibodeaux
NICKNAMES: Coonass Jack, Papa Jacques, King Jack
CLAN: Gangrel (Coyote)
Initiated as Sabbat
Ordained as Priest of the Bonerot Saints
Blessed as Bishop of War
Anointed as Keeper of a Sacred Text
Loyal by Archbishop of Albuquerque
Battle-Scarred by Ductus Cash of the Bonerot Saints


Unpublished - Unknown

Info Known by Kindred Society

Jacques has existed in the swamps of Louisiana for decades, possibly longer. He spent years as a hermit Voodoo Priest, and the only thing that's changed of late is that he's no longer a hermit. He speaks in a thick, but intelligible, Cajun accent, which occasionally slips to something similar to an island accent as he discusses certain aspects of Voodoo - especially death and the 'other side'.

When faced with a puzzling dilemma, has a tendency to track down something, kill it, and sort out his next steps from the story revealed by its entrails.



  • He's a neonate poser from Michigan.
  • He's touched in the head.
  • He's the driving force behind New Orleans Voodoo.
  • Every time his accent slips to Islander, he's channelling the Haitian Methuselah he diablerized.


  • "Laissez les bon temps roulez." - Jacques
  • "For a Bishop, he doesn't seem to bad and doesn't bore us to death with sermons. Just go and further the conquest of the Sword. I can respect that." - Marius Turok

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Sabbat •••
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City: Austin, TX
Player: Gregory Bullard
Storyteller: Maximillian Bondrescu