Jadis Keep

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In the Hedge of the Freehold of the Congress of Oddfellows is a place that is beyond the trails and Trods where only the brave and the bold explore. Signs call it various names such as the "Cold Lands", "Lands of Bitter Winds" and "Realm of Frosting Death" among others. This land of taiga and tundra that the Winter Court calls home and the locals call "Evercold Flats". This place is home to Briar Wolves, Thorn Bears, various tribes of Hobs and other strangeness. Odder still are places where warming pits have been made that seem to be kept stock with fuel, food and supplies. No one is sure who is doing this or why.

A view as you enter the "Cold Lands"

This region of the Hedge is inhospitableto True Fae and Changeling alike, rarely visited by anyone. When the cold was creeping to the rest of the Hedge of the Freehold, the local Lost searched for the cause and in that year where shocked all when Jennifer Kalte-Auge, the Frost Bitten Legate of the Black Apple was reveled to have made her abode here. Fast forward after various events, the Monarchs of Freehold of the Congress of Oddfellows bring Jennifer Kalte-Auge into the fold as the Winter Monarch, rather than make enemies of her. Since she was brought into the fold, her "ice palace" was "thawed" and she invited members of the Freehold in as guests. Since that day Jadis Keep has been a "commons" to all Winter Courtiers and a place where the Freehold meets during the Winter.

Jadis Keep after the thawing

The entire structure is sitting on a forever frozen lake....Why would you do that?

The reason Drakkar Lake is called Drakkar Lake...and why Jennifer is never bothered by large scale attacks

The Hedge is a dark and scary place.


Jadis Keep is the Winter Court Commons.