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Awakening PC

Player: Morte O.
Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: none known
Position: Hearthkeeper
Consilium: La Perla del Sur •••
City: Ponce, PR
Cabal: Misfits
VST: Bonnie Day

How she got her Shadowname
Old shot, pre-Awakening
More recently

Known to the Awakened World (IC Info)

Character Overview

Shadowname: JailBird, or just 'JB'
Sleeper Alias: Angel de la Cruz
Notable Traits: Presence 4, some visible tattoos
Title or Positon: Hearthkeeper
Cabal: Misfits


Angel is approx 5'3" tall, slender, almost bony in places. Her hair is long, shaggy, dark brown. Her eyes are large and also dark brown. She usually dresses in very ordinary clothes, looking very much like just about any other young person on the streets.

A few scars mar her coffee coloured skin; an old knife would on her left forearm from her first fight, a bullet wound in her lower right back that just missed a kidney, and an amazing fractal pattern across her back left by a lightning strike that traces near-perfect angel wings. Over her heart, in tiny crude letters, are tattooed the words "God gave the angels their wings." Tattooed on the inside of her right wrist is a small Christian cross, and on the top of her left ring finger, where a ring might sit, is tattooed a small five pointed star. More recently acquired on the inside of her left wrist is an Ouroboros, a tiny red drop of blood falling from its one visible fang.

She is a native Puerto Rican who grew up on the wrong side of the fence, and hasn't really climbed over yet.


Her skin begins to shine with a soft white light, her eyes start to glow blue and dance with electric sparks, and angel wings made of light unfurl from her back, sparking around the edges. The feeling around her is one of peace, and purpose.

Friends and Enemies

Her Cabal...

The others...

IC Rumours


  • had a drug problem.
  • has a drug problem.
  • is tied up with the city's largest gang: 'Espiritu' or just 'Espys'.
  • has been a devout Catholic since her Awakening.
  • is actually a nun who sneaks out of the convent each night after lights out, and sneaks back before dawn.
  • isn't a nun, but is in rehab, and that's where she sneaks out of each night.
  • might actually get pleasure out of making people blush a very deep red.
  • ...

IC Quotes

From her...

  • "you realise .. by coming here, and not jacking you on the way out, my street cred is going to take a serious nose-dive."
  • "I'm a good girl these days. I'm clean, respected... an unknown to outsiders. It means I can do good work in the community, without constant harassment."

About her...

  • "She said she wanted to steal my silverware, won't go shopping with me, and called me lucky. I'm lost for words..." Chastity
  • "No one I'd rather end up in jail with. But she's posting the bail money." Isnana
  • ...

OOC Character Information

Basic Timeline

  • 1991, Sept - born.
  • 2001, May (age 9) - dad sent to prison.
  • 2002, Dec (age 11) - mugged and stabbed.
  • 2003, Jun (age 11) - starts working for dad's gang.
  • 2003, Sept (age 12) - starts junior high, meets Rigger before either of them awaken.
  • 2003, Sept (age 12) - not much later, gets arrested for first time.
  • 2004, Feb (age 12) - gets shot.
  • 2004, Nov (age 13) - mom gets a new boyfriend,
  • 2005, Feb (age 13) - who turns out to be an abusive a-hole.
  • 2006, Jun (age 14) - drops out of high school end of Grade 9.
  • 2007, May (age 15) - almost arrested, gets Rigger expelled from school instead (by accident).
  • 2007, Dec (age 16) - gets struck by lightning Christmas eve, Awakens.
  • 2008, Jan (age 16) - murders her mom's abusive boyfriend, JB convicted 2nd degree murder, sentenced to 25 years.
  • meets Lucia Vazquez, March Hare, Basilides and Apollo sometime in next 2 years.
  • 2010, Apr (age 18) - brother 'Angel' shot and dies, JB takes his name to use on the streets.
  • 2013, Jan (age 21) - meets Sebastian.
  • 2013, Nov - becomes active in the La Perla del Sur Consilium again, after six months being 'quiet'.
  • 2014, Mar - appointed Hearthkeeper.
  • 2014, May - joins up with Caprice, Gemini and Skittles to form the Misfits cabal.
  • 2014, July - Lucia manages to get her conviction down-graded to involuntary manslaughter, she's released on parole for time served.
  • 2014, Sept - JailBird's mother becomes critically ill, and is sent to the mainland for treatment. JB gets special dispensation to accompany her, and leaves the island. She returns a few days after Halloween, after her mother passes away.

Current Activities

JailBird comes and goes, never really hanging around long, but she usually turns up to all the important Consilium meetings, parties, get-togethers, raids, wakes ... if it's an event, she'll most likely be there.

Between times, she keeps very much to herself.

In her own time, she likes to tinker with car engines, improving them. She's into computers, and electrical engineering, and is starting to play with robotics. She likes to do charity work in her community, especially around her church (she's Catholic).


Life started out fairly normally. Parents, brother, school, friends. Then her dad shot a rival gang member, who died, and dad went to prison. Things started getting messy then.

She quickly gets involved in her father's gang to survive, gets in trouble a lot but always manages to scrape through. Meets some interesting people, none of which are her mom's new abusive boyfriend. Drops out of high school after one year, rather than answer questions about the bruises she comes to school with. Gets more heavily gang involved, keeps in contact with her school friends.

It's all ok though. Not long after her 16th birthday, on Christmas eve, she gets struck by lightning, and Awakens. Shortly after New Years the aforementioned abusive boyfriend involuntarily trades her mom's bed for a pine box, and life takes another turn for our heroine, as she lands in prison for his murder. She didn't complain too much, she did it, and gladly.

Things aren't so bad. She finds a mentor, and other friends, and regularly drops in to Consilium events and meetings. She's discovered a real knack with mechanics, and computers, and spends a lot of her free time just tinkering, or reading.

Middle of 2014 she's had some good friends grant her a little luck, and her sentence downgraded from second degree murder, to involuntary manslaughter, and she's out after six years, and looking for a new life.

After everything going so well for a few months ... freedom, a cabal, good friends, a new life ... it all breaks down again as her mother falls critically ill, and dies on Halloween in a hospital in Florida. JB went with her mother for her treatment, then brought her body back again for burial.

Looking For

  • a Legacy ... if you think she'd be perfect in yours, and want to offer to mentor her, let's talk.

OOC Player Information

Player: Morte O.
WTG Number: WW1997100168
Location: Trade Winds, WTG

OOC Disclaimer

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This wiki does not exist IC in this format, and is merely a collection of information about the character as a permanent record, and for OOC entertainment.