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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Mélanie B.
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Canadian Myrmidon of the East under Trajan, Canadian Brujah Clanhead from 1998 to 2016
Status: Acknowledged, Loyal (I), Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Sanctioned, Commander
Domain: CND-015
VST: VST Simon L.

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Montreal, QC, Canada
Player: Mélanie B.
Storyteller: VST Simon L.

IMPORTANT: Retired character as the chronicle (2013) is now over

About Alexis

Clan: The mighty Brujah

Sect: The Tower Must Stand

Embraced: 1710, New Orleans, Louisiana

Status: Acknowledged, Loyal (I), Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Sanctioned, Commander

Title or Position: Brujah Clanhead of Canada and Canadian Myrmidon of the East under Trajan

The Children of O'Callaghan: Lineage (OOC only)

What is generally known about Alexis

  • She believes the Camarilla is the only right way and is devoted to protecting it and making grow and prosper.
  • She is loyal and honest but has high expectations of what one is suppose to be as a member of the Camarilla. Her views of it are very conservative.
  • Every time the Camarilla called she answered. She isn't afraid to die for her cause. In fact she expects to.
  • She has a strong sense of family and a close bond to her sire and family.
  • She's usually cool, calm and collected for a Brujah. Her temper does fire up but she usually leaves the room in time to take a breather instead of losing it in public.
  • She is fiercely protective of women and children... and any Brujah

Allies, Associates, Feuds and Enemies (OOC Information)



  • ANY enemy of the Camarilla

Rumours about Alexis

  • She is very guarded about certain topics.
  • She is rather stuck up and prudish
  • She struggles with technology
  • For an elder she has a few unusual traits and habits that she shares with her family members.
  • For one of her rank and age she displays a strange dislike for politics
    • Feel free to add your own!

Quotes about Alexis

  • "My sibling's Will is the Will of the Brujah. She is a soldier, a scholar and a leader in this country, and a terror to the Enemy. I have no doubt that she and I will stand together on the front once more against them should they elect to rise again." -Cross, Steward of Clan Brujah
  • (To Alex only) "We have so got to get you laid..." - Cross
  • "Clanhead Kelly provided me the feeling that she would stand by me in a fight, and woe betide the foolish attackers." -Eileen Vargas
  • "Auntie Alexis is another of those awesome things about being a Mackenzie. When things are bad, she's always there to help me through, and we've really bonded over the things we've shared. She's true family. On top of that, she's about the coolest chick ever. Major role model." -Talia Ferr
  • "Clanhead Kelly is a born leader. She commands respect when she is interacting with her Clan" - Archon Hudson
  • "Scary when angered and looks great in a dress despite how much she hates it." - Circe Volkova
  • Feel free to add your own!


02/14 Answered the call of Archon Reginald Blake
00/14 Elder Viktor Cohen, Prince of Montreal: Deadly for destroying two Vozhd in as many months (BNS converted to Courageous).
10/14 Elder Cherry Poppins, Prince of Montreal: Defender for defending the Tower in Montreal.
12/14 Archon Theo Bell: Loyal member of the tower and exemplary Brujah for the flawless organization of a Rant and Rave that left him very impressed.
07/14 Took part in the Battle of the Five Cities
03/15 Elder O'Callaghan, Prince of Calgary: Courageous for helping with the Calgary situation.
04/15 Elder Guillaume Lorrain, Prince of Montreal: Courageous for stopping a Vanquished assassination attempt on his person.
05/15 Archon Reginald Blake: Acclaimed for her fair announcement in rewarding those under her command.
05/15 Archon Vincent Alastair Mayweather: Acclaimed for her education of her child James Ward.
11/15 Prince Alistair York: Courageous for deeds in battle, for a courage in the face of the enemy that is most inspiring.
01/16 Elder Guillaume Lorrain, Prince of Montreal: Honorable for her continued service to the Tower.

  • 05/15 Archon Vincent Alastair Mayweather: Courageous for combat skill and risking her unlife for the safety of other members of the Tower in battle.
  • 06/15 Her Grace Damaris: Triumphant for fighting blood magic users, exterminating a threat to the sect and supporting a Prince without direct personnal gain.
  • 09/15 Her Grace Damaris: Triumphant for destroying one of the highest Hunter threat to the tower at the perils of her life.
  • 03/16 Archon Cee: Loyal for participating in an attack against the Vanquished.
  • 03/16 Archon Hudson: Courageous for participating in an attack against the Vanquished.

03/16 Prince Sable-Sky: Defender for participating in an attack against the Vanquished.


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