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Requiem PC

Player: Daniel Peche
Character: Jake Stormbear
Venue: Requiem
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: I don't know what your talking about!
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Position: It's a Secret!
Status: Charlotte 3
Clan Status: Gangrel 2
Covenant Status: Ordo Dracul 3
Domain: Hidden Mysteries NC-008-D
VST: John Foster

Character Information

Name: Jake Stormbear

Aliases: Paytah (Family), Jake Stormbear (everyone else)

Clan: Gangrel

Bloodline: To be determined

Covenant: Ordo Dracul

Status: Gangrel 2, Ordo Dracul 3, City of Charlotte 3

Notable Traits:

Title or Positon:

Personal Quote: You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't... So why not be damned while paving that road to good intentions.

Known Relatives

Known Childer

None since coming out of his Torpor, Before his Torpor it is unknown




Ordo Dracul





Paytah was born on December 25th, 1755. His biological parents were killed on the day he was born. They were killed by a snow monster. Alric and Anita Brandt are Jake/Paytah’s real parents, Cetan and Maka where Paytah’s adopted parents.


Paytah married his first love Enola.


Paytah and Enola decided to go south to the Cherokee nation, and closer to the white man. Paytah wants to learn about the white man, since his is in reality one of them. They built a home around current day Lincoln County.


  • September 15th

Enola was killed by the British, because Paytah didn’t respect the commander of a British unit. Paytah told him to leave and the commander took offense, and ordered that Paytah be beaten, and then the British commander took Enola away for the night. While Paytah was tied to a nearby tree he heard Enola’s screams. When the sun came up Enola was thrown in front of Paytah, enraged he struggled against his bindings. The British commander ordered Enola hung. She screamed and fought them and Paytah continued to rage against the ropes binding him. After Enola was hung from a tree and she died the British left Paytah tied up to the tree and left. Paytah managed to finally break free and bring Enola down. He burned and buried the ashes of her body and left.


  • March 18th

After revenge for his wife’s murder, Paytah changed his name from Paytah to Jake Stormbear. Jake leaves where his wife was buried and he begins to hunt the British. He begins his move north towards Massachusetts. When Jake saw a British soldier he would stalk them and then kill them, he preferred using arrows, but if Jake were close enough he would use a knife and hatchet.


April 1775-September 1783 (The American Revolutionary War)

  • August 23rd, 1776

Jake heard that the colonies had declared war against the British, Jake goes and joins the Colonial Militia.

  • February 19th, 1779

Jake attacks a group of British soldiers while they are starting to set their camp. Jake is shot from a musket. Jake runs staggering from his wound and he runs into Jonathan. Jonathan asks Jake why is he fighting so hard, and Jake says, “Revenge, I must kill as many as I can, I must find the British bastard who killed my wife. And I must see him flayed alive” With that the Daeva named Jonathan ghouls Jake.

  • September 3rd, 1783

The British surrender to the Continental Army at Yorktown, Virginia. Jake was on his way to Virginia with Jonathan. When Jonathan and Jake made it to Virginia they meet up with a Gangrel named Ahiga. One night when it was a cold night when Jake was getting water, a person walked up to him from across the creek. The man looked at Jake and then heard Jonathan come up. They exchanged pleasantries and sat down and began to chat. His name was Ahiga and he was newly sired and had broken away from his Sire Ryan O’Connell. After a few nights of travel they made it to a village, Ahiga had taught Jonathan how to meld into the ground. When they made it to the mountain village they had a party and the next night Ahiga was the only one to find Jake. They left the village with the idea that Jonathan traded Jake for some “magical” powers.


Jake travels with Ahiga; they travel up thru the Dakota’s through British Columbia, down to California and throughout the west. Jake begins to put pieces together about Ahiga.


In the spring of 46’ Ahiga meets another Gangrel, while Jake and Ahiga follow up on the war with Mexico. Ahiga and this Gangrel befriend each other in a mining town in the Rocky Mountains. Ahiga told me his friend would teach him something, how to mold his blood in a particularly interesting way.



In the early spring, right after the end of the Mexican war, Ahiga finally decided to kill Jake and Embrace him as a Kindred. Jake was Embraced on May 10th, 1855. Along this line Jake was turned and continued to travel with his sire.


In the winter of 1861, around the month of February, Jake and Ahiga began their trek from Texas to Virginia. Once there Jake and Ahiga began to fight whatever troops they found. Jake thought this was weird, and began to really comprehend that Ahiga was someone who enjoyed chaos. One day late in the Civil War, Ahiga approached Jake and attacked him. Defending himself Jake somehow was able to stake his Sire. After which Jake burned his body. Jake, who was tired of the fighting, then let the rest of the war pass him by.


The Civil War had ended and Ahiga was dead. Jake was tired of the fighting and didn’t want to see it anymore. Jake traveled west to California. From California, Jake found passage to the orient. He began his travel to Japan. On the ship Jake learns the violin to pass the voyage, he also asks a couple of passengers for lessons on Japanese, Jake feed on the rats on the ship, and on a few of the passengers.


Jake's Sword

In the early part of March, Jake made it to japan, and began his travels of this new land. He makes it to the city of Kyoto. There is where he meets his second wife Sakura Omura. Sakura was the daughter of the Omura dojo. Jake was looking for some food and was stalking someone when he met her. She was being accosted by a group of drunken men. Jake stayed in the shadows and watched to see what would happen. When they tried to assault her, she fought them off, that is what interested Jake. The next few nights Jake continued to follow her until finally she caught him in an ally. They began to fight, though Jake had never really had any formal combat training he had natural strength and was a vampire. This little girl fought him and he lost. She stood over him as he lay on the ground. The nest night after he feed, Jake looked for her and fought her again and lost. This continued for about a month, before Jake found out her name, and then she offered him a chance to train at her father’s dojo. She did find it weird that he only came at night, but he was a foreigner so maybe she thought that was why he was so weird. After Jake began to train, he and Sakura began to fall for each other. The thing that most attracted Jake to this human were her eyes, they were exactly the same as Enola’s. By the end of the year Jake was living at the Dojo, and was learning of how to fight with a sword and how to fight without a weapon, something beyond the wild brawl. Around this time is when Sakura figured out that Jake was not human, she thought of him as an Oni, though oddly enough not one of complete evil.

Jake was taught the Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū from the Omura dojo.


Jake awoke the evening of January 3rd; it was the same as any winter except that there was a loud ruckus in the dojo that night. Jake walked in and listened to them arguing, Jake overheard Sakura’s Father talking about a civil war. As the argument escalated, Jake noticed Sakura was behind him and listening as well. When the arguing came to an end, Sakura’s brother Yakamo had decided to side against the Shogunate. Sakura and Jake talked for a while also, to help her and her family, Jake would follow her brother and keep an eye on him and help where he could. Since most of the engagements were during the day, Jake was unable to help much during the battles, but once he knew where the battles would be or where a few of the Shogunate troops were Jake would stalk and feed off of a few of them to weaken them, or if there were only about 10 or fewer he would kill them and hide the bodies. After the fall of Edo to the Imperial Army Jake meet back up with Sakura. After the battle of Edo, Jake continued to follow Sakura’s brother to help what little he could. After the Naval Battle of Hakodate Jake took Sakura’s brother back to Edo, He was injured but he survived the trip home. In March of 1869 Jake made it back to Edo to find that Sakura’s father had arranged for her to marry a man from another dojo. Sakura went along for a while; Jake finally confronted Sakura about the marriage. Jake asked her to leave with him and at first she declines. One evening while Jake is practicing with his katana, a man walks in, and asks for a match; behind him were Sakura, her brother, and her father. Jake accepted the challenge. The fight was fought with bokken, so that they could not kill each other. By the end of the match Jake was victorious however he was near frenzy by the end, and had to “ride the wave.” The man had a broken arm, a broken collar bone, and three cracked ribs when it was said and done. Jake had several injuries but used his blood to both heal his wounds and to allow blood to flow.


Jake fled with Sakura to Niigata to live. Jake, to support her, opened his first bar at the harbor for westerners; Sakura helped him during the day to run the bar. Because Jake could not have children (Obvious reasons why) Jake took in some orphaned children. The children belonged to a former samurai who died in the war. Jake tried his best to not show the beast around the children.


Japanese Temple

Because of a letter that Sakura's brother had sent, Jake traveled and meet up with Yakamo and they traveled to Satsuma, Yakamo was ordered down to Satsuma and Jake went to help him out, like Jake did eight years earlier in the Boshin War


Sakura becomes very ill and finally dies from consumption. Jake leaves his bar in the hands of his adoptive family and enters torpor to hopefully forget her.


Jake awakens from his torpor; it is early May when Jake leaves the confines of an abandoned building. It was pitch black when Jake awoke, and some of his memories began to comeback, though the nightmares seemed to linger longer than the good memories.


Jake made it back to America in the late fall. He rode a series of trains from San Francisco to Raleigh, NC. Then he traveled south to Charlotte to meet up with his brother. Jake made it to Charlotte, NC in November of that year.


(This was a session of the Background Game for Charlotte, NC) Once in Charlotte, Jake meets up with his brother. Jake also meets Dean and Rosetta for the first time.


Jake leaves Charlotte and begins his travels again. With no destination in mind he heads west again.


Jake is in an open bar listening to the music being played, already full Jake just tries to listen to music when on the radio Jake hears some people talking about Germany. Germany had invaded Poland, and France and England had declared war on Germany. Just because unlife had gotten so stagnant that Jake wanted something to occupy his time, so he found a ship on the east coast and headed to Europe. Jake participated in the Great War, and though he did not enjoy the idea, he did help the British and the rest of the Allied forces. In 1942 Jake traveled back to Britain for a short respite, then he meet up with some soldiers in the 506th Parachute Infantry Brigade and befriended some of them; then Jake ghouled a few of them and he had them helped him to get smuggled onto an airplane they were going to drop out of. Jake followed along with his friends in the 506th through most of the war. While in the war Jake meets up with Dean Walters again, Dean is at the moment a Contract Killer, or an Assassin. They meet each other a couple times and agreed that after the war they would meet up again in the US.


Covenant-Ordo Dracul.jpg

Jake joins the Ordo Dracul and later in the year becomes a Sworn of the Axe.


Jake meets up with Rosetta again in New Orleans. Rosetta begins to follow Jake after he saves her from some hunters. (Waiting on Character ties)


Jake and Rosetta traveled to a place in New York called White Lake to an event called Woodstock. While at Woodstock Jake and Rosetta begin a more intimate relationship. Jake has traveled with her for fifteen years, and he has fallen for her.


Jake along with Dean and Rosetta travel to Charlotte again. Once they arrive Jake begins to look for a sit to open up shop. Jake gets in contact with his brother and the rest of the vampires he meet back in the 20’s. Jake buys some property with money and trophy’s he accumulated during the Second Great War. With that property Jake sets up his bar in downtown Charlotte, NC. Wolf’s Bar and Grill is founded in 1979. Jake hires some people to deliver materials and to build his underground chambers under his bar.


Someone else joins Jake, Rosetta, and Dean in there coterie. His name is William Harrington, William helps Dean work on his Lacrima and they have begun brewing it into Beer, and more alcoholic beverages.


Jake meets up with a Gangrel named Ezekiel Oberloch, they chat and Jake is able to convince the Gangrel to teach him the power of Dominate. Ezekiel teaches Jake the powers of Command, Mesmerize, and Forgetful Mind.

2013 Present Nights

Jake is currently busy with his Bar and keeping Rosetta out of too much trouble.


In Clan/Bloodline

  • Protean
    • Aspect of the Predator
    • Haven of Soil
      • Dirt/Soil
      • Processed Stone
      • Unprocessed Stone
    • Claws of the Wild
    • Shape of the Beast
      • Black Wolf
      • Black Bear
      • Raven
  • Nightmare
    • Monstrous Countenance
    • Dread
  • Resilience
    • Level 3

Out of Clan

  • Auspex
    • Heightened Senses
  • Dominate
    • Command
    • Mesmorize


  • Coils
    • Coil of Banes
      • Conquer the Red Fear
    • Coil of the Beast
      • Chastise the Beast


  • Sunnikuse
  • Yielding Soil


  • Is both Carthain and Ordo Dracul.
  • Diablerized his own sire.


  • " I don't kill people! I just beat them, and put them in body bags, and throw them in the river. If they happen to drown; It's not my fault." - Jake Stormbear
  • "He enjoys watered down blood, that's why he's addicted to lacrama." - Marko Kazamir


Characters from books, manga, anime, tv shows, and music that helped that inspired me for this character.

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