James Nathan Hunt "Peacemaker"

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Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Edge of Midnight
Sept: Sept of The Tor
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• ••••
Honor: ••••• ••••• •••• ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••••• ••••
Player: Bryan E.
Storyteller: Kendra Allen

Heart of the Storm

Birthdate: January 1st, 1979
Apparent Age: Early to Mid-Thirties
Notable Traits: Pure Breed 3, Gorgeous x5, Alluring x2, Natural Leader
Archetypes: Mediator and Socialite
Sept Positions: Eldest Philodox and Master of the Challenge

James Nathan Hunt

Born from a pairing between prestigious Shadow Lord and Silver Fang lineages has made James Nathan Hunt an anomaly among his own tribe. Something of a pretty boy, he might at first or even second glance, seem out of place. Upon closer inspection, however, his dominant Shadow Lord heritage is more apparent. He is tall and lean, standing at 6'1", with well-groomed dark hair and gray-green eyes. The Shadow Lord is most often found impeccably dressed in a custom-tailored suit, vest, and designer leather shoes. In spite of his outwardly playboy demeanor, he is uncannily alert, always watching. His typical stance is that of a coiled spring: containing a lot of potential energy and ready to strike if disturbed.

Lately, he is rarely seen without a pair of sheathed long knives, low slung like a Old West gunfighter's pistol upon his right hip. One knife boasts an exquisitely carved stag antler handle, the other flaunts a grisly-looking handle made of bone.

He has no obvious scarring, at all.

Known to the Nation

James Nathan Hunt

A Shadow Lord born into the esteemed Hunt Family of Silver Fangs as a result of a drunken one-night stand, James is the proverbial black sheep of the Hunt family. James spent most of his childhood in the Rolla, Missouri area living with his mother, Celeste Hunt, in seclusion from the rest of the Hunt family. Once James experienced his own First Change, his father returned from Russia to claim him. After spending several years in Russia, James returned to the United States to attend college on the East Coast. It was there that he met his cousin and future alpha, Valyria Hunt-Morningkill.

After the Extinguishing of Anthelios, James Nathan Hunt and Valyria formed a pack dedicated to Harrier to pursue the noble cause of diplomacy, cooperation, and support in the Aftermath of the Ratkin War. Recently, James and she formed a new pack to Harrier and they have returned to the home of Valyria's birth to pursue their mutual goals.

James is often the voice of equity and reason for his pack. He believes that justice, honesty, and fairness are not incompatible with being a member of his tribe and has set out to prove it. As a Shadow Lord Philodox, he takes his role as a judge very seriously.

Deed Names

"Peacemaker" Named for brokering a peace and diplomatic marriage between two Russian Shadow Lord families. The deed name Peacemaker is a (somewhat) tongue in cheek reference to Samuel Colt's famous gun, as well as James's American heritage.
"On Raven's Wings" Named for enduring the attacks of thirteen wraiths while undertaking a dangerous quest to retrieve a personal item of a Black Spiral Dancer pack alpha plaguing the Sept of Falcon's Rest.
"Lightning Strikes Twice" Named for his precision, bravery and tactics in using the gifts granted by Grandfather Thunder in two separate battles, halting the advance of the Black First Fomori units who were seeking the bawn of Falcon's Rest.
"Defender of the Word" For his Fostern rank challenge, James had to debate the tenets of the litany with members of the Sept of the Tor. This culminated in a war of words with a panel of three Ragabash, who attacked the merits of the litany as James defended it.
"Litany's Wisdom" As part of his Adren rank challenge, James mediated and adjudicated over the crimes of Hudson's Revenge against the wolf kinfolk of the Sept of the Tor. He punished the Get of Fenris for his actions and counseled him regarding his behavior.
"Shadow of Truth" Named for his actions and words at the Battle of the Medicine Wheel at the Sept of Buffalo's Tears, where the Garou saw the Nightmaster raise an army of fallen brothers, sisters, and legends, from the battle against Anthelios, from the Abyss.
"Shatters the Spiral" For his Athro rank challenge, James hunted down and killed an Elder Black Spiral Dancer, formerly of the Uktena tribe, who was seeking the heart of the lost caern of Lawrence, Kansas.
"Ashes to Ashes" Named for being instrumental in the destruction of an ancient Elder Setite and its fanatic blood cult. The vampire had assumed the form of a giant serpent in an attempt to flee from the hunting party, and James thwarted it by engaging in hand to hand combat. Had James not done so, the foul thing would have escaped.
"Heart of the Storm" For his Elder rank challenge, James recovered one of the Shards of Theia. A controversial act, as he made the decision to steal it from a group of Fera who were guarding it. The Fera had embraced fatalism, and welcomed the end of times while safe in their village, protected by the Shard. The Shard was being sought by Teeth of Titanium, the fallen Glass Walker Legend. The Fera knew of this, and were resigned to Teeth of Titanium taking the Shard from them by force, "What will be, will be." The Fera were willing to allow the Weaver and Wyrm to influence the coming cycle, but would not aid the Gaian Garou in restoring balance to the new age. James was disgusted by their hypocrisy and (to him) heretical viewpoint, and vowed to not let the Shard fall into the hands of the enemy.

Personal Totem

Sun-Wukong, the Monkey King.


  • Mother - Celeste Hunt (Silver Fang kinfolk)
  • Father - Benedikt Gregoras (Russian Shadow Lord Galliard)
  • Stepmother - Eva Gregoras (Russian Shadow Lord kinfolk)
  • Half-brother - Dmitri Gregoras (Russian Shadow Lord Theurge)
  • Half-brother - Desya Gregoras (Russian Shadow Lord Philodox)
  • Half-sister - Nina Gregoras (Russian Shadow Lord kinfolk)
  • First Cousin - Valyria Hunt-Morningkill (Silver Fang Ahroun)
  • Grandmother - Matrona Gregoras (Russian Shadow Lord Galliard)

Arbiter's Accord


Pack Totem: A Harrier spirit of Falcon's Brood called Precipio

James Nathan Hunt was the beta of the diplomacy pack known as Arbiter's Accord. After completing its mission, the pack dissolved in August 2014.

Arbiter's Accord was an idea originally conceived by Valyria Hunt-Morningkill and James Nathan Hunt to help facilitate diplomatic relationships, treaty negotiations, and peace-making amongst Garou and other supernatural allies. Sponsored by Harrier, a wisdom totem of Falcon's brood, this small pack has been active in facilitating diplomacy between the Sept of the Tor and the Sept of the South Wind. They are well-known for being genial, resolute, steadfast, and principled.

Edge of Midnight


Pack Totem: An Uktena spirit called Udeledah (Cherokee for 'secret')

Work in Progress

Alpha: James Nathan Hunt; "Heart of the Storm"
Beta: Dakota Running Prairie
Bob; "Wisdom of the Wyld Heart"
Melody; "Twilight's Last Melody"
Ethan Houston, "Refiner's Fire"
Nick Halden; "Shrouded in Mystery"
Erik Drake; "Adversity's Challenge"
Omega: Azura Brown; "The Hero We Deserve"

Deceased: Valyria Hunt-Morningkill; "Courage Unending"
Deceased: Lazarus Arch; "Bleeds Truth"
Deceased: Rayna Ayres; "Infinite Jest"
Deceased: Aces Dance Across the Table; "Grim Tidings"
Deceased: Elena Kiev; "Shadow's Heart"
Inactive: Jim Williams; "Big Sleazy"
Inactive: Sulayman ibn Said al-Nasser; "Leechbane"
Inactive: Gillian Spaulding; "Microbit DoS"
Former: Quinnge; "Silent Illumination"


"Peacemaker is the fulcrum of this pack. As his skills develop, he will make an effective alpha in his own right; I look forward to that day." -Valyria Hunt-Morningkill

"When interacting with potentially emotionally charged situations, he seems to revert to a wall of cool politeness." - Helena Zokas

"On Raven's Wings is a promising future for the Shadow Lords. He has a brooding calm about him that is most certainly the calm before the storm. One day his storm will come, and it when it does, he will be impressive to watch. I look forward to that day." - Executioner's Song

"It is interesting to watch him in action. In my interactions with him he has typically been quiet and reserved, watching and listening. That trait will make him either very dangerous or very good as a philodox. I wonder what his dharma has in store for him." Jericho Windstorm “Eye of Taifeng

"I want to see him in action, I've missed the up close and personal but I keep getting this feeling that when I do, I'll probably be impressed." Alvarez

"Hunt is proof that, as we return to the Cycle, Grandfather Thunder reforges us and makes us greater than we once were. I have known this Half Moon to be calculating, cunning and relentless in the pursuit of what he perceives as justice. I strongly suggest you never find yourself on the other-end of his perceptions. It might prove hazardous to your health." Howl of Thunder

"The first time he met me, all he did was stare for in an inordinate amount of time before demanding to know who I was. That's it, that is the summation of my interaction with him." Long Fang

"In this age when the Nations have struggled to hold ourselves together, have played fast and loose with our lives, our truths, and our honor; in this time, James has been a pillar of clarity. He is complex, and he is competent... and if I fall, I believe I might trust him to do my job." Dawn's Dying Echo

"James Nathan Hunt's mask is rigid. It is hard to tell what he is feeling, but that hasn't stopped us from working well together. Our conversations about judgements and the role of the philodox have been thought provoking, and I am not ashamed to say that I have learned from him. He has my respect. " Rory O'Gara

"He has a tenacity about him few Garou dare to even harbor. I've seen him go from start to finish with a sense of duty and finish it with honor. It takes more than just a polite smile and luck to make that work." Elsie Andrews

"I don't get why everyone dislikes James. Sure, he acts like the adult in the room; but don't you want that? It means you don't have to be it. He's like the dad who knows how to keep everyone organized and have a bit of fun sometimes." Azura Brown

"It's been some time since I have seen a Garou so good looking, with a sense of style, and such polished manners. I'd be a damn fool to refuse his call." - Portia Sangreal

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