James Norman Masters

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Character Retired, under the control of the Colorado Springs Cam/Anarch Storyteller

James Norman Masters of Clan Malkavian

Sire: Marcus Aaronsen
Childer:William de Lunis
Title or Position: None
Status: Acknowledged in Colorado Springs, Confirmed as an Ancilla

Known or Suspected Information


James's family is both large and grand, supposedly.


Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Colorado Springs, CO
Player: Jeff Mills
Storyteller: Mykle McGovern
  • Dismissive of others, and slightly distant.


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  • "These Lunatics are too organized. It's freaking me out." - Overheard in various forms from most members of the Colorado Springs domain
  • "Black hats. An interesting choice, and telling of our nature, I think." - James Norman Masters
  • "I do believe it is time for me to visit the family again. I miss them. Supposedly... Supposedly my.... Well.... never mind that." -Orelia Taipetra
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OOC Information

Player: Jeff Mills
MES Number: US2008113200
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Domain: CO-015-D: Dead Man's Gambit: Gold, Guns, and God