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The Sharp Thorn Often Produces Delicate Roses

James Thorne is a notable member of the Thorne Family.

Problems Are Only Opportunities with Thorns on Them

Known History blah blah blah will fill in later

Known Allies and Associates


You Cannot Show People Only the Petals and Not the Thorns

  • "We all have that special uncle...Uncle Jimmy is no different." Sterling Thorne
  • "My Sire and I disagree. He thinks I should come back to him. I don't see it that way." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "I adore Jimmy Thorne. At least most of the time, the rest he's just a dirty rotten scoundrel...the stories I could tell you. Of course, a lady never talks." ~ Lilly Belle
  • "I knew him once, and have thought of him many times since." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "One of my oldest and dearest of comrades. His charm and wit make him a fine debater and a skilled... what is another word for womanizer...? Oh yes, he is persuasive...." - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "A few times I have wondered, have others backed off in a confrontation with me because they suspect I have Jimmy on speed dial? Or am I just more bold at times because I believe that to be the case? Regardless, you're damn right I have Jimmy on speed dial." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Ah, Jimmy...he's like a brother to me, and we're more similar I think than either of us cares to admit." - Miranda Thorne
  • "It is because of him that I exist. This is something I will never forget. If you are to spend an eternity in gratitude, it helps that the object of your gratitude is easy on the eyes." - Babette DeForest
  • "I feel like if I have to get into a fight, having him by my side will significantly increase my chances to survive." - Amelia Thorne
  • "It is unclear if the world holds enough whiskey or women to sate his thirst, but he shall test them both in time." - Feodor Krasny
  • "The things I could say about Jimmy but that is better left just between he and I" - [Leonna Thorne]
  • "Elder Thorne? Let's see, which story will you believe? Let's just say that sometimes you find business partners in the damnedest places." Calvin Ames
  • "I don't recall the west being that WILD, but then again when you have firecrackers like Jimmy to compare the west to it all seems rather tame." Matthew Alright
  • "Uncle Jimmy is a bull in a china shop, but dammit, he's OUR bull in a china shop. With the right guidance, he'll pass through without incident. That is, until you piss him off." Scarlett Thorne

Truths and Roses Have Thorns About Them

  • I heard he once killed an entire sabbat pack, before breakfast...
  • Its been said no one can match his craft in the steel, from the piles of ashes I can believe it.
  • Some ladies say he's just as much of a spitfire behind closed doors.

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Darold M.
Storyteller: Mike Jackson

Player: Darold M.
MES Number: US2010035581
Location: LA, CA

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