James the Bear

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Accord PC

Player: Sasha Smith
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Division: Quicksilver Knights
City: Henderson, KY
VST: Dale Case

QSK Badge.png Breed ursara.png Accord250px.png Heartrippericon.png

Character Information

as a Bear
Storm Bear
right arm
Right rib
left arm
left rib
reinforced for weight

Name: James Noya

Creature Type: Changing Breed

Breed: Ursara

Species: Storm Bear

Accord: Heart Ripper


  • March-20-1994 First day of spring
  • Age 22


  • Height: 6'6ft 10ft/primal 16ft/warform
  • Weight: 285lb 1500lb/primal 1ton/warform
  • Build: Athletic
  • Hair color: Black/Human Brown/primal,warform
  • Eye color: Brown/Human Honey/Primal Red/warform
  • Clothing: Leather jacket with quicksilver knights logo and name tape, neutral color undershirt,blue jeans, black steel-toed boots

Notable Traits:

  • Mutiple Native American tattoos(arm, rib, shoulder blades)
  • Hair is adorned with hawk or eagle feathers

Title or Positon:

Allies ((Add your own))

Friends lost


  • Early life| Bear was born in a village of Cherokee Indians he did not know his mother or father the tribe chief took him in and the rest embraced him as there own. At the age of fifteen he began having dreams of a large bear standing on the edge of a river. He went to the spiritual leader to see what the dreams ment he was told all will soon become clear and at the age of sixteen he changed for the first time when he woke up the chief explained what happened and the tribe dropped there shroud reveling that they were a tribe of winddancers.
  • Joining the accord| He is the son of the late mage Kyros and a storm bear mother who he does not know. He joined up with his group after the forsaken were gone. he met his dad and sister Jade Falls. He became friends with vailth after he got a job at his gym. During a mission in Puerto Rico he met Pythia and with the push of Lt. Jaq he asked her on a date and they got together a few months later.

June 21 2016 Bear married Pythia completing the hearts oath and intertwining the destinies forever

Rivals ((Add your own))

Rumors (Feel free to add your own))

  • It's said that he has wrestled with a god and won

Quotes ((Feel free to add your own))

  • "I have never seen anything like him, this guys power is like nothing I have ever seen before." Valith SanGiovanni
  • "I'm like a thunderstorm. Most of the time I'm calm but sometime I destroy everything in my path." James the Bear
  • "I barely know the dude but he was there when I needed him. Performing at his wedding was the least I could do to pay him back." Shkira Kushnir
  • shit you not! Saw the guy buy it twice in one op. It will definitely making me reconsider taking bear contracts when all this bullshits is done. Sam_Roland_Hain
  • "I have never seen someone come back to life twice, not like us. Fierce in battle, and worthy as an ally. Thank you Bear." Winter
  • "Bear is as brave and fierce as any of the People. It was an honor to fight at his side, and would gladly do so again...as long as he leaves me some of my Scotch" Gaff_Hook
  • "Big guy stood toe to toe with two aboms bigger than any I've ever seen. Don't fuck with him. Even if you drop him, he'll come back!" Denial
  • "Watching him work was awe inspiring and fearful. I got mad when he went down. Thankfully he got back up... I need to learn that trick." - Lionheart

Notable Battles

  • Patient Zero- Bear went to Puerto Rico to help with a zombie invation while there he engaged mutiple mage hunters killing several of them he walked out of the massive battle undamaged
  • Mass Abduction in Seattle- Bear went to Seattle to help solve the problem of mass abductions, turn out it was a group of lost. Bear assisted in the capture of the 5 targets

OOC Information

Player: Sasha Smith

MES Number: US2015070074

Location: Owensboro, KY