Jameson's Lament

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Apocalypse PC

Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid
Pack: Seekers of the Path
Sept: Sept of Roadrunner's Promise Rank: Cliath
Glory: •••
Honor: ••
Player: Brom
Storyteller: DMH GAROU


Character Information

Name: Brayden Hawthorne aka Jameson’s Lament
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Fianna
Position: Bahahaha!
Domain: Dead Man's Hand (AZ-010-D)
Notable Traits: Mark of the Predator
SEPT Sept of Roadrunner's Promise

Information Known by Some

Wornstar SCH94.jpg

Apperance: A 25ish year old rockabilly celt
His 1/2 sister is Misery's Fury
He is rumored to never have a personal relationship that lasts more than a year
He travels a lot and drives around in a big converted deuce and a half prepper style RV
He’s more suited to being a Galliard or a Ragabash then a warrior
He has a very modern view on the Litany

Lies (Rumors)

  • He’s been through the Rite Of Renunciation
  • He’s very over protective of his chosen family
  • He fell in love with a fae once and no mortal woman can match that in his heart
  • He hates his sister
  • He hates all Fae
  • He is the father of several Metis but hates them
  • His sister was seen in the company of the late Ard Ri's Body Guard - Niall of the Hundred - rumored to be Fae
  • He made a deal with Danu to save his sister
  • Rumor has it that he only drinks awakened booze. Fianna right?
  • Brayden is cursed
  • Where his sister was chosen by the Fae, Brayden was rejected by them for unknown reasons
  • A Fae cursed Brayden and he cannot stay in one place for more than a Season
  • Brayden is the 1/2 brother of Misery's Fury his mother was a Fae
  • Brayden's c^ck is like Cinderella's slipper, he can't marry until he finds the one it fits

Slander (Quotes)

"Why is the Jameson always gone..." - Brayden

"Damn it, Jameson. This is why we can't have nice things." - Unbroken Belt

"I'm... I'm pretty sure 'anal' is still against the litany." - Unbroken Belt

"Show me a baby birthed from a ass and I will call it mating." - Brayden


"The best and worst of his Tribe, he tests my tolerance all to often. Though this is a small price for his battle prowess. Eventually age will temper him, or he will end up dead. Which comes first, is a trial he faces each day." Storm's Cold Fury

"If he makes it to maturity, I'm sure he'll be great. I'm more worried about him getting bounced back down to cub...where he's my problem." - Returns the Faith

Persons Whom Matter


Misery's Fury some say his half-sister others say his full, some claim his mother but he if fiercely loyal and defending of her.

Unbroken Belt his pack mate, while a metis she is still family he considers himself her uncle though blood ties are unknown.


The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub
Dropkick Murphys - The Season's Upon Us
Dropkick Murphys - Bar Room Hero
Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies
Volbeat - A Warrior's Call - Thanks to Storm's Cold Fury


  • Uncle Buck - Buck
  • Mass Effect I - Joker
  • Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight - The Collector
  • Boondock Saints - Connor MacManus

OOC Information

Player: Brom Inmon
MES Number: US2009033768
Location: Phoenix,AZ