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Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla ••••• •••
Whereabouts: [[:Category:Unknown

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Name: Jan Pieterzoon
Clan: Ventrue
Embraced: 1723
Sire: Hardestadt (the Younger?)
Generation: 6th
Title or Position: Ventrue Justicar
Status:[7 Abiding, 1 Fleeting] Acknowledged, Confirmed, Privileged, Established, Ascendant, Authority, Commander, Favored by Hardestadt
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Known Information

Justicar Jan Pieterzoon is an idealist who is un-phased by the need for kindred to adapt, evolve and chance to survive and thrive in the modern nights. Justicar Pieterzoon was an unsurprising choice for the office of Justicar, as he is known to have interfaced with the Inner Circle, is unquestionably loyal to the Camarilla, and committed to the concept of noblesse oblige that characterizes the modern Ventrue Clan.

Justicar Pieterzoon believes in guiding wayward members of the sect back into the fold and practices an ethic of leadership over greed, counsel over dominance, and negotiation over open conflict. Justicar Pieterzoon's friendly and outgoing demeanor often lulls individuals into a false sense of security and is one of the most visible members of the Justicariate.

Jan Pieterzoon is Scandanavian and has style blonde hair and deep blue eyes, though he occasionally colors it as needed. He dresses in the latest fashions that are appropriate to the scenario presented to him. The Ventrue Justicar is known to be verbose, often using many words to state what could be summarized in one short sentence.



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