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Name: Jared Goodman

Clan: Nosferatu

Generation: 9th


  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged
  • Prominent (Harpy)
  • Noble (Harpy)
  • Guardian (Harpy)
  • Loyal - Seneshel Elliot
  • Loyal - Prince Eirik Alexson of Philadelphia
  • Defender - Prince Eirik Alexson of Philadelphia

Positions Held

  • Master Harpy of Philadelphia

Notable Traits:

  • Machiavellian Prodigy
  • Very Silent and Efficient Fighter
  • Rather Social for a Nosferatu

Nationality: American / Jewish

Style and Personality:

  • Open and agressive
  • Tends to run at the mouth
  • Enjoys being the Center of Attention

Appearance: Appears to be a man in his early thirties. Dresses in whatever clothing he feels like wearing for the evening, but his style is becoming much nicer as of late. In Mask of 1000 Faces he is normal and unnoticable. Out of Mask of 1000 Faces he looks like a walking corpse dead around 2 weeks.


Known Associates

  • Ella Foster - Nosferatu Clan Steward / Primogen of Philadelphia PA
  • Leroy - Nosferatu Primogen of Atlantic City NJ
  • Benicio Fuentes - Clan Nosferatu - Houston TX
  • Johnston Forbes - Clan Toreador - Austin Texas
  • Callistus Santiago - Lasombra Antitribu from Richmond VA
  • Gabriel McNally - Clan Brujah Philadelphia PA


Jared was always a big. Even as a child he stood taller than most others. He was not gigantic, just tall and a bit wide. He grew up normal, played with friends and got in the occasional fight in his neighborhood in Philadelphia, but it was not until he enlisted in the Army during World War I, and the two weeks before he shipped out, that his life truly changed. He did what many soldiers waiting to ship out overseas did. He met a woman. She was beautiful, smart, funny and in his eyes perfect. Their love affair was wild and free and something he had never experienced before. Once fighting in the war, they wrote constantly and when he returned he had planned to ask her to marry him.

He rose through the ranks quickly because he always did what needed to be done and did not shy away from a fight. He had no fear, only the need to fight. He followed orders and all was well until the day he was given his own platoon. They were camping near a village, protecting a supply line. Jared had befriended a local that was helpful to them. Not being good at reading people, being more of a follower than a leader, Jared did not suspect his friend of being a spy. One night the enemy attacked and it was his own friend Jean that tried to slit his throat in his sleep.

Jared fought back and escaped the carnage. He was toted as a hero for surviving the massacre. He told no one of Jean's involvement or friendship. He was awarded medals and then after his tour completed, shipped home a hero. But Jared is anything but. Give him a weapon and an enemy and he will fight until the end, taking many with him, but give him even the smallest amount of responsibility over others and he panics.

To avoid this problem, Jared became a mercenary of sort. Embarrassed by his failure, he allowed the people in America to believe him dead, even his true love. He remained in Europe and began to run collections and to hire himself out as muscle. It was a good life and he had no complaints, no responsibilities. It was his skill at fighting and his ability to follow orders to the letter that attracted him to his sire. He was embraced to fight the Sabbat just before WW II. It was during these times and after, fighting to save American soldiers and free as many Jews as he could that he met Callistus Santiago. This Kindred assisted Jared and his sire to smuggle many Jews and Allied Soldiers out of German occupied lands and home to freedom.

It was towards the end of the war that the killing and fighting began to get to Jared. Close to losing himself to the beast, he and his sire sought out help and found it in a Tzimisce Carpathian, Vigo Malastova. This Elder not only brought Jared back from the brink of Wassail, but assisted him in learning to keep his cool and developing his mind. Two things that Jared will owe the Elder for the rest of his days.

After ten years serving his master, Jared returned, seeking his love. He did not intend to be with her, just to see how she was fairing. He discovered she had died several years before. Crushed that the only thing he had every loved was gone and taken from him, he returned to the Camarilla and fought it's enemies with a vengeance, embracing the monster he had become. He earned a reputation as both a warrior and a stoic voice of reason that soon, though he was young and of higher generation, seen in many eyes as *established*.

Decades later he discovered his love, now a Toreador, was not dead, but had been embraced and like him had been force to fake her death. It was this knowledge and her continued friendship that brought Jared back from the killing machine he had become and allowed him to feel something again. He turned his mind and skills to using computers and learning everything he could. Though still a feared warrior, Jared has now become what he calls an 'Eraser'. If you need it to disappear, whether a person, thing or information, he is your man.

Now he has returned to Philadelphia and seeks to assist the Prince and Camarilla in any way he can. After a brief stint helping an old friend from his warring days, Liddy of Clan Gangrel, clean up Atlantic City, Jared returned to Philadelphia and in a strange twist of fate, accepted the position of Master Harpy. With no one's lives under him, a quick wit and no fear, he fills this role for his city and seems to be doing well of it.


  • "Never let them see you coming" - Jared
  • "I went to Jared" - Everyone
  • "Every Harpy has the potential to be a danger (even if only to themselves), but Master Harpy Goodman has adapted to the realities of the office far quicker and more capably than most. Those who have chosen to make an enemy of him are already starting to regret their mistakes, and the night is young yet." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Mr. Goodman is either a very good liar or a very poor one. I can't yet be sure." - Marisa Boyd, Primogen of Boston
  • "One year is so short a time to become unfriendly over. Do let us be friends, we started out so well". - Penny Dreadful
  • "The pen is mightier than the sword. Whereas one might brandish a fierce gauntlet under their velvet gloves - Jared's words have the ability to turn the swords of his political opponents' into plowshares. Do not antagonize him, lest those same-said swords turn against their bearers." - Swagger
  • "I wonder what possessed Jared to take the position of Master Harpy? Perhaps he was wanting to test his mettle in the political battlefield, to see if his pen truly is mightier than his sword. And if it isn't, at least he knows he's got a talent for erasing people to fall back on." - Marus
  • "Yes, I am thankful for Jarod's keen eye and showing me what can be learned as a Talon, but I applaud Jarod for not only accepting our offer as our final combatant during a sanctioned Battle Royal, realizing the last of the hidden weapons that were selected, but like a champ proceeds into the ring, get some!" - Gabriel McNally


  • Though he tries to show this air of joy and friendliness, in private he is a monster.


Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Michael Smyrski
Storyteller: Adam Hollack

Player: Michael Smyrski

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Character Ties  

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  • Nosferatu
  • Information Gatherers
  • Hackers
  • Those who wish to hire muscle

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