Jared Thibodeaux

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Accord PC


Player: Kevin Day
Creature Type: Purified
Division: The Vault
City: Lake Charles
VST: Evan Miller

 Member of the Vault
 Member of Le Pac Du Ombre
 Member of the Accord
 Operation Radar
 Operation Redemption
 Operation Hive Breaker
 Operation Heart of Darkness

Character Information

Name: Jared Thibodeaux

Creature Type: Purified (Spirit Rank 3)

Notable Traits: None, but there seems to be a feint glow to his personality (or what little there is).

Title or Position: Le Pac du Ombre Operative (Status 3), Vault Agent (Section 1), Former Director of Le Pac du Ombre

Known Information

He grew up in Grand Isle, Louisiana. After having many experiences with hurricanes and flooding, he decided it was time to move elsewhere.

He joined the Accord sometime in November 2013 not long after having rushed towards what he thought was a tornado to help save those who needed help.

Jared opened up a kenjutsu dojo in Lake Charles Louisiana as the only Kenjutsu/Iaido dojo within an hours drive of the city. The dojo is used as a front to provide mortal cover for Accord agents that travel to Lake Charles. This cover gives travellers an excuse to bring weapons.

As a member of the Vault he is known for performing extensive research on the physiology of Abomonations.

Even though he is a Martial Arts, he tends to perform support roles, such as combat medic.

Early 2015, Jared made a decision to step away from the Accord and go on a personal journey to make himself a better adversary to the Truth. After operation Heart of Darkness, most of Accord now knows that he is now a Purified.


Dark brown hair and hazel (mostly brown) eyes.


His aura is almost divine or angelic (purified glow).


He seems very calm and controlled.

He loves to talk about Feng-Shui and Martial Arts.


  • Knows how to use a katana, wakazashi, and a tanto.
  • Understands the Way of the Japanese Samurai.

- He is a successful Taoist who even performed the Rite of Purification.

  • Well versed in the dissection of Abomination corpses.
  • Experience with spirits and multiple aspects of their ephemeral state.
  • Capable of performing medical procedures in combative situations.

Known Associates

  • Silent Fang: "A respected brethren who fell in the line of duty."
  • Ethan Little: "What did he just say?"
  • Henry Grayson: "(Sigh) one of these days I am going to have to tell you to stop."
  • Dr. Anthony Rose: "Fellow researcher, he seems to be taking over."
  • Uncle: "Did he erase himself from the Space Time Continuum? Seriously, where is he?"
  • Conner Holton: "A fellow Cell mate."
  • Captain Burt Zimmerman: "He never realized I'm the one who has been saving his life so many times. It is a shame that I was not around to save his life."
  • Mr. Phoenix: "He creeps me out a little. Just a little too friendly and sees a little too much."
  • Timothy Mills: "I've seen him, but I rarely talked to him."
  • Elizabeth R. Hallow: "She seems to care more about herself than the cell. Maybe its related to how she is a fire slinging vampire."
  • Voytek: "He was always surprising. I am not sure what came of him, though."
  • Malakel: "He is pretty capable."
  • Cassandra_Jones,_M.D.: "She is very lovely and has done great work for us."
  • Dr. Michael Kennedy: "Not to talk about his great contributions to the Vault and Accord, I know who to look for when I need a Jet."
  • Detective Max Conrad: "I still have the pistol he gave more for protection on the night he died fighting the Pope's abomination. He died a true hero."
  • Dr. Malkin Blackblood: "I am so sorry. It's one thing to die a hero in combat against the Pope's abomination. It's just downright embarrassing to be turned Hot Pink by the abomination before it kills you."
  • Dr. Michael Lanitoris: "He saved my life once. I've saved his life once. It's a shame I wasn't there to save him a second time. I heard he went down taking out an abomination all terminator style."
  • Aurora Lundqvist: "She knows. She is brooding, but has she gotten over the fact?"
  • Aiden Black: "I suppose we have come to an understanding. He finally seems to be realizing what needs to be done."
  • HellGrin: "Horrible personality. Loves to do horrible things. But somehow comes off as more reasonable than many of the rest of this cell."
  • Viggo Svard: "One shifter I could truly trust as a mortal. As a Purified all the more so. I know he'll have my back when it comes down to a fight.".
  • Hector: "Before I stepped away from my position as Director, he showed up. I almost forget about him, but he is really useful. Perhaps I will get to know him better when I return as he seems a reasonable fellow."

Known Adversaries

Known Enemies

  • The Truth



Activity within the Accord

2016 Operation Atlantis

Jared participated in Operation Atlantis.

2015 Operation Heart of Darkness

Jared participated as the combat medic for Stealth Team Beta and ensured the survival of the team during the operations. Jared left behind his spirit familiar, a Jade Owl to protect Lilith inform the reinforcements of their plans, sneaking past the abominations that entrapped the team. After delivering the intelligence, heading straight back into the fray to rescue, heal, and protect his team.

2015 Walking Away and the Inner Path

The cell acted violently so, Jared once again gave away his status and walked away from the City. He performed the Rites of Purification and immortalized himself as a Purified. He visits China and other places in the world to improve himself and learn how to fight in the long term. He makes himself as available as possible for operations.

2015 Stepping Up and Making Decisions

  * Quickly rose back to status 3 within the Accord by his actions in the cell, despite most never noticing it.
  * After death of Silent Fang, he became Cell Leader (accord status 5) where he attempted to hold the cell together until something could be done with the mess.
  * Giving the hostilities within the Cell and unwillingness, Jared worked out a plan to direct the Cell (and himself) into two possible directions:
     1. External Path.
     1. Internal Path.
  * The Cells reaction to his decisions and their willingness to execute commands would determine the path Jared takes. He himself will not make the decision, the Cell would (whether they realized it or not).

External Path

Each member of the cell was giving a long-winded piece of the puzzle and his plans within the city. The workings of each member of the Cell, should they share information, then the seeds of working together shall be planted. Jared would spend all of his time coordinating each member and improving inter-relations of the cell. Jared would remain as Director and not focus on himself or overtly put himself or his position in direct harm to maintain a stable Cell structure. With this path, he would focus on the Cell as a whole, the effectiveness of the Cell, and the lives of his Cell mates. This is a strategy with a focus on short term goals of the accord as a whole and long term goals for the local cell.

Internal Path

Each member of the cell was giving a long-winded piece of the puzzle and his plans within the city. Should each member ignore this information and continue their hostilities, the cell would lead to collapse and may even destroy the city. Jared would then need to step away from the Cell and focus on improving his own skills. He would return to the city once it has fallen or check up on it periodically to see how bad it has gotten or how much it has improved. With this path, he will generally focus on the Accord as a whole and his own personal abilities to assist throughout the world. This is a strategy with a focus on long term goals of the accord as a while and short term goals for the local cell.

2014 Prepared to die for the Accord.

  * Gave up his status in the Vault and stepped down to status 1 vault.
  * Gave up his mortal records and prepared his death and stepped down to status 1 in the accord.

Known History

  • Depending on who, what, when and where you ask.
  • Only History 3 is publicly available by directly researching, investigating, or studying Jared Thibodeaux.
  • There should no no way to find IC-wise History 2, or History 1, when dealing with Jared Thibodeaux.

History 1 (History that Never Was)

2005, August
 * Killed Aurora Lundqvist
 * Saved by Dr. Michael Lanitoris.
 * Lost his ability to walk and became paraplegic.
2009, February 
 * During an investigation with Justin Richards and Conner Holtin, encountered the Truth.
2009, November
 * Joined the Le Pac du Ombre and swore the oath.
2012, April
 * Joined the Vault and swore the oath.
2013, September
 * Was blessed by the Pope and granted the ability to walk.
2014, January
 * Died of a heart attack.

History 2 (Not Known History, Save for Rare Few)

2005, July
 * Saved the life of Dr. Michael Lanitoris.
2005, August
 * Was murdered by Aurora Lundqvist.
2009, February 
 * Justin Richards and Conner Holtin encountered the Truth.

History 3 (Primary / Known History)

2005, September
 * Got tired of living in Grande Isle, Louisiana and decided to travel the State.
2008, April
 * Saved the life of Dr. Michael Lanitoris.
2009, February
 * Stumbled on a scene Justin Richards and Conner Holtin as they were encountering the Truth.
2013, November
 * Joined the Vault.
2014, January
 * Joined the Le Pac du Ombre.
 * Opened a Martial Arts Dojo in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

OOC Information

Player: Kevin Day

MES Number: US2012040022

Location: Lake Charles

Domain: LA-008-D