Jason "Shoots for the Stars" McMahon

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Apocalypse PC

Player: James "Shamus" Glass
Character: Jason McMahon
Deed Name: Shoots for the Stars
Auspice: Uzmati (Ahroun)
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Mountain Guardian
Rank: Matae (5)
Sept: Sept of Falling Jewels
Domain: Dark Capital (VA-020-D)

Character Information

Name: Jason McMahon

Deed Name: Shoots for the Stars

Race: Gurahl

Auspice: Uzmati (Full Moon)

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Mountain Guardians

Renown: Succor 14, Honor 10, Wisdom 8

Sept: Sept of Falling Jewels

Domain: Dark Capital (VA-020-D)

Notable Traits: Jason is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and currently works for the Virginia Department of the Interior as a Wildlife Specialist. He is often seen traveling around the country doing research on wildlife habitats and the results of increased urban sprawl.

Physically speaking, Jason is a large and somewhat imposing individual, but is pretty easygoing and a delight to talk with (Enchanting Voice). However, he is known to take charge of situations when the need arises and rarely loses his composure. But as with many of his kind, once he has his mind set on something, very little will distract him from his goal.


  • Is barely tolerated by the Sept Alpha of the Sept of Falling Jewels, but the cliath pups seem to enamored with him
  • Is barely tolerated by the Sept Alpha because she's attracted to him; they may have had an elicit affair


  • I worked with this guy recently in the Sept of the Golden door. I will tell you that he knows more about animals than anyone else I have ever met. I hear he is an awesome healer as well. Just the kind of guy I need at my back when I i'm tearing out the throat of the Wyrm. Brody "Tackles the Mountain" Eberhart
  • "Jason has always been an amazing veterinarian. He's great with animals, but also he happens to be kind to others as well." - Shiloh Black-Fox
  • "Mike Tyson has nothing on him, if he punches you be prepared to spend a little time letting your jaw realign." - Last Call

OOC Information

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Player: James "Shamus" Glass

MES Number: US2002023672

Location: Washington, D.C.