Jason Lane

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Kansas City, MO
Player: Bryan E.
Storyteller: Russel M.

Jason Lane of Clan Malkavian

Jason Lane

Grand-Sire: Cybele Malveaux
Sire: Michael "Judge" Brown (NPC)
Residence: Kansas City, MO

Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Ivory Tower (Abiding)
Privileged as Sheriff of Kansas City (Abiding)
Enforcer as Sheriff of Kansas City (Abiding)

Honorable bestowed by Elder Vaclav Kirchner, Clan Gangrel, Prince of Kansas City (Fleeting)
Loyal bestowed by Elder Cybele Malveaux, Clan Malkavian, Mistress of Harpies of Kansas City (Fleeting)
Loyal bestowed by Elder Shane Blake, Clan Tremere, Prince of Omaha (Fleeting)
Loyal bestowed by Archon Durjaya of Clan Nosferatu (Fleeting)
Acclaimed bestowed by Elder Ambrosia Paine, Clan Malkavian, Primogen of Omaha (Fleeting)

Jason Lane is a member of House Geminus. (Malkavian players interested in being a member of this lineage should contact the players of the Malveaux twins.)


Jason Lane

Work in Progress.



"One who walks in another's footsteps ends up being either one's greatest ally or one's greatest enemy, or both." - Cybele Malveaux

"Sometimes he thinks he's Batman. Then it rains, and he KNOWS he's Batman." - Jax

"He's got a lot of the tools, just needs to remember to use the right tool for the job." - David Swisher

"He is a surprisingly useful Kindred. He has done well in his position of Sheriff, and I expect big things for this young kindred." - Poe

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