Jasper Seaton

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Awakening PC

Player: Ben Walker
Path: Moros
Order: Free Council •••
Legacy: Forgemaster
Position: Free Council Emissary
Consilium: The Queen's Concillium
City: Charlotte
Cabal: The Third Aegis

An image of Jasper taken from one of the showcases

Shadow Name: Jasper

Sleeper Alias: Jasper Seaton / Jasper Stanton

Legacy: Forgemaster

Character Description

A thin, well dressed man with shoulder length black hair, usually pulled back into a pony tail. Jasper is a world famous designer (Fame 3) working for Christian Dior. He has several lines of clothing, but his specialty is in jewelry. Many a piece bears a complicated pattern that could bring the viewer to a greater understanding of the world. Jasper is the youngest member of the Stanton magical family, but altered his sleeper name to better suit the foreign communities he works within. As a member of the Wright faction of the Free Council, many of his students have found themselves pushed to tap into unknown wells of creativity. But so far, neither his art nor his artistry has been enough to move people to Awaken. But as he would say "it is the journey, not the destination. But I'd like to get there soon." He is also known as a Forgemaster, and is quite willing to craft magic items for those in need of his services.


A great pressure is felt bearing down on everyone.


-The Stanton family is just as messed up as the Hightowers, and that is saying something.


-Is the son of the (deceased) Hightower Patriarch
--Is the son of Melvin Hightower
---Is the son of the Hightower Angels

-Rhiannon Hightower and Jasper are a cute couple

-"Did the music for this fashion show over in North Carolina. Apparently my manager owed someone a favor, but honestly it was sweet clothing. Christian Dior collection. The sweetest thing I saw was a pair of designer shades by Jasper Seaton. He's apparently aces in fashion right now, but these glasses were killer. First of all, apparently he specializes in jewelry, so keep that in mind when you imagine the sort of shades he'd make. Second, Jasper is basically the best name ever. So yeah I'm gonna try to get a pair. X)" - DJ Radix


-"No. I won't sit by and let others get hurt just because I don't like the destiny that is being forced on me."

-"I don't like Fate."

-"I'm safe here, I've got a table. Its a good table."

-"They've built a weather dominator! And an emotional dominator! Are we sure this is our government and not Cobra?"