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Man Walks Into a Bar

"You take a look at me, you hear this accent, and you think I just stumbled straight out the holler. But I'm a well traveled man, and I assure you, I ain't afeared of your little court games."

The Makings of a Monster

Great-Grandsire: The Wanderer


Grandsire: Unknown

Sire: Croix
Gangrel Primogen of New York City

By Blood:

By Title:

By Society:
Favored (by former Prince Merrick)
Favored (by Malkavian Clanhead Chandra de Soissones)
Loyal (by Prince Alexander Konrad)
Loyal (by Gangrel Clanhead Equinox)
Triumphant (by former Prince Calebros)

Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade, Whisper of Life


You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

Born in Appalachian coal country, the man who would become Jasper Stark grew up poor and angry, learning to do whatever was necessary to support himself. After coming back from the nightmare trenches of the Great War, he decided that getting by was never going to be enough. He needed to be able to be his own man, and money was the only road to true freedom he knew of. He set about to build a bootlegging business outside of his work in the mines, all of which led him to the second great war of his life, the Harlan County War, and his death and embrace.

Jasper lay dying deep in a Harlan mineshaft and was turned by the Gangrel Croix. What emerged was less man and more sonofabitch.

Jasper Stark is a loquacious monster, a mercenary and opportunist. He made his name handling small, unpleasant business for Camarilla elders until the conquest of New York City in 1999. The southerner committed everything he had to the cause, bathing in the blood of the sect's enemies. The greatest city in the world was virgin territory for the Camarilla, controlled by savage Sabbat. Stark was active in the campaign to take the city, and remains a vigilant hunter, stalking Sabbat packs through the five boroughs. He's carved out a place for himself, building a modest, but steadily growing, criminal empire.

Sixteen years since the conquest of New York, Jasper Stark was ready for the next step. On October 3, 2015, he took that step and claimed the praxis of New York City.

Associates and Known Confederates




Bourbon Has Been Known to Loosen the Tongue


  • "The triumphant Mr. Stark is an elegant creature at a ball, full of grace, wit and charm. But do not be fooled, he able to firmly occupy many realities at once, and is possessed of the wisdom of each paradigm." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "What a delightful companion to lighten up a boring social gathering. When you find your evening dragging along and the door looking appealing, take control of a lounge, place Herr Stark at your side, and you will be ensured a delightful, if not entirely appropriate, evening." - Viveka Josephina Von Daun
  • "His words are as smooth as silk, but his fists as hard as stone. Fear both." - Alexander Konrad
  • "When you're able to find a civilized gentleman who also has such a storied history of rough and tumble business, it's worth taking note. I'm not certain how he keeps his lovely outfits so well pressed, though." - Alonso Gutierrez
  • "Don't be fooled by honeyed words. Predators recognize other predators. To this, the only piece of advice I can give regarding Mr. Stark is thus: never take your eyes off his hands." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "There is a quote about rough men and peaceful sleep. I'd remember it and Herr Wagner's advice in dealing with Mssr Stark. And if he offers you bourbon? Take it and damned well say merci beaucoup." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "He had my loyalty before a drop of blood touched my lips. That's the kind of man he is." - Isaac Brasher
  • "It is far too common in the world of press conferences and board rooms to be confused what power really is. Mr. Stark has no such delusions." - Lark McPhee
  • "I like my bourbon like I like my princes. Smooth and mostly mellow, but with a bite you'd do well to remember." - Toby Dior
  • "There is much below the surface with this one. We will always clash, but when it comes to the city and our clan I know who has my back and to me, that is all that matters."-Bridgette Merrick
  • "Curious to see to what happens when privilege gets pushed to the wall by blue-collar determination. Aside from improving its posture." - Angelica Dunsirn
  • "Exciting and excitable, an interesting mix for a Prince. I wish him only luck." -Ida Jane Cochrane
  • "The moth is drawn to the heat and the glare of the fire. I cannot tell which is which. But I do not wish to know." -Lazuli
  • "You know, I do believe he likes us." - Lea Winters


  • Jasper is the crystal-meth kingpin of New York.
  • Stark has refused the offices of Scourge or Sheriff, lest they interfere with his business. He hunts Sabbat for sport and personal advantage.
  • If you get him started on the topic, Jasper will explain at length why the Coyote are superior predators to their more traditional Gangrel cousins.
  • Jasper's legitimate business, the restaurant and boutique bourbon distillery, Brooklyn Holler, serves a small batch bourbon he makes in his spare time. It's known to make Toreador swoon.
  • Absent pressing business, Jasper is often in the company of members of Haus Von Daun at large gatherings.
  • With so many footsoldiers in House Constantinian, how is that this one Gangrel has done so much dirty work for Prince Konrad?
  • How many of Prince Fournier's fabled jars of ash came from Jasper Stark?
  • Though holding no official court office, Jasper looked out for the affairs of New York and its kindred when visiting other domains


  • Boyd Crowder from Justified
  • Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglorious Basterds
  • Omar Little from The Wire

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: New York, NY
Player: Kevin T
Storyteller: Nate Kelly