Jay Levy

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Changeling PC

Player: Aron H.
Character: Jay Levy
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Ask-Wee-Da-Eed
Court: Courtless
Freehold: Puerto Rico
VST: April Douglas

Jay levy.jpg

Character Information

Name: Jay Levy

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Ask-Wee-Da-Eed

Court: Courtless

Notable Traits:

  • Covered with a blue fire, feeling either hot as blue flame or cold as death, pulsing like the looming lights of a ufo...

Title or Position:

Archetype Achievements: Athlete, Academic

Physical Description

Mask: Caucasian male, mid to late 20s, cool 80's guy complete with awesome hair.

Mien: Blue fire pulsing over a tall candle's frame. Weary eyes feel drawn to gaze upon the waxing lure of light; to wander ever closer, to touch that which seems so warm and welcome.

Clothing: Black leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans.


  • Though he can seem cold, his heart remains forever warm. Be mindful; reaching it tends to burn.
  • Eternally seeks the one light that could match him...
    • ...(or was it "the one match that could light him?" It's one of the two... something like that!)
  • His heart does not control the flame that surrounds him; so hard it beats to save itself from the lonely dark.
  • Was taken for his love of books and history, destined to become one of the Wizened--a storied Antiquarian librarian the world would bear all renown. But by a dusty tome on his keeper's shelf, he was laid to rest just a moment and fast forgotten; shifting to fit his new post as a candelabra.

Friends and Acquaintances


  • "Listen to me, you idiotic piece of shit, you are so god-damn lucky that I take pledges seriously, or you would be having to go fish your fucking dingleberries out of the fucking bay, ken?" ~ Arc
  • add your own!

OOC Information

Player: Aron H.

MES Number: US2014050065

Location: Fredericksburg, VA