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Character Information


Name: Ismay
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Snowskin
Court: Winter


Character Description:

Ismay is a young woman with a bronzed skin. Without her speaking, anyone meeting her could believe she is of a Roma descent, or a Hispanic, or perhaps a mix of African-American and Caucasion. She is strong willed, has dark eyes, and a torrent of hair that falls down her back. She tends to keep her wardrobe very fluid--resembling either a Roma or a hippie, depending on the colors she chooses. She dresses for the occasion, and for the accent she uses in her speech for the situation.



Early Years:


1985: Aug 4: (Sunday) 2:37pm: Jaye was born. Her birth name was Jaye Caroline Freya, named after her mother's grandmother. Her mom's mother's mother was originally from New Orleans, and was a Quadroon Mistress. She was born in the 1880's, and moved to Ohio around the turn of the century.

Through the matriarchal line of the family, the coffee tone of the women's skins continued as a dominent trait, and when Marya Freya met Keith Lawrence, his darker tone genetically merged to bring out Jaye's heritage.

1989: May 30 (Tuesday): Jaye was taken to Daycare for the first time. Keith had disappeared on the family, and Mary headed out into the workforce. Jaye learned that she had to navigate this new environment, and began to learn coping mechanisms to interact with the other children and teachers. She didn't lie, exactly, but she was very good at persuading them to help her in schemes that usually enriched her and often, but not always, enriched them as well.

1997: June 10: (Tuesday): Jaye began to amuse her friends began to mimic others. She wasn't always perfect but with practice, she become decent. (She was 12)

2000: March 9 (Thursday): Marya Freya was at her job, management of Dollar Tree on 30th street, when a gun man entered the store to rob it In the chaos of the situation, she was killed. Jaye was almost 15. Because she had no family, she entered the system at this point. Marya might not have been a mother with a high paying job, but she was Jaye's support system and she let her daughter know she was loved. Jaye began to retreat into her "personas" she could mimic. Her English accent became almost impeccable, and her Creole French got downright perfect. Her favorite, though, was one she picked up off PBS--an Eastern European accent. If she did her hair just right, she could even pass for one of the Rom to unsuspecting adults. Jaye slipped into the Foster care, and spent the next few years trying to be as unnoticed as she could. The moment she turned 18, she slipped away and disappeared from the courts' view. At that point, she had a perfect record; her small schemes had never been revealed, and she now had a chance to put things into a full scam job mode.

Post Graduation:

2000: September 21 (Thursday): She floated city to city, never making any dent and being sneaky, finding marks and pretending to be a psychic reader quite often. Despite her success in swindling the general public, Jaye began to feel isolated and alone. Other artists and she would team up now and again, pulling a perfect con, but none ever got close enough to her heart. She began to feel more comfortable alone. She became very good at wearing a mask, and not showing her emotions. Emotions were all part of her mask, and she used them as needed. She could cry on cue. She could be sad, happy, excited, and enraged but never let it truly touch her--it was all an act. She got to be very successful at it.It was this that drew attention her way beyond law enforcement. It was attention that she knew nothing of.

Changing of Jaye

2005: April 24 (Sunday): This was a day that would live in her memory forever. Jaye remembered staring into a mirror, adjusting her outfit for the current scam. She was using a Roma-slanted one this time, and planning to do Tarot and other occult slanted things. Suddenly, a hand reaches through the mirror, pulling Jaye through.


Post Escape:


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All IC representation photos are courtesy of Shelby Robinson and are used with her permission:

Abby KoP

  • She had a beautiful Snowskin that I adored watching maneuver at USCC for an eternal winter.

Mizore (Rosario+)

Frozen (have to admit it; it fits though coming after the character was created)

Polyvore Outfits

OOC Information

Changeling PC

NewChangelingLogo.png Player: Denise Lilly
Character: Jaye
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Snowskin
Court: Winter
Freehold: Freehold of the New Eden
VST: VST April Douglas


Player Name: Denise Lilly

MES Number: US2002106703

Physically: Canton, Ohio
Gamewise: Ether of the Web VIR-EC-Chapter

Player: Denise Lilly Characters: Template Available Here
Domain: VIR-EC-D Accord Tabula Rasa
Denise Lilly
Region: East Central Requiem Calìope
Position(s): Pending Forsaken
Pending Changeling Jaye
Pending Garou Cinda
Awakening Embeth