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"Love is the lie we tell, to continue to have a reason to live. Want me to lie to you?"

Character Information

  • Name: Jayne Joyce Thorne
  • Clan: Toreador

Notable Traits

  • On most occasions outfitted in a corset.
  • Vintage peekaboo hairstyles
  • Avoidance of physical confrontations


Known Information
Formerly of New Orleans, Jayne entered onto the Austin scene over a year ago. She was very quickly named the Master Harpy of Austin, to the surprise of most. She appears to only have interest in how fun the party is, and who is the most entertaining person there. A few months ago she has took bloodless Praxis of the city of Austin. This new responsibility seems to have had a sobering effect, and her iron handed sentencing of Bahari is at odds with what most know of her.


  • Sire: Desmond Thorne
  • Childer: Unknown
  • Broodmates: Unknown


  • "For a Toreador, she's quite entertaining. It's refreshing to be around an individual to which I can be myself. Hiding who I am gets quite exhausting." Jupiter Lotis
  • "See, to me she looks like the sort of woman that prefers wine in gatherings and whiskey, 2 rocks, when she is relaxing. What I am saying is she has class, be respectful to a classy dame." - Don Valerius
  • "Jayne has the right words for any situation. Her insight is keen and her wit is razor sharp. I look so forward to many evenings in the light of her delightful company!" - Jeannie
  • "She does that fanning herself damsel act well but I can see the monster hiding beneath the surface. Grace and a predatory instinct go hand in hand." - Angelo
  • "She comes highly recommended. She listens more than she speaks. She doesn't literally shoot daggers out of her eyes. What's not to like?" - Prince Serafin
  • "She is Stunningly Beautiful.. I feel she should know this about herself." - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • "Certainly no shrinking violet, only a fool would fail to expect the thorns of such a beautiful rose." - Solomon
  • "She is...sometimes shockingly forward and quicker with a compliment than any other Toreador I have ever met. I like her in spite of myself and I suspect that's the intended effect. Watch her, she'll go far." - Magdalene Lys
  • " She speaks her mind, something that is not done enough in the tower." - Enzo Putanesca
  • "She is bold, and different, and I am glad to see she is putting her unique strengths toward the social defense of our city. I am even more glad that she has not turned her strengths on me." - Claire
  • "The Madam Harpy strikes a rather bawdy pose at times, but I imagine it more to unbalance than a genuine gesture of indecency." - Earl Stedman Harrington
  • (In French) "The madame Harpy is an excellent choice for the domain of Austin from what I can tell. Loud, eccentric, and unafraid of consequences...I'm certain she and I will get along wonderfully." - Guillaume
  • "I am enjoying coming to know Jayne more and more with every passing month! What new accomplishments will she display within the coming 30 days?" - Jeannie
  • "Ms Joyce has proven a quintessential Toreador, more worthy of the name than many of her peers." - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "I have seen this type before. She is one hungry for experience, forever running from boredom. At least she is entertaining" - Remy Gagnon
  • "I saw her from across the room. She's fucking beautiful. Let me tell you...I was so happy that Adana approached her, so I could too. - Eliza Day
  • "The Harpy of Austin is perfect for the position. She is one who is quick with a word, a glance, an ear for scandal and intrigue. It's always the pretty ones that fascinate me. But the Toreador have been a perfect example of contrast to the Nosferatu. She wants me to play her game, but something tells me even if I don't say yes, I'm already playing having spoken to her." - Bernard Green
  • "Mon Dieu! We have so much fun together! A scandal waiting to happen." - Philippa Brery
  • "We get it, lady-- you're edgy, and you like sex. Can we talk about something important now?" - Flynn
  • "This doll has too many questions and even more assumptions about me. Sure, she's pretty...but there's something else they're all missing. Maybe her and I will have to have a talk. She can learn all about my fiery passions.. - Dust
  • "Pour sex into a corset, stir in some wit, cinch it up tight, and wrap it in fur. Delicious." - Giacomo Giovanni
  • "I'm sure she's... No, you know what? I really don't get her obsession with innuendos. She's damn close to crude. I thought the Harpy was supposed to be the defenders of social decorum or something? Did that change or...?" - Harper Gray
  • (French)"Every night I see her my eyes flit to that necklace, and I wonder how carefully she placed it around her neck, and how carefully she wishes others to remove it." - Guillaume
  • "Joyce seems to be a a big flirt. It will get her in worse trouble then in Tulsa if she doesn't be careful. Now that's not to say she's not good at what she's doing. Nor does it mean, when I'm around, the persons trying to hurt her will find myself at the other end defending her." -Alton Cromwell
  • "Have you heard of The Fisherman's Wife? No! Well if you're curious perhaps Jayne will bring you up to speed. It seems to be a curiosity that has piqued her interest of late." - -Lucas Ebonwood
  • "Oh, yeah. I met Master Harpy Joyce once, back during the Grand Conclave. From my brief chat with her, she seemed to be a very interesting and affectionate person. I doubt it'll be too long before our paths cross again." - -Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "I'm trying to find an appropriate gift for her but the Iron Throne is fictional, as are three dragon eggs. But she deserves to be worshipped.. I feel she should know this about herself.." - -Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • "I recently enjoyed the company of Harpy Joyce, and she was a model of social graces, she even was so kind as to enlighten me to some creative uses for disciples that I will not soon forget." - Amos Locke
  • "Oh my god, you were like, so super generous with your bitchin' shawl! I'm like, totally happy to take the rest of that outfit off your hands wheneves." - Heather Hearst
  • "She dresses the part, does not engage in combat situations, and has a biting tongue for the social class. I believe that Elder Ketwick and Master Harpy Forbes would be proud of their successor." - The Broken
  • "Mistress Joyce is beauty unparalleled...but I have said that about many. Were I to move a mountain for her, she would likely remain unimpressed; But, I am full of surprises." - Franc
  • "Une chose de beauté est une joie pour toujours. She has a gift. If the lady permits, more gifts are yet to come." - Midas Madison
  • "Jayne is the one kindred whose wit gives me hope for her sect. Every conversation is a gift I find myself unworthy of receiving." -Isabella Rossellini
  • "She makes me feel at ease to laugh and talk and be merry. I don't doubt that this is a Toreador trap of some kind, but I am willing to be duped if it is." - Aoife Nicomedo
  • "I know she's Harpy and as such must have all the social graces, but every time I walk into one of her conversations its all about sex and other kinds of sex... Perhaps I should walk more quietly so that I can learn how she speaks when not performing for a larger audience..." - Astrid Malikov
  • "A lady of elegance and grace. No doubt the years have been good to her" - Vincent Giovanni
  • "Speaking with Miss Joyce is like driving the Curvas de Huanchaca, got to keep aware because the twists and turns come out of nowhere and there are no safety rails. Don't want to end up driving off the precipice." - Tony D
  • (French) "I'm waiting for the moment we are alone...or perhaps with an audience...whichever she prefers." - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "It's like looking into a blonde mirror. We amplify each other not in a linear fashion, but by orders of magnitude. It's nothing short of a laugh riot. That said, I think I liked her best when she was kneeling at my feet, using my petticoats as a pillow." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "I avoid her nOW because I can not sERve her I have no face shame was cut out of me and she delights to shame others and I can not be of use to her with no face. I am her friEnd." - Your Friend
  • "My dear , sweet Jayne , only time will tell weather she ends up being a player or the pawn. God help the Kindred who runs a foul of her either way , as nothing is more dangerous than a predator with a smile and a wet pen in their hand..." Abelard
  • "She just keeps being the best Toreador Harpy. Last evening in Houston she was magnificent!" Jeannie
  • "I do believe a sonnet or two have been written about her... That, or a diatribe. It seems to go either way." Aramas
  • "I am prepared to follow few into battle. Should an unfortunate situation arise in which Mistress Joyce deems battle necessary, I am inclined to agree." Nathaniel Lannick
  • "She is impossible to overlook, even when she's not wearing pastel pink." Maria Aigner
  • "Beware of her scream, I heard it whilst she spoke to a Nosferstu, not something I would want to hear again." Salvadore Strozza
  • "Uh... She's nice, uh, much more adventurous than myself." Spencer
  • "In the phrase 'Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.' Jayne Joyce is the devil we know." Hugo
  • "So what you're telling me is that you did NOT get it on video? But all kidding aside, the events that transpired don't surprise me in the least." Zack Snyder
  • "For her sake, I hope she's right about me. For our sake, I hope she's right about all of us." Franc
  • "The most important thing to be aware of, when it comes to Jayne, is that she knows exactly what she is doing. Underestimate her at your own peril." Luther Lannick
  • "You cannot save a thing after it has sold its soul. A pity she will have to learn this the hard way." Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "The greatest teachers never tell you such. And they only speak when they have something to say." Ethan Sullivan
  • "It was only a half-forgotten thing, but it was a precious treasure not for the weight of it but for the light it brought to another." A Whispered Voice
  • "Me an' her ain't ever gonna get along, but we got an understandin' now. That's gonna have to do." - Vincenzo Putanesca
  • "She saved my life. On several occasions. And now, she's saved my soul. It's a debt I'll never be able to really repay, but - if ever there was a Toreador worthy of the name and everything it means - it's Prince Jayne Joyce." Ethan Sullivan
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  • I heard Jayne has an extensive knowledge of erotica. Ask her about Japanese erotica, sometime. If you dare...
  • She is very, very good at delegation. Watch her talons closely.
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Ties Sought

  • Possible past associates


  • Shania Twain - "That Don't Impress Me Much"
  • Puscifer - "Rev 22:20"
  • Kim Carnes - "Bette Davis Eyes"
  • Letters to Cleo - "Want you to Want Me"

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Kim H
Storyteller: Nick Kice