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A somewhat fair-skinned young woman between the ages of 17-20 (somehow it's hard to pin point, depends on the day) with blue eyes and thick, dark brown hair that falls in messy waves down past her shoulders and curls more tightly at the ends. She wears some eye and lip makeup, mostly in reddish browns, simple and more reminiscent of 90s trends than current, which matches her somewhat dark rocker/grunge aesthetic.

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A deathly pale young woman between the ages of 17-20 (impossible to know, it almost seems to fluctuate) with white, cloudeed eyes and thick black hair that sweeps away from her face and cascades heavily towards her shoulders before at some shifting point becomes a constant billowing cloud of purple smoke that dissipates harmlessly around her. Around her eyes and above her cheeks a harsh black seems to have taken her skin as if dark eye makeup and been wiped away but dyed and saturated her skin, the bottoms of the section stained trickles like running mascara of a crying woman. Her lips are a pale lavander as if she'd frozen to death but had been denied the colour blue. Her long fingers are stained with black past the second knuckle before fading into her greyish pale skin, even when she paints her nails the blackness seems to creep up through the cuticles. Her clothing is always dark and reminiscent of shadows, with tattered edges and unclear lines in styles vaguely reminiscent of the rock and grunge styles of the 90s but in gothic blacks and grays and purples. A choker is always around her neck with a strange unidentifiable gem at the center of her throat, adorned with beautiful swooping filagree, but slightly cracked and, while beautiful, gives the sense that it is somehow duller than it once was.

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From a distance, Jazz still seems to lack any particular Mantle. No themed sound, scent, or visualization manifests noticeably. However, the Mantles of others seem to quiet, dull, and dim in close enough proximity. Summer cools, Winter warms, Spring fades, Autumn quells and Dawn dims. Upon inspection, Jazzmyne's Mantle is not nonexistant but is somehow the lack or inversion of a Mantle in the traditional sense. It is the quiet, simple reminder that nothing is eternal, that eventually, all things must come to an end, that dusk will inevitably fall as sure as anything is.


“Music when healthy, is the teacher of perfect order, and when depraved, the teacher of perfect disorder.”
― John Ruskin


Not much is known about Jazz among most members of the Freehold of the Lone Star-and even less to any Lost outside of it-before she was discovered performing a concert held by the Longest Night and subsequently rescued from their "care". Keeping mostly to herself, she seems to spends a lot of time now with Crow, often to the side or in the back of rooms and spaces, generally separate from the crowd, and preferring to stick to the shadows. Jazz is wary on a good day of anyone and everything, and seems to hold some odd beliefs and misunderstandings about many aspects of changeling life. Still not comfortable pledging herself to the Freehold, she at least talks to people now makes quiet introductions, asks questions, the like.She's gotten a little more bold of late, maybe even a little more brazen. She seems to be making an effort, somehow becoming more and less involved.

Notable Traits:
JazzyClef.png Hair that seems to end in smoke.
JazzyClef.png White, clouded eyes.
JazzyClef.png A strained but soulful voice.
JazzyClef.png An ever-present choker style necklace with a beautiful but cracked gem set into filigree at her throat that does not seem to budge or shift.


JazzyClef.png June 2016 - Discovered and rescued by members of the Freehold
JazzyClef.png October 2016 - Witnessed the dissolving of the Freehold of the Lone Star and the forming of a new Austin Freehold. Offered friendship and aid, but remained unpledged.
JazzyClef.png April 2017 - After months of seclusion and study, fate bestowed the Persona of The Prophet.


JazzyClef.png "She doesn't trust me. I don't entirely blame her given what she's been through. But even if I have not made a formal pledge to shield her, I intend to keep her safe." - Stephen Christiano
JazzyClef.png "I know it looks dark right now... It is dark right now... But the sun will rise. I promise you: the sun always rises." - Buddy
JazzyClef.png "She is afraid. She also helped fight the dragon." - Julian Crane
JazzyClef.png "Perhaps one day she will be a part of our world. Until then, I will do the best I can to protect her and offer her safe haven." - Aria Osip
JazzyClef.png "I'm worried about her. She seems to think that she's somehow a bad person. Considering what she's been through, I couldn't say that about her, and I'm glad to consider her a friend." - Twiggy
JazzyClef.png Quote here - Quoter


JazzyClef.png She's actually the reincarnation of Merlin. I mean, she is holding on to Excalibur until the true king needs it
JazzyClef.png RUMOR 2.
JazzyClef.png RUMOR 3.


JazzyClef.png Player: Caitlin R.
JazzyClef.png MES Number: US2016060022
JazzyClef.png Location: Austin, TX
JazzyClef.png Character: Jazzmyne
JazzyClef.png Seeming: Darkling
JazzyClef.png Kith: Nightsinger
JazzyClef.png Court: Dusk
JazzyClef.png Freehold: Freehold of the Lone Star
JazzyClef.png VST: Daniel T.
JazzyClef.png Please contact for ties.

Disclaimer: This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Changeling the Lost game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.

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