Jean-Baptiste Michel Mayorquin

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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Tri-Cities
Player: J D Chastain II
Storyteller: Jacob Kestner

Jean-Baptiste Michel Mayorquin

Childe of the House of Gaul

Lies are a prison of our own making...

Sheriff of Tri-Cities, WA


  • 1703: Embraced somewhere in the Caribbean; released within the year under a strange auspice
  • 1704-1769: Found use as a courier, his appearance similar to the old and trusted slaves frequently used by the elite of the French and Spanish colonies of the New World
  • 1770-1776: Whereabouts unknown
  • 1777-1790: Established a haven in Port-au-Prince; spent a majority of his time resolving disputes between local governors and various whorehouses and brothels that dotted the area. Became a specialist in dealings with Necromancers on behalf of Clan Ventrue
  • 1791-1804: Aided slaves against the French in Saint-Domingue as part of the Haitian Revolution. Often referred to simply as Baptiste during this period.
  • 1806-1808: Moved in and around the Chesapeake Bay area aiding deserters from the British Royal Navy.
  • 1809-1812: Frequently delivered messages and military intelligence to American forces in the Indiana Territory
  • 1812: Spotted in and around London briefly in the month of May in the company of someone named Bellingham; he returned to the United States thereafter
  • 1813-1815: Traveled up and down the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, again as a courier and messenger. Frequently followed or moved with both British and American troops, and he was present near numerous battles, using those actions to mask his own activities.
  • 1816-1828: Seen very rarely, he could be contacted through certain agents in Persia
  • 1829-1837: Traveled with the armies of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, again using military actions to cover his movements. Began using the alias John Mayor.
  • 1838-1848: Pursued the interests of Clan Ventrue throughout Mexico, still traveling frequently – key cities he spent time in were Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puebla, Leon, Ciudad Juaraz, Monterey, Chihuahua, Guadalupe, and Durango.
  • 1849-1860: Traveled in the Arizona, Nevada and California territories as an itinerant gambler, seemingly without purpose. He very rarely lost at the tables, however, and his reputation began to precede him everywhere he went.
  • 1860-1876: Went east to the Pai Gow dens dotted all along the Chinese coast, shortly after the Second Opium War ended, in order to allow his reputation as a gambler in the western US to subside. Here, he operated as a gambler with peripheral interests in prostitution and the drug trade. He also occasionally acted as a spy or assassin for hire; as the years progressed his movements were increasingly made to assist in (British) Ventrue interests, however. Used the alias of Quinn frequently.
  • 1877-1899: He had several interactions with the Li Weng and Della Pasaglia families of Clan Giovanni – his arrival in a city was often seen as the end of attempts to negotiate a deal. Foreseeing the Boxer Rebellion he profited as much as possible before returning to the United States in time to avoid that debacle. Again, moved from place to place frequently, he is known to have visited Zhoushan, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Canton, Kolkata, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Taipei, Sanya, Manila, and Naha.
  • 1900-1906: Returned to California near the Bay Area but made very little noise; is known to have left the area after the Great Quake…
  • 1907-1919: Operated out of Mexico City, once again referred to only as Baptiste.
  • 1920-1948: Ranged frequently between Atlantic City, New York, the Catskills, and all around the Great Lakes from Albany to Chicago, he never seemed to settle anywhere long. During this time he spent his nights painting while living in an amongst artist communes and communities.
  • 1949: Spent a short period in and around Las Vegas, returning to gambling as his primary pastime and profession.
  • 1950-1960: Masquerading as a mortal playboy gambler he traveled frequently to Morocco, Monaco, and various gambling dens around the Mediterranean Sea
  • 1961-1962: Occasionally returning to the United States, he was seen in Chicago, Reno and Las Vegas for a night or two at a time. His notoriously good luck made it difficult for him to stay anywhere long
  • 1963-1998: Whereabouts unknown
  • 1999-2010: Appeared in Richland, WA. He was very slow to integrate into the activities of the city, and was often absent for months at a time from court during the first few years following his arrival
  • 2011-2012: Appointed as Sheriff of the Tri-Cities; frequently seen walking the borders of the Domain on foot
  • 2013: Following the apparent mental breakdown of the young Tremere Prince, he seized Praxis forcefully by delivering the former praxis-holder’s torpored body to Privoli DeMedici and assembling the city’s Kindred to elect Primogen. After some tension with Clan Giovanni, his Praxis has solidified.
  • 2014: Ousted as Prince by a reckless political coup, he became Keeper of Elysium after allowing a bloodless transition.
  • 2015: Ousted from Clan Ventrue, in part for his opposition to the Edict of Purity.
  • 2016: Removed as Keeper and arrested under false charges of sedition stemming from his public opposition against the Edict of Purity. His 'House Arrest' ended after only a few weeks.
  • 2016: The Edict of Purity is rescinded.
  • 2016: Returned to his role as Sheriff of the Tri-Cities, dealing with numerous and repeated Sabbat incursions.

Note: International activity validated in Global Registry [MES/JimmieChastain/CamAnarch1]


Childe of Helena the Armenian

Childe of Belisarius

Childe of Antonius of Gaul


A heavy set man in his mid-to-late 40's, frequently wearing glasses. He typically dresses reasonably well but often in 'off-the-rack' dress clothes. He wears red Converse Wade mid basketball shoes, commenting that "comfortable shoes are one of the pillars of Kindred survival". He also wears numerous rings and has 3 rings in each ear. As any evening wears on his manner of dress often descends through disheveled to casual and all the way to dowright sloppy...



  • He has had a price on his head several times, and that price has been collected twice...some say that one of those times he did the collecting himself...
  • Seems to be able to see the future, and is also one lucky son of a...
  • Not a terribly snazzy dresser, but has a thing for odd shoes… 
  • Speaks numerous languages fluently, but cannot manage a cell phone with any grace...
  • Has not spoken a lie since 1829.
  • Spent some time in the Far East, and the Middle East, and "Back East"…
  • Has a terrible memory for names…even his own…
  • Once spent several days painting well past dawn, and some say he bears permanent damage because of it...
  • Once played cards with a Methuselah...and won...
  • Has worn a dress a time or two, although admits to looking terrible in them...
  • Three out of five personalities won't even talk to ghouls...
  • Has demonstrated that he holds great power over the minds of others.
  • Has absolutely no capacity to control the minds of others.
  • Has been rumored to spend time among his favorite pets, two large Savannah Cats, as one of them.


"His wish to instruct is admirably charming." - Raven Constantine

"A Kindred of much, and colorful, character." - Eileen Vargas

"A favorite Brother. He runs a city, and still makes time to slip on some sensible shoes, and cut a rug. This one truly has, "The Moves Like Jagger". Eddie Monsoon

"He defies the stereotype of his blood. I can respect anyone that is a rebel among his brothers." Emmerrich Minkov

"Prince Red Shoes has very few admirable qualities, but he always says what he means. I can relate to that, but I will never understand his aversion to large sums of money and apparent love for felines." Mr. Christopher

Every little memory resting calm in me

Resting in a dream

Smiling back at me

The faces of the past keep calling me to come back home

To caress the river with awe

Within there's every little memory resting calm with me

Resting in a dream

Smiling back at me

The faces of the past keep calling me to come back home

Rest calm and remember me

Rest Calm by Nightwish, on Imaginaerium

OOC Information

Jim Chastain