Jericho Caine

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Changeling PC

Player: Joshua C Smith
Character: Jericho Caine
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Broadback
Court: Summer
Freehold: Sundered Lands
VST: VST Heather

Character Information

Name: Jericho Caine, Blackbird Bishop

Seeming beast - Reach.pngCourt-summer.pngEntitlement bishopric of blackbirds.png

Jericho Caine looks like the classic gruff New Englander, complete with his thick accent and beaten up New England Patriots cap. Quickly, though, you learn that his is loyal and kind man dedicated to hard work. He prefers talking a dangerous situation down rather than resort to violence - a tendency that has often put in him at odds with some of his fellow Summer Courtiers. He is a member of the Bishopric of Blackbirds and, along with Jack Allerdyce, has recently formed The Wall - a motley dedicated to shoring up the physical, social, and mental defenses of the Freehold and the humans of the region against further manipulation by the Gentry.

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Broadback

Court: Summer (Mantle 3)

Mask: Weather-worn New Englander with a face that has seen its fair share of brawls. His eyes are a bit wider-set than normal, making him look like he's always eyeing something else. Looks to be in his mid-40s. Generally wearing simple, dark, practical clothes. He wears around his neck a blackbird charm and often seems to have feathers on his person.

Mein: Similar to his mask, but with the typical characteristics of your classic satyr...gnarled dark goat horns on the top of your head, hairy arms and legs ending in blacked hooves and fingernails. About his person is often the blur and mist of great heat, especially in the wintertime when he seems to exude steam. His eyes are extremely dark blue, almost looking as if there is no iris at all. Black Feathers are often scattered about his person.

Title or Position: Blackbird Bishop.

Motley: The Wall

OOC Information

Player: Joshua C Smith

MES Number: US2016040032

Location: MA-005-D