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Sabbat PC

Player: Robert R.
MES Number: US2013060068
Character: Jericho Jones
Clan: Telyav Tremere
Location: Princeton, NJ-007-D
Email: Robert R.
VST: Brian M.


Character Information

Name: Jericho Jones

Clan: Telyav Tremere

Title or Positon: Pack Priest for Shrapnel

(I) Annointed
(A) Ordained

Notable Traits: Jericho Jones is a loud and proud childe of our Dark Father and a dedicated adherent to the Path of Caine. Never without his signature royal purple headscarf, Jericho Jones is a Caine preachin', path teachin', flame throwin', werewolf bonin', game playin', Campire slayin' badass S.O.B.

Jericho Jones inspired the look of professional wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage.
Jericho Jones is the sole surviving member of the pack 'The Vanguard', which was wiped out during Archbishop Vovk's failed attempt to retake NYC.
Jericho Jones is a fake identity for the Judge Inquisitor Arnold Von Pillar.
Jericho Jones is actually a Camarilla spy.
Jericho Jones is a huge fan of professional wrestling.
(insert assorted rumors)

Pack: Shrapnel

  • Claudia - Malkavian Ductus
  • Jericho Jones - Telyav Tremere - Priest
  • Victor - Gangrel
  • John Pettybone

OOC Information

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Player: Robert Recckia

MES Number: US2013060068

Location: Princeton, NJ