Jericho Stone

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Sabbat PC

Player: Philip Armstrong
Character: Jericho Stone
Clan: Tremere Telyav
Position: Ductus
Status: *loyalist* *Blessed**Devout*
Domain: MES Virtual
VST: Maximilian Bondrescu

Sire: Unknown

Notable Traits:

Titles: Ductus

Faction: Loyalist

Pack: Indapados

Character IC Writings:

== Information Known by Kindred Society ==
Known to have joined the Sabbat in 1999, prior to the Crusade of Albany, Jericho Stone is one of the rare Tremere Antitribu who has been active. Initially thought to have been destroyed along with the rest of house Goratrix, the heavily pagan inspired Thaumaturgist as spent the years perfecting what he calls Sielanic Thaumaturgy.

He is known as a staunch loyalist, questioning the need for the Clergy, and finding very little middle ground with the Status Quo or Ultra-Conservatives, generally, but seems to have better relationships on a case by case basis. There is little love lost between himself and members of the Tzmisce, while no where near old enough to have participated in the Omen War, he feels that the Fiends are the reason that he and his fellow Antitribu are treated less then equally by the Sabbat, and this affront to the Code of Milan proves the hypocrisy of the Clergy.

While Jericho jealously guards the secrets of Thaumaturgy, he has been known to teach promising Cainites magical secrets for a price. Nothing comes free though, and there is no telling how wide his web of favors spreads across the Sword of Caine.

Jericho is an opportunist, a hardliner member of the Path of Power and the Inner Voice, he will never pass up an opportunity to increase is position in the Sect, often stepping on other Kindred to get there. He is known for initiating blanket parties on Cainites deemed Cowardly. However he is not overly cruel, and initiates these parties under the auspice of teaching his Brothers and Sisters, not punishing them.

== Allies ==

== Lineage ==

== Rumors ==

  • Nobody could be that radical of a loyalist... I bet he is a UC spy!
  • He has Vicissitude and combines it with Tremere magicks in VERY inovative- and painful- ways.

== Quotes ==

  • "Is a royal pain in my ass, but I don't doubt that he's loyal to the Sword." - Raina Sharma

== Jericho's Soundtrack ==

== Jericho's Soundtrack from others ==

== OOC Information ==

Player: Phil Armstrong

Location: Albany, NY