Jericho Windstorm

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Stargazers
Breed: Homid
Pack: In Case of Fire
Sept: Sept_of_Falcon's_Rest
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• ••••• ••••
Honor: ••••• •••••
Wisdom: ••••• •••
Player: Tom Brown
Storyteller: Chad Kindell

Full Name: Jericho Mason, AKA Jericho Windstorm, Restores Balance, Eye of Taifeng

Nicknames: Windstorm

Age: Jericho is in his late 20's, though he comes across older than he is as he's closely tied to his ancestors, and often speaks of things long past.

Tribe: Stargazer

Rank: Athro

Auspice: Ahroun

Pack: In Case of Fire , Dedicated to Tiger

Position: Alpha of Falcon's Rest, and Alpha of In Case of Fire

Notable Traits: His left eye is milky white, and scarred

Appearance: If it weren't for the scarred eye, Jericho could easily pass for a typical gym member at any athletic club.

Personality: Most of the time Jericho is a thoughtful individual, spending the time to think about an answer before he speaks. When it comes to fighting however, he clearly enjoys testing his limits but is able to reign in his enthusiasm most of the time and wait to strike until he can assess the battle and wade into where he feels he can make the biggest difference. His connection to his ancestors has overwhelmed him in the past, and so he is very careful to keep a tight lid upon his rage.


  • Sister: Jordan "Joyful Wind" Stargazer Ragabash
  • Cousin: Dinah Mason
  • Brother: Job Mason

Information Known to the Nation at Large


Jericho fought in some of the more recent conflicts, though he spent a great deal of time learning Kailindo under Master Thunder Tiger. Jericho is a known Kailindonari and is considered to be a master of his art. Jericho doesn't speak much of his past before his first change. He was shocked and surprised when his kid sister showed up to the sept and announced she was a garou, and a member of his tribe. When his cousin also showed up as a Stargazer with strong ties to their ancestor as well, he began to suspect that his family has more than one wolf skeleton in the closet. Jericho has been passing his knowledge of Kailindonari to several members of his tribe, and has been willing to discuss their philosophy as he understands it with any who care to.

Jericho has been fairly active in the Rocky Mountain area, and has been to the caerns of the great plains several times, participating in many battles there. While he oftens appears to lack the ferocity of more militant tribes, he has used his martial arts to take down opponents much stronger or higher in rank than himself. He's often been called too humble, and perhaps shy. He is however proud of his accomplishments and in formal challenges or duels, readily speaks of his past victories. Jericho is a member of the zephyr camp of the stargazers, and while he doesn't speak a great deal about it, he doesn't hide the fact either. He is rather reluctant to rely upon technological solutions, and prefers to use simple weapons and his body as a weapon.

As alpha of Falcon's Rest Jericho has a hands off approach to leadership. Very rarely has he made proclamations or issued orders, instead relying upon the eldest of each auspice to keep him informed of what is going on and trusting the pack alpha's to do their jobs. This has seemed to work, as the times he has had to leave on spiritual quests the sept continues to run itself much as if he was there.


What little is known of his family, is that his parents were rather well off, and had strong ties to real estate. His parents appear to be oblivious to their status as kinfolk, and have done everything they can to forget that he had existed. Jericho seems to have taken this in stride. He's beginning to suspect there's more to meets the eye with his Christian Fundamentalist family, and wonders what other secrets they have hidden in their past. (OOC great place for more surprise ties)


  • "While we can bend like the reed upon tradition, we should be unyielding as the mountain when it comes to our principles."
  • "Well, they never did say our dharma was to have an easy life. Have faith that you are here because you are meant to be here. Whether it is death or glory that awaits you, it will be moments such as these that others will remember and take inspiration from. Take solace in that thought because we fight as much for the world that follows as we do for this world. So make them both a brighter place."
  • "I heard his name and was intrigued. It isn't a common sort of name in the States, but it's a very fitting one, once you come to know him. Within him rages the simoom, a storm he harnesses that threatens at every turn to poison and consume him. There he stands, dancing atop it with grace...occasionally stumbling and learning the hard way all over again just how dangerous his balancing act truly is, but still he dances. A great man said, once, "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall". So it is with Jericho, rising anew to this challenge within himself, daily...weekly...hell, hourly." - Noah Rahmat
  • "What I don't know about the Stargazers could fill a bloody library, but what I do comes from honorable and upfront people like Jericho. I shared his fire once during the War, and shared my whiskey with him. His version of martial arts looks beautiful, but I suspect is not made for fat Fianna like meself." - Strikes the Accord
  • "When he stops with the yoga crap and starts swinging his claws, he can fight. More importantly, he stands by his convictions and is willing to own up to his decisions. He has proven his worth." - Cole Braddock
  • "I asked him about the 'Monkey Grabs Peach' Kailindo move, but he didn't seem ready to teach it." - Scarlett Jones
  • "They actually touched Jericho, and he went all out?,...This is getting serious" - Tiberius Malleus Scipio
  • "Practical, yet enigmatic. His story is like a ball of secrets slowly unraveling... I always find myself wanting to know more of him. He has secrets somewhere... I'm sure of it." - Verdant Star
  • "You know that part in the Riddick movie when he kills that dude with a tea cup and is all smiles and chill afterward? Yeah, that's Jericho." - Alvarez
  • "Calm and patient, yet a formidable warrior who understands Rage like no other; the Western Concordiat would be far greater if the Stargazers had stayed." - Preceptor Cioroi
  • "Watching Jericho-rhya in combat is awe-inspiring. Not as visceral as the way we Fenrir fight, but there's nothing wrong with that. Also, I have a deep and abiding respect for someone who meditates, no matter how they choose to do so. Perhaps one day, I'll visit his garden so he'll one day visit my forge." - Gunnar Schwarz
  • "He almost makes me wish I were a better person. Almost. Then again, I am fantastic so it's difficult to improve." - Lara Radic, Tides of War
  • "Jericho Windstorm is the arrow, I am the axe, together none stand before us. He is worthy to have by your side." - Tyvar Thorvaldson - Jarl of North Central Region
  • "A most curious garou. I have never met one so capable of violence and so reticent to employ it." - Long Fang



  • Jericho didn't really lose his eye on his fostern challenge, he lost it for trying Master Thunder Tiger's patience
  • He has a secret fondness for really bad Kung Fu movies.
  • He isn't with the rest of the Stargazers that left the Nation because they would not have him. Now what, pray tell, did he have to do to be ostracized in such a fashion?
  • Whatever ya do, don't call him Jerry.

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