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Previously Held Status:

Jeska Deltish is a young Brujah computer programmer (hacker) that is super friendly when approached. She grew up in Seattle during the technology boom and has always had an extreme love of computers and knowledge. She loves her Brujah brethren and will do anything to protect them. She is very receptive to helping people with any technology issues they may have.

Appearance: Rarely seen without her laptop, tablet or phone in her hand, she usually has her hair in pigtails and is always wearing something colorful, like rainbow wrist warmers. Her wardrobe consists of T-shirts and hoodies with pop culture references on them.


  • "Sweet girl. Likes computers, smartphones, and pretty much anything with buttons and electricity. Hates Barry Manilow like I hate Natzis and hippies." - Solomon Beckette
  • "Woman can write. Not my Annie, but it is good to have someone to write with again." - Aaron Mitchell
  • "What can I say about Winston? She does what she's told with a minimal amount of crying and complaining, knows her place and bathes on a regular basis. She is what not-Winston aspires to be." - Mr. Christopher
  • "Something tells me her talents are wasted on the Brujah. She would have made a fine addition to ShrekNet...I suppose an unfortunate circumstance such as lineage is not reason enough to not make use of her talents. Play nice with her Dainslef, and perhaps the neonate can be convinced that we appreciate her for her capability." - Serratus
  • "She is required to learn much in a brief span of time. Let us hope that her strength matches her spirit." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Quote here." -Your PC's Name Here


  • Jeska caused the Sony data breach after she bought a defective Blu-Ray player.
  • Some consider her "Diet Juice"
  • She's affectionately called the "Brujah Babysitter."
  • Has a book that contains vital information about all the kindred in Eastern Washington.
  • Caused the Ashley Madison data breach after binge watching the Good Wife and Scandal.
  • She believes she's bad luck for people who owe her boons.

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Acquaintances and Allies

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Tri-Cities
Player: Tiffany Whitelatch
Storyteller: Tri-Cities VST

I am looking for character ties, rumors, allies and jobs for Jeska. If you're interested, let me know via e-mail.