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Changeling PC

Player: Adie R
MES #: US2015010072
Location: Raleigh, NC
VST: Elizabeth Namiotko

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Character Info

Alias: Cass (Cassandra)

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Oracle

Court: None

Entitlement: Court of the Solstice

Motley: The fAe-Team - If the Keepers want it, we make sure they don't get it.

Mask: Cassandra looks like a twenty-something girl. She wears a 1950's style navy dress with a white wide collar. Her hair is long and black with streaks of white and has large, deep green eyes. Cassandra always wears white gloves.

Mien: Cassandra looks almost identical to her Mask, but her eyes are completely black.

Concept: Cassandra is an oracle, just like her namesake. She can see your future. She can see how you die.

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  • It's 1954 and Jesse is 15. The dreams started when she turned 12. Every night, something scary and strange. Her friends, but older. She saw them live their lives and die. How could she not tell them? And then she was alone. Her mother, a widow from another war, couldn't understand what happened to her daugher and pulled away. Trying to find an asylum that would give no rumors and want nothing in return. But the dreams kept coming.


  • Today was going to be different. She was going to see a new psychiatrist and he was going to give her pills to make it all go away. She would finally get to sleep and stop seeing the visions…stop seeing how her friends were going to die. It was too much for any kid to take and by the age of 15 Jesse was done. Except for some reason today seemed…familiar. Her mom didn’t say much as she drove her to the doctor’s office and did almost everything she could to not walk inside. But Jesse was being brave and needed to sleep. Needed the dreams to stop.

She felt a sense of déjà-vu as soon as she walked into the office. It was dark and cold. Not a place she had been before. The receptionist barely looked up when she entered and waved her back immediately. She didn’t think it any stranger than the slightly sideways feeling her head was giving her. She walked back and suddenly knew why…He was there. He was an elderly gentleman wearing a dark suit that was hopelessly out of date with a green military badge sewn into the chest. She froze at the door and stared at him. He waved her in to a chair in front of his desk. There is a chess board set up. She started backing up out of the room and bumped into someone, she spun around and looked directly at herself. Jesse opened her mouth to scream but his hand snaked over her mouth and smothered it. The last thing she heard before she passed out was a rough whisper in her ear “Mine”.


  • The dreams didn’t stop. They got worse. Jesse started seeing visions in the day. Visions of war and

torture, visions the General needed her to see. He used her. He used her to cheat. He used her to win. She was his greatest weapon in his war and his greatest prize. She was kept in a cage, gilded and defended. She was safe, always kept safe. His troops were always near her and He was always near her. Watching, waiting, making her play the game. Making Him win. She was well taken care of, as long as she made him win. As long as she helped him cheat. But she also knew, as the time passed that she would not be there forever. She already had seen her escape by the hands of the others. The ones who she had already told how they would escape. How they would find their freedom, how they would find their release. She waited and helped. She gave him the victories.


  • The cage unlocked and she was free. The other, they helped her, she was weak from being locked up for

so long. But they carried her and fed her. She knew they would not live long after freeing her. That they would get caught again, but they would not listen and they took her out of the Hedge back into life. Even then they hid her. And they died for her. And she mourned them and withdrew. But she knew that this was not the end. She had another purpose.


  • Cassandra went wherever she was invited and stayed as long as she was welcome. Always taken care of but never truly fitting in. She was something to be feared, a curiosity to be used. So she never stayed, never joined a court. During her travels she was discovered the Court of the Solstice. Knowing she would never fit well into the well established courts, due to fear and distrust of her powers, she was thrilled when they offered to accept her. Although, to be completely truthful, she already knew she belonged with them.
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  • Cassandra can not only tell the future, she can control it as well.
  • She may have sent people to pick you up when you escaped from the Hedge.
  • She refuses to enter the Hedge unless it is completely necessary.
  • Add your own!


  • "Don't ask her how you die. She knows. It's not worth the knowing." Blitz
  • "I met the Pale Brother once before and came back. Knowing Death is coming only gives you time to set up for tea and dinner." Dreamreaver
  • "She brought me in out of the cold. Out of the wet and into the light." Sarkany
  • "It is hard having someone know parts of me I wish I didn't...but she understands in her own way and always means it works" SantaAna
  • "Cass is absolutely going to protect her freehold from any harm, that I can guarantee. That being said, when it comes down to is, though her emotions overflow and wrath boils from the sweat of her brow, she *will* in the end listen to reason. It is admirable that she can go to the brink of her emotions and still keep control underneath." DJ Radix
  • "She is ether the greatest manipulative woman i've ever met or the most tortured of souls. Ether way. She is welcomed." Ammon Lu

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