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Db hero.jpg No taller than 5’5 and weighing in at 115 soaking wet, Jessica is a tiny little scrapper. If you see her before you hear her, then you have got some good damn eyesight. Her most notable feature (other than her hella loud voice) is the big streak of yellow, orange and red in the front of her hair.

Jessica is a chameleon, years of living on the streets and fighting for everything she earned has given her the tools to become a damn good con-artist. She NEVER wants to go back to shaking a cup on the street corner or getting on her knees behind a dumpster again-so she takes what she wants, when she wants it. If that means she has to act like a shy, awkward freshman in college before swiping a dudes wallet at a party then she will-and she loves it. She has a tendency to get a little too caught up in her games and will try to push the envelope as far as it can go.

It is all for the best, because in the end her marks learn a hard lesson-life is fucking cruel and you better watch out because anyone could be waiting to fuck you over. So, just put that smile in place and keep on trucking.

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  • Jessica has always been on the move, but there is one place that she always felt was a home, her Grandmother’s house. When her Grandmother passed the only news anyone heard of her was that she was alive, somewhere.
  • Jessica never likes staying in one place for too long. People begin to point fingers and screeching about homewreckin’-better to just stay on the move.
  • The Whispering Rovers is probably the best thing that could have happened to her. Running with that group seems to have given her some type of purpose and focus. It really ain't good when when that girl gets bored.

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  • Jessica’s “thrillseeking” ways garnered a great deal of disfavor from a band of travelers – making it impossible for her to ever truly walk down the aisle without turning tail and running.
  • One of Jessica's favorite cons to pull is the "blushing bride".
  • Jessica has a glyph shaped scar somewhere on her body that is a symbol of favor, bestowed by Stag himself.
  • Jessica was part of the group which ejected the Perfect Metis from the Auburn Protectorate, forcibly.
  • It is rather interesting that Jessica has never been in jail or severely hurt with her shenanigans, things just seem to work in her favor.
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  • "The same mountains that chewed me up and spit me out are responsible for Jessica's upbringing. She's a fucking thief. There ain't no way to spin those cons as anything but hustles. She's the kinda girl that would steal your wallet, spit in your beer and then break a bottle and cut you for looking at her man. All the while, mind you, taking the number of every piece of strange that happens to look in her general direction. Hell every other week she's screaming about how she's in love and how this is the one. And then like clockwork there is screaming and clothes being tossed out of windows and people threatening to cut someone. Then its back to the same ole game of finding marks and pulling cons. Look we've been beaten, battered and bruised, but she's always been there the next morning to help pick up the pieces. Don't fuck with my cousin." - Declan Brennan
  • "I have a fuck ton of words to describe Jay-Bird; lie-smith, con artist, hoodwink, matchstick woman, swindler, charlatan, flimflam, fleecer...shit I could go on...and on...and on...but really they'd all just end up being synonyms for what she really is--really fucking efficient." - Patrick Kennedy
  • "Let me break it down for you in real small words. She's my baby sister. Got it?" - Bo Brennan
  • "I keep hearing fuckers talkin' about how the Brennan family is just a bunch of backwards righteous white trash hillbillies. Maybe, maybe not. Jessica opened her home to me and mine when we needed it, despite me being a 'Damn Yankee' or whatever bullshit goes with being from New York. She's ok by me, and I don't see a lick of shame in her for being born and raised in the boondocks." - Michael "Streams of Whiskey" Sullivan
  • "Jess? I met her back when we was both ridin the rails. Things got... weird. She started seein' some Rumney fella, kinda cute I guess. Well next thing ya know they're getting married! She's in some ridiculous lookin' dress that's as big as Texas and I'm in the skimpiest little dress I've ever seen, all bedazzled and shit. Well, between that, the bath and 'makeover' they gave me, I must have freaked out pretty badly. Next thing I know Jess' Beau's grandmamma is raising Hell itself and yellin in something that sounds like English but with a few funny words in it, and we're running. I thought she'd damn near kill me, somethin about ruinin the long con, but we made up. I'll tell you though, the only one who scares me more than Declan while drunk, is a pissed off Jessica Brennan." - Skankin to the Law
  • "A wise Tribemate once told me 'Spade, never trust a Ragabash when they've got that glint in their eyes'. This one? She's always got that glint in her eye." - Dylan 'Omengazer' Spade
  • "I over heard words once that I believe fit Jessica perfectly. Let those who do not understand her, fear her. Let those who understand her, fear themselves." - Nakia Menefer
  • "Jessica Brennan is a force of nature held in the skin of a petite firecracker of a woman. I rather like her." - Tia "Raging Mother" Forakis
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  • Ten Most Notorious Femaile Con Artists - these ladies know what it means to swindle, cheat, and lie to get what they want. Dumbasses got caught though.
  • Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia - This clan of West Virginian mountain folk represents the worst excesses of the outlaw culture. Addiction, criminality and overt societal rebellion have swept this clan away and forced them to make the best of the bad situations despite the consequences at hand.
  • The Riches - The traveler family from a very tight knit secretive lot. Wayne is a con man who can’t get enough of the game, but he wants to do what is best for his family-even if that means destroying everything around him.

Apocalypse PC

Player: Killashandra Vick
Character: Jessica Brennan, Vigilante Justice
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Fianna
Renown: 15 Glory 10 Wisdom 9 Honor
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Robert Voitle

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