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Sabbat PC

Player: Aimee P
Character: Jezebel
Domain: TX-065-D
VST: Rich Czerwonky

A recent image of Jezebel

Character Overview

Name: Jezebel
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Moderate
Clan: Unbound
Pack: The Punch Face Champions
Position: Ductus


Initiated, Blessed
Triumphant – Cardinal of the East Rico Vega
Honorable – Cardinal of the South Charles Lennox
Resolute – Cardinal of the Nomads Vanice St. Benedict


Jezebel stands at 5’9 with her heels on, has the proportions of a life-sized Barbie doll, and the perfection of a mannequin. She is eerily, inhumanly beautiful. She is usually displaying a fixed, plastic smile. Her hairstyle and color change frequently (as do many things about her appearance, some more subtlety than others.) Her wardrobe consists of vast amounts of leopard print, various shades of red, and a fortune in gaudy gold jewelry. She shamelessly flirts with all males, mortal and undead alike. At least half of what comes out of her mouth is sexual innuendo, and let's not even mention what goes in to her mouth...

Jezebel during her days as an Inquisitor

Notable Traits

She is on a Path of Enlightenment. She is a known Noddist.
She can transform into a Horrid monster, a predatory beast with a twisted femininity. When she does so, her arms extend to become hind legs. Her head rolls backwards, a useless vestige. A second pair of eyes forms in her chest. A toothed cavity opens in her torso, extending her genitals up to her sternum. Two tentacles emerge from the opening, ready to thrash her enemies, or to pull her victims in to be consumed.
The reflection that she casts is of her Horrid Beast rather than her humanoid form.
Those in a room with her who inhale through their nose will catch a whiff of the Horrid Beast that lies so close to her surface. She always smells of feminine musk.

IC Quotes and Rumors

Quotes from her
"There are two kinds of women in this world. There are women who work hard and stress out about doing the right thing, and then there are women who are cool. You can either be a Cleopatra or you can be an Eleanor Roosevelt. I'd rather be Cleopatra."
"Haven't you ever messed with a man's head just to see what you could get him to do for you? We do it all the time in the Inquisition. You should try it sometime."
"Hey, you big hunk of wiener meat. I've got 40 hand towels, some bags of blood, and a Chinese finger trap. Let's get gross."

Quotes about her
"She's a grade-A bitch. Every time she laughs, an angel dies. Even telemarketers avoid her. Her birth was payback for the sins of men. But, you know the worst thing about her? She works for the Inquisition."
"Having sex with her is like doing peyote and sneezing slowly for six hours. She knows her way around a penis."
"She's a manipulative, psychotic, Caine-peddling, sex-crazed she-demon."
"...She's near. Hide the children!"
"Trying to get a baby away from her is like rescuing a bunny from a lion, but that lion is a demonic sociopath with really nice cleavage."
"She is a terrifying sociopath who could say or do anything."

The song 'She's a Maneater' by Hall and Oates was inspired by Jezebel.
Protect your eyes, she's a gouger.
She used to be a nun … or a whore. Or both.
She can pinpoint your weaknesses, and then destroy you with just one word. (And a jar of acid.)
Jezebel does not abide by the Geneva convention.

Basic Timeline

This information is OOC only until learned IC
1939- Born in Ohio.
1957-Began school at Smith College.
1960-Got pregnant and dropped out. Shotgun wedding. Miscarriage.
1962-Husband divorced her because she was infertile from her miscarriage.
1962-1972-Flower child, anti-Vietnam war activist, activist for women's rights and feminism.
1972-Ratification of Equal Rights Amendment failed.
1973-Joined a cult that is a Sabbat pack's Herd.
1973-The Sabbat pack embraced their Herd as a distraction as mortal Hunters closed in on their location. Many of the shovelheads died in battle, but she survived.
1973-1974-False Sabbat.
1974-Initiated as True Sabbat.
1980-Converted to Path of Caine and took the name Jezebel.
1993-2004-Served as a member of the Inquisition.
2004-Retired from the Inquisition. Returned her Reliquary to Temoch in Mexico.
2005-Became a Loyalist. Founded her nomadic pack, the Punch Face Champions.
2006-Became an assistant to a Black Hand Member, Noch, a member of her pack.
2015-Made a high-profile mistake and underwent "re-education." She hasn't been her usual self since.

OOC Inspiration

Tammy Swanson from Parks and Recreation
Joan from Mad Men
The album Blood by In This Moment

Player Information

Player: Aimee P
MES Number: US2014060021
Character's VSS: Austin, TX
Home Location: Austin, TX (but travels a lot)
Other characters: Deirdre Fisher in Cam/Anarch