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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Abby P.
Storyteller: Franny M.

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Brown hair and brown eyes, with a figure that speaks of indulgence. Fond of bright colors, she moves from style to style, with the only common element being a touch of anachronism and richness. She dresses to emphasize her assets and is often delighted to catch anyone looking. Occasionally has a slim sword strapped to her side.


Jillian is a whirlwind of energy and accents, fabric and steel. Her attention is fickle but she tends to focus on beautiful women, the scent of scandal or anything that smacks of the dramatic. Most conversations include an innuendo eventually, as she generally flaunts her sexual appetite. Her personality (or whatever facade she is using for one) is geared towards the description, "overblown".


Born in Tuscany. Embraced in Alicante. Educated in Mykonos. Spent the last decade in Rimini. Ask a different time and get a different answer, all with the same painted smile. In a society with such a focus on lineage and history, she arrives with neither and shows no interest in the subjects.

What is generally known is that she remained Unaffiliated until the 1980's and joined the Camarilla shortly before joining her current coterie. The artistic tendencies of her clan show in her skill as a dancer, but over the years she has taken that sense of movement and put a sword behind it. She is not always in the same city as the other coterie members, but eventually arrives in anywhere they have lived more than a few months "to see what's so interesting".


Acknowledged by Prince Roane of Atlanta

Confirmed as an Ancilla in good standing with the Camarilla

Favored by Elder Marshall of the Nosferatu

Loyal as a Toreador by Dorian Burroughs


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Owed by Jillian

  • Trivial boon owed to Poppy Longstreet for advice granted by her Elder.
  • Trivial boon owed to Matthew the Smith for introduction to the Prince.
  • Major boon owed to Henry Fuller, Chastity Callentine, Eugene Sutherland and Elder Marshall as collateral for entering into a coterie together.
  • Major boon owed to Uror for assistance in territory matters.

Owed to Jillian

  • Trivial boon owed from Dorian Burroughs for services rendered.
  • Trivial boon owed from Robert DeWitt in apology.
  • Major boon owed from Chastity Callentine as collateral for entering into a coterie together.
  • Major boon owed from Eugene Sutherland as collateral for entering into a coterie together.
  • Major boon owed from Henry Fuller as collateral for entering into a coterie together.
  • Major boon owed from Elder Marshall as collateral for entering into a coterie together.


Quotes from Jillian

  • "This is not the time for being dead. This is the time for dancing."
  • "Every court needs a fool. They are vital and so many courts have forgotten why."
  • "Of course I'll behave, Henry. But you really should have specified how."
  • "I said I am a woman of honor, not virtue."

Quotes about Jillian

  • "Don't try to leash her. You may as well try to leash a hurricane and have about the same result. You'll get far better results trying to direct her with well positioned enticements and letting her chase after them." - Henry Fuller
  • "It takes only a glance to become entranced with the way Jillian moves; full of perfect grace. I would very much wish to see her dance." - Xavier Guard
  • "A tempest in a teapot. That is the only way I can think to encapsulate what Jillian is but even that is just waxing poetic as no clinical terms come to mind to truly capture her nature. When properly directed she is a beautiful and deadly weapon both martially and socially. When improperly directed, however, she can be problematic and troublesome. I consider it a duty to the sect that my associates and I help keep her focused on what betters us all. Without that focus I fear the havoc she would inadvertently cause." - Chastity Callentine
  • "She is a flatterer, but does it so prettily I cannot help but be charmed. Be sharp about her, or you may be taken in by her scarlet smile." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "You know that Renard is volpe, hey? Is fox. Is a small furry creature that will bite you and, if it has sickness, madness, it take you mad, too? Why you think I am wary? Why are you not?" - Constance
  • "Seems a good sort. Keeps her word and handy with a blade. I'd fight next to her." - Uror

Coterie - The Mission

Chastity Callentine

Eugene Sutherland

Henry Fuller

Elder Aedan Marshal

Elder Amadeo Durante


  • She will be freed from her coterie obligations once she has made Henry blush, Eugene laugh and Chastity curse.
  • She can be distracted by anything shiny or the color red.
  • That accent cannot be real. It's like garbled euro trash.
  • She's a member of the Guild of the Bladed Dance.
  • Lately, she has made herself an absolute pest to Hornswaggle of the Nosferatu.


Julie D'Aubigny, La Maupin
Emilie Autumn music (especially "Fight Like a Girl") "Blank Space", Taylor Swift

OOC Information

Abby Peterson US2002023203