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Changeling PC

Player: Craig Veenhof
Character: Jimmy
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Roteater
Court: Summer
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
VST: Nova Albion

Character Information

Scouting in the Hedge

Name: Jimmy

Seeming: Beast (Raccoon)

Kith: Roteater

Court: Summer

Notable Traits: Agile, fast, stealthy and a good shot with a bow.

Age: Late 20's or Early 30's. He's never said.

Favourite Food Anything with mold/fuzz on it.

Keeper: Someone he has only referenced to as Spike. If that's his actual name no one is certain.

Current Location: Unknown, Captured by another Keeper at the end of the 2015 Winter Masquerade.


  • Former Member of The Crew of the Undaunted
    • Was often seen in the Crows nest or swinging about the ships rigging while aboard The Undaunted


  • Mask
Jimmy looks average, his clothing dishevelled, dirty and overly lived in.
  • Mien
Jimmy's mien takes a solid resemblance to that of a raccoon. From his tufted raccoon ears to the tip of his ringed puffy tail he is covered in fur, most of which is very short. His overall appearance is spindly but sturdy implying he is quick and flexible, but could take a few hits before he would worry about dropping. His face has the clear "bandit" mask markings common to all raccoons with a slightly longer nose, whiskers and fangs. Clothing wise he wears a lot of grey, either to match his fur colours or to help blend in with the city scape when he hides, he is always clad in grey. However, there is one exception, his trusty shoulder bag, which often has his "Brother" looking out from it is tan in colour.

Known History

Little was known about Jimmy real world past, other then he came from the 40's, during the War. As for after that he was in a ravaged wasteland of a world fighting for his survival.

Most of Jimmy's true History is current, prior to his being taken a second time. He was timid at first, but soon became comfortable in his new freedom, and slowly began to fight for what was right with the fire and passion of only a Summer courtier could muster.

He met the single true love of his life, and was meer months from trading vows, when he was taken while performing his duties and protecting those that can't protect themselves.

Jimmy was only around for a short while, possibly an exact year, maybe even to the day. But in that time he had protected many people, rescued several, stood his ground in battle and never backed away from a challenge.

The last thing people know about Jimmy is his dream message to not rescue him and thus possibly sacrifice lives, as he was about saving them at the risk of his own.

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

  • Friends aka the people he will actively hang around with when given opportunity.

Bandit (His Brother and Hedgebeast Companion)

Wayla (fiancée)


Asha Emberlin

Darius Trask


Raymond Carter

Arman Leto


The rest of Summer Court

  • Allies aka the people he likes, and hangs out with willingly at the freehold gatherings.

Adriana Valdis

Silas Venture




  • Other (The People he actually liked but would never admit in person)

Shotgun Awe


Quotes by Jimmy

"Fuzz adds flavour" ~ In reference to anything he eats, which is almost always from a garbage.

Quotes about Jimmy

Shotgun Awe wrote a song about Jimmy; Good_Old_Jimmy

OOC Information

Player: Craig Veenhof

MES Number: CA2014010102

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Through the Mirror Darkly