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Changeling PC

Player: Craig
Character: Jin
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Smith/Soldier
Court: West
Freehold: Court of Saintly Beasts, NYC
VST: Abby Estes

The sound of Iron Shocks is stuck in my head

the thunder of the drums dictates

the rhythm of the falls, the number of the dead

the rising of the horns ahead

From the dawn of time to the end of days

I will have to run away

I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste

of the blood on my lips again.

This deadly burst of snow is burning my hands

I'm frozen to the bones, I am

a million miles away from home, I'm walking away

I can't remind your eyes, your face

- Iron, by Woodkid

Character Information

Current Name: Jin

Real Name: Jack Swain

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Smith/Soldier

Court: West


Motley: The Briar Bitch Motley

Title or Position: New York City's White Emperor, Merchant of The Cutting Edge at The Vagabond Parade


  • Mask
Jin appears like a brawny man in his late-30's to early forties. His arms are thick and scared with years of work with forges and in martial arts. There is silver in his black hair, and his eyes are hazel.
  • Mien
Similar to his Mask, but the arms and scars are more pronounced. His skin is the color of olives.
  • Mantle (Western Mantle 2)
The Western Crown manifests as a scar on the back of Jin's right hand. It is in the form of the Kanji "Jin", which means Benevolence.

Known History

Jin was originally Jack Swain, a United States Marine. He was captured during Desert Storm by Soldiers of an Actor of the General. For five years he was forced to engage in ceaseless and arbitrary wars and battles with other Actors. He awoke from his binding with a Summer Mantle, his rage too much to contain. He escaped the Hedge bloody, armed and angry.

For 15 years, Jack Swain served the Summer Court as their Master of Arms under Summer King Juggane. The Bloodbrute's tactics proved too cruel for Jack though, and soon he felt his Wrath wane. Eventually, he found his Mantle of Summer to be completely missing. Confused, Jack went soul searching, living his life away from the Seasons and Changelings in general. He noticed that during his life in Exile, he cultivated a different kind of Mantle. As he did not recognize it as Seasonal or Diurnal, he sought out the Directionals.

The Court of Saintly Beasts found him, and recognized him as being of the West Court. Confused, he was taken under the Auspice of then White Emperor Ken Reed. Eventually, Jack learned the basics of being a Directional . Soon, he found a scar formed by his Mantle. This was the Western Crown, which Ken had passed on to him. The scar was the Kanji for the word "Jin" which in Japanese is the virtue of Benevolence. Humbled, Jack assumed the Mantle of Emperor and as a sign of committal took the name of Jin.

Jin has many hats in New York. Directional Emperor and "liaison" to the Seasonal and Diurnal, Engineer and Armorer of the Briar Bitch Motley, and Goblin Merchant at the Vagabond Parade. He maintains a practical side wide juggling all of these roles. "I'm Wizened," he says. "I'd be sad if I weren't busy."

Motley Mates

The Crew of the famous Briar Bitch.

I'm not very religious, but I get the feeling that The Lord is Testing Me. - Jin about his Motley Mates

  • Connor - Honor is the living up to an ideal, and Shame is about failing to live up to an ideal. Connor and I get the joke between us.
  • Fawn - She has some of the quickest hands I've ever seen, with time she can be truly formidable
  • Gris - I care for Gris, even if he doesn't.
  • Iarann- He is a man very much in the Grey.

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

  • feel free to add yourself


- As a Summer Courtier, Jin was party to brutal beatings and even murders of Courtless.

- Jin betrayed the Seasonals to the Directionals

- He's brainwashed by the Directionals.

Quotes by Jin

- "Describing Honor is easy: "Don't be a Dick". It's 'Living it' that is the bitch."

- "Thank you for your efforts in keeping us part of your festivities. However, you forget one simple thing. While you Seasonals and Diurnals fuss over when you are in Control, we are Directionals. When is the time of Honor? Envy? Suffering? Ecstasy? They are where you find it, whenever you find it. " - On being asked when the Directional Freehold would like to host gatherings.

- "I have tried, every day, to represent the Court of Honor. Do not make me be the Emperor of War. Because when I do, when it finally happens, I will dedicate my entire existence to the ending of yours. If pushed, I will try to kill all of you. Don't. Make. Me. Please."

- "I'm not the weapon here, I'm the deterrent."

- (When questioned about his being Emperor) "You asked me if I represent Honor well. I ask myself that every day. Maybe there is someone else out there and I'm a placeholder. It's irrelevant, ultimately, because as long as I hold the crown, I'll do everything in my power to do right by this Court.

Quotes about Jin

  • I may be the Captain of the Bitch, but Jin is the one who talks to her. - Iarann
  • Do me a solid an' tell Jin it was broken before I got here, kay? - Fawn
  • Promise not to tell me how to fly anymore, and I promise not to leave bodily fluids, or waste on the floor of the engine room. Again. - Gris
  • A blade, focused and deadly. Time will see whether it hones or breaks. - Lachoros
  • Honor-bound and a pain in the ass. But a worthy ally to have and an indomitable foe to contend with. - Ciar


  • F.T.W. (Years in the Summer Court)

OOC Information

Player: Craig Page

MES Number: us2010127101

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden