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Changeling PC

Player: James W. Post III
Character: Jin Shen
Seeming: Elemental(Storm)
Kith: Airtouched
Court: Summer
Freehold: The Scoured Freehold
VST: Jason Murphy

Character Information

Name: Raijin Lei Shen

Seeming: Elemental(Storm)

Kith: Airtouched

Court: Summer (Mantle 5)

Notable Traits: High Wyrd 6+, Gentrified Bearing, Court Goodwill Spring 1, Court Goodwill Autumn 1, Court Goodwill Winter 1

Freehold Status: Valued

Archtypes Achieved: Martial Artist, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



Jin is a Chinese descended man of mixed Asian origins that are hard to pin. He looks almost perpetually grumpy or stern unless he's been drinking. He tends to dress in Chinese clothing of either modern or archaic design, but has occasionally been seen wearing a black suit. His hair is short and pure white that would indicate some kind of illness, though he looks in fine health. He always wears a jade ring around each of his fingers.


Jin's mien looks reminiscent of his Mask, save that his eyes are glowing solid whiteish blue, his body made of raging thunderclouds that flow off behind him like some sort of terrible smoke. His hair is made of what appears to be pure lightning.

Mantle Summer 5(Goodwill Autumn 1, Spring 1, and Winter 1)

Jin's mantle is that of a raging summer time storm, thunder roaring as Jin grows in anger, jolts of electricity and lightning moving around his form, with the smell of fresh rain and the warm damp feeling that one gets after a hot raging storm. There are occasionally small ribbons of light that flit about his mantle(Autumn Goodwill 1) as well as the occasional fleck of snow(Winter Goodwill 1), with the sweet scent of a lotus on the rare wind(Spring 1).


  • Summer King
  • Founding Member of the Scoured Freehold
  • Raijin Lei Shen
  • Father to all Chicago Summers


  • "He is possessed of an eerie Zen-like calm that is atypical of his Court." - Silas Grey
  • "Right here, in this room. In the room I've called home for a decade. This is where our Freehold began, under the suggestion of a lone warrior." - Jin
  • "...I got that right from Jin's mouth!" - Silas Grey
  • "Ugh... Don't do that! Don't take anything from Jin's mouth... That's how you get Herpes!" - Tess in response.
  • "Jin believes himself to be a God... I have a very different theory on the matter, however I'm not going to be the one to tell him he's wrong." Mr. Draco
  • "Yeah, well, now I can be the one denying access to an eyeball." - Jin
  • " The Lightening God is fucking awesome. Dude, like, I can totally picture him punching a true fae in the god-damn face or telling a pack of briarwolves to 'come at me bro'." - Arc
  • "Enriched with immense wisdom, Raijin is a Lost one should be honored to know. Personally, I count myself lucky that he decided to teach me archery." - Toby Harrel
  • "Showed compassion when he didn't need to. Showed me that the "summer family" was still alive even though I lost faith it existed in the first place."- Becca Wulfe
  • "BZZT!!" - Kneppers Lee


  • "Jin and Wally are totally boning."
  • "Jin lives in interesting times. Wise and yet foolish, particularly if he thinks an agreement with a Gentry doesn't make him loyal to them."
    • "It's also possible that Jin simply understands the definition of loyal."
  • He is plotting to overthrow the seasonal courts and claim the freehold for Summer through sheer force.
    • Although, if he were plotting to do that, one would think he would've done it by now. His "sheer force" wouldn't meet much resistance, after all.
  • Jin is more concerned with uniting the freehold as a family than anything else. For a summer I must say he is quite level-headed as well.
    • However, if he were concerned with that, he wouldn't abandon one of them alone, bleeding and unconscious to die at the hands of some briarwolves and vileshrikes in the Hedge.
  • He is finally the god he kept blabbing on and on about.
  • Has a wolf-daughter-person-Becca Wulfe

OOC Information

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Player: James W. Post III

MES Number: US2010035655

Location: Chicago, IL