Jindra Moudry

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Jindra Moudry, Peace Bringer, Keeps Secrets, Directs the Storm, Crow's Insight

Elder Homid Philodox of the Shadow Lords

Alpha of Shadow's Honor, dedicated to Grandfather Thunder


Jindra comes off as quiet and unassuming, most often he is dressed casually in a t-shirt and worn jeans. His clothing seem almost an afterthought. At his neck is a wrought iron glyph symbolizing the Shadow Lord tribe. It is well crafted, but unexpectedly sharp and rough. On one hand he wears a ring that looks suspiciously like a lug nut. On his forearm, his has a tattoo of a sword. Should he be holding a sword, then he has a smiley face on his arm. His most striking features are his obvious connection to the Shadow Lords and his hazel eyes. When speaking, his quiet words are compelling and can be inspirational.


Jindra was born on March 7, 1987 in Port Dickinson, NY. His mother, Adéla had shifted several years before, while still living in Czechoslovakia. She and her kinfolk husband had moved because they felt shifting political winds making some of their affiliations untenable. They had no trouble setting into the quiet town. Located between Binghamton and Chenango, little happened in there. The sept in Chenango state park, was small, but valiant in its battles against the Wyrm. Adéla was quite successful in her new Sept, although her advancement was slowed by the birth of Jindra's sister Zuzanne in May of 1989.

After graduating high school in 2007, Jindra went onto complete a Philosophy degree at Binghamton University and law degree at Cornell. Just after graduating from Cornell, Jindra changed. He does not talk about it much. Repercussions from that night led to him moving to Atlanta and membership in the Sept of Fiddler's Green. While living there, he discovered that he was not the only of his sibling to be a warrior for Gaia. After a panicked phone call from Prague, he brought his sister to the Sept and helped her integrate into Garou life.

After Fiddler's Green fell, Jindra and the remaining Garou established Looking Glass Sept near the heart of Atlanta. He brought what support he could to the new Sept, including his pack mates Izzy and Constantine. The sept grew rapidly, becoming a hidden bastion for Gaia in the city. The time came for expanding Sept to move. Rabbit had given much and wished to return to his old, hidden ways.

The Garou of Looking Glass Sept retook and cleansed their old home. The location that Rabbit had kept hidden for them has returned to the secret glade that it was before the Garou arrived. The site of the old Sept, once called Fiddler's Green has been reborn as Dreaming Stone.

Jindra has suffered many loses in his time as a Garou. The sadness can be seen deep in his eyes. The lost of his best and closed friend Izzy nearly destroyed him. Only by clinging to his duty to Gaia has he managed to remain a functioning part of the Garou nation.

Notable Garou of the Moudry line

Ctibor later called Moudrost Hromu (Wisdom of Thunder). Theurge from the 7th century, established the family.
Střední Cesta Pod Půlměsícem (Middle Way Under Half Moon), Philodox from the 8th century, honored the name.
Lost to the Abyss, Ragabash, from 11th century - shamed the name. Never spoken of other than as a warning.
Skryté Moudrosti (Hidden Wisdom), Ragabash, 14th century, returned honor to the name.
Stína Oštěp (Shadow's Spear), Ahroun, 16th century, greatest Ahroun of the line.
Lightning Strikes from Hidden cloud. His mother, she was lost on a mission and her fate is not known.


  • Jindra once murdered a Garou for touching his sister.
  • He talked a human into suicide.
  • His Kinfolk are corporate raiders.
  • Used to be a lawyer, but thought it wasn't stressful enough.


10 Honor, 9 Wisdom, 5 Glory

Apocalypse PC

Player: Ryan M.
Character: Jindra Moudry
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Position: Eldest Philodox of Dreaming Stone
Rank: Elder
Domain: GA-010-D Atlanta, GA
VST: Charlie R.

OOC Information

Player: Ryan M.

MES Number: US2002022566