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Words spoken by others

  • "If that mule ever throws my name down in his little soap opera they call pack politics again I'll string a rope from the nearest pine tree and leave him swinging in the breeze." - Declan Brennan
  • "What kind of name is Jingles All the Way? With some training, he might be a good Theurge." - Pari Forakis
  • "I do not understand the red and white hats. They do not seem to be marks of distinction, but now I have met two who wear them. Ghost Override-rhya put his away when spring came but this one still wears it. Must be a two-legs thing." - Red Rain
  • "He was so warm and welcoming... I can't help but be drawn to the Gnawers because of him and a few others." - Lilly McGrory
  • "I like the guy. He's got cajones. That is for sure." - Bella Dent
  • "Jingles... I miss him so very much. He doesn't want to come and visit, even though we'll roll out the red carpet for his arrival. He'll come to me soon though... I know just know it. He can't resist coming to visit his family and when he does, he'll realize how much he's missed us." - Father's Pride
  • "He may seem jittery and all around good-natured, but all of that falls away leaving nothing but a solemn resolve when we're on the battlefield." - Simona Decebal
  • "I'd loan him my card deck, if he asked for it. That should tell you something." - Sarah
  • "He's my favorite Bone-Gnawer." - Freki

Whispers amongst the wind

  • Once called a curse down on his pack alpha and lived.
  • He's not really Metis. He's just a homid that likes the freedom he gets from the ultimate omega position.
  • Cut off his own hand to impress the Wyrm.
  • Considers the Atrocity Realm a summer vacation.
  • Please feel free to fill in your own!