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Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••
Conspiracy: The Night Market •••
City: San Antonio
Player: Erica Martinez
Storyteller: Travis Kearns

Sire: Matthew Abram Voelker

Bloodline: Unknown

Notable Traits:

  • SL 2


  • Daeva 2
  • Carthian 2
  • City (San Antonio) 1
  • Cadence 2
  • Conspiracy 2 (The Band)
  • Conspiracy 3 (The Night Market) (Approval #: USA-SC-VR-1306-005537 )



  • Knuckles (Phantom Hounds)
  • Chat or Chat Sauvage (Matthew)


To assist in making and creating ties

  • 1982 - Embraced, Denver Colorado
  • 1982 - 1992 - With her Sire, Matthew, in Denver. (approval from Denver VST, Wolf Kelley,
  • 1992 - 1993 - Nomadic travel with her Uncle, Hunter Columbine. Open.
  • 1993 - 1994 - Parted ways with her Uncle, and stayed in Chicago, IL. (approval from Chicago VST, Mark Harrison,
  • 1994 - 1995 - Stayed in Indianapolis, Indiana. (approval from Indianapolis VST, Paul Marchant,
  • 1995 - 1997 - Stayed in Dallas, TX. Brought into the Carthian Movement by Guerin Von Dethrage (approval from Dallas VST, Jonathan Lloyd,
  • 1997 - 1998 - Nomadic travel. Open.
  • 1998 - Briefly traveled through Sonoma County, California. (approval from Sonoma County VST, Christopher Campione,
  • 1998 - 2000 - Stayed in Los Angeles. (approval from LA VST, Darold Morris,
  • 2000 - 2007 - Returned to her Sire in Denver, Colorado.
  • 2007 - Stayed in Phoenix, AZ. (approval from Phoenix VST, Spider Wingate, Joined the Night Market.
  • 2007 - 2012 - Drifted in and out from Denver, doing nomadic work for the Night Market, and coming back to Denver as her base of operations.
  • 2012 - Settled in San Antonio, TX as a base of operations. Underwent initiation for the Phantom Hounds under her sponsor, Sawbones. Travel during this time limited to deliveries.
  • 2013 - Brought in as a full member of Phantom Hounds. Nomadic traveler, with San Antonio as a base of operations. However, time split in Denver, CO. She is often seen visiting or with her Sire.


  • Joan Jett
  • early 90s Brujah Individualist concepts
  • Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TV series
  • Sasha from Kindred the Embraced

Information Known by Kindred Society

Where Joan goes, trouble usually follows.

Contrary by nature, unapologetic and unafraid, Joan pushes the boundaries of societal norms and behaviors. Although she is known to keep the 3 main traditions, she has little use for anything else.

Despite her aggressive demeanor and abrasive attitude, she has a charm that is unmistakable and draws people to her.

Little is known about this forthright Kindred, other then her potential criminal activity of theft and vandalism. This is possibly due to her traveling and nomadic tendencies. It is known that she likes liquor, bikes, and a bit of danger.

The Night Market

In 2007, Joan approached her Great Great Grandsire, Arya, to join the Night Market as a delivery person. Known for her nomadic tendencies and ability to handle incidences which can come up on a delivery, she soon became known as someone to get the job done.

Joan charges in cash, not boons, and the amount is based on the risk of the delivery, agreed on ahead of time. Joan has the right to refuse a delivery prior to agreement, but once agreed on, she is under obligation by the Night Market to deliver.

Those who try and deceive her regarding either the risk or contents of the delivery quickly find themselves blackballed from her services, and with a bad reputation among other delivery members in the Night Market.

Joan is known to have issue with human and/or kindred trafficking and ghouls deliveries and sales. She has refused deliveries which involved these sorts of transactions. However, almost everything else is fair game.


The Graceful Family

Laias line.jpg
Laia's lineage


Allies, Lovers, and Partners in Crime



Circle of the Crone


Lancea Sanctum

Ordo Dracul

Unaligned or Unknown

Enemies, Frenemies, and Rivals

Business Partners and Regular Clientele


From Joan

  • "Go fuck yourself." -- said readily and often to multiple parties
  • "Are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into?" -- to Matthew Abram Voelker
  • "Hans, me old cunt! You should have called first." -- to Richter Rowansen
  • "Dear Penthouse, I don't normally write letters like this... " -- in response to a letter written by Ragnar Soren
  • "Is that it, lover? I thought it would be bigger !"... "Oh Love... Haven't you heard? It isn't the size that counts... It's how you use it"...; "Oh... Love... I'm sorry... I didn't realize you had problems with going all the way"... "I was just waiting for you to stick it in." -- Exchanges between Joan and Issac Thorne involving a physical altercation with a makeshift stake.
  • "Wait... so, you beat your bishop?" -- to Jessie White, NCRE 2013
  • "You can take the pie. I'll take the punch." -- Colorado Springs, August 2013, Carthian meeting
  • "Do my muscles make me look retarded?" -- written to William Suffolk
  • "I think you're a cunt." -- said to a frenzying vampire to provoke it further

From Others

  • "Joan is something special. A wild thing that reminds us of what it was like to be alive. Let's just say that some mares were never meant to be broken." -- Matthew Abram Voelker, Lancea Sanctum
  • "She gives all her effort into challenging any authority she can find, and being as aggravating as possible. On the day that she actually puts that effort towards something constructive, I'll be glad to see it." - Sir Richter Rowansen, Invictus
  • "One hell of a lady, and I mean hell literally. Never know what sorta crazy shit she'll pull next." -- Donnie Thorsen
  • "I am sorry that I did not recognize you, at first. You look far different without your face smashed in by a halberd." - Alder Ragnar Soren, NCRE 2013
  • "Joan's a good girl, she listens to advice given, and takes it to heart. Which means she'll learn much from me. You should all be concerned." - Sara Kuar
  • "I could discuss at this kid for days on end and not a word would make impact. That's the problem with the Movement these days." - Thurston True
  • "Joan is a breath of fresh air and I enjoy her company always. She understands me and I understand her...which is uncommon since we are the opposite sides of the same coin." - Lief Ragnarsen
  • "Joan is a doll, a very loud outspoken doll, but a doll none the less light years ahead of her sire." - Ian Carson
  • "My dear cousin... " - Ser Lodewijk Van Tollenaar
  • "God puts certain souls in this world that were meant to test you. Some feel the need to tame or cage that, but you can't tame or cage a perfect expression of God's gift of free will. And that is exactly what Joan is." - Hunter Columbine
  • "Though she may appear coarse in her demeanor, it serves a purpose. Even the wind requires sand and grit to wear smooth the mountain. This is how I perceive Ms. Black." - General Thaddeus Withers
  • "She plays the stereotypical Carthian with leather and volume full of bluster and insult echoing the cries of Anarchy. Such a wonderful facade she puts up against the pressures of society. It's all intriguing to say the least." - Damien Mastersen
  • "No, that's not... I mean, she... we, we were... that is, I think, um... you know what? It's none of your goddamn business." - Oral Wright
  • "To some, you must tether the falcon to admire it's beauty, strength, and poise. Yet in doing so, you rob it and yourself of its ability to fly... which is its most potent and truest gift. Joan Black is no different." - Anonymous.
  • "I once met Joan at a bar in New Mexico... the next time she saw me she said, "OH SHIT!!!!"..." -Erik Winters
  • "I won't be telling you how to dress soon, Society will." - Duke Jessie White
  • "She is mouthy, over bearing, pushy and rude. If I didn't know any better I would have thought she was one of mine." Asvald Grettirsen
  • "Remind me again who it was that said the spoken truth and honesty must be beautiful?" - Ser Lodewijk Van Tollenaar
  • "Joan doesn't really have patience for your bullshit. Whatever it is that you're peddling, if it's bullshit, she will smell it and walk." - Michael Avery DeWitt
  • "I do not claim to know her as well as others. I only can speak to what she shows, that she is the joint embodiment of youth, both in blood and affiliation. Her undeniable passion is a wildfire, burning hot and free, caring not for the damage done in her wake as she consumes any that take her fancy." - Rowan Ragnardottar
  • Tonbridge says nothing about his relationship with Joan. He only laughs.
  • "Joan? She can't ride for shit, but she has a firm hand if you know what I mean." - Anonymous
  • "Joan is a bit of a disgrace to the family in my eyes. She acts in a way unbecoming of a member of the "Graceful" Family. The words she uses are crass and uncalled for. She ignores polite society and conversation. While I doubt we shall ever truly get along, this doesn't change the fact that she is brave beyond words and true to herself. She is clearly one of my kin. - Tybalt Rook
  • "Joan is one of the best runners I have access to in the current age. And that she is family just makes it easier to deal with her... unique political view." -- Arya Ajit
  • "A whelp that would of been drowned in the pool of life if not for the timing of mortals. She of all should now know how to run with the big dogs since she survived it once. Not sure if she'll survive it again. I'll be glad to be the hand that holds her runt head back down again." - Roald Stohl
  • "She has a mouth on her, it is true. With a bit of tempering there would be nothing and no one who could withstand her." --Ingifríðr Ragnardottar
  • "Long time no see, Biker. Ready to out polite the Invictus?" - Clarus Vilain, said with a delighted smirk
  • "Trouble pure trouble... but the kind a girl would like to get into." - Alice Grimm


  • If she listens to anyone, it is either her Sire, Matthew Abram Voelker or her Uncle, Hunter Columbine
  • Joan is a stone-cold atheist
  • Joan actually is a Lancea Sanctum as well as Carthian
  • Joan seems to gravitate towards the Circle, much to her Sire's chagrin
  • Joan goes to Mass once a week, no matter what city she is in
  • Joan once set fire to a Los Angeles nightclub for denying her entry
  • Joan will steal your boyfriend, or girlfriend, or both
  • Joan made her own motorcycle out of spare parts
  • Joan is actually deeply in love with her blood-cousin, Richter, but the two cannot admit this due to their covenants.
  • Joan despises her Great Grandsire, Erik Winters, even though she is very close lipped about it.
  • Actually, Joan doesn't hate her Great Grandsire, Erik Winters. She secretly works with him to further mutual goals. The two keep it quiet, due to their various affiliations and allegiances.
  • Joan changed somehow after she left Los Angeles in 2000.
  • The Nosferatu Invictus, Mr. Black, and Joan CLAIM that they are not related and their last name is a coincidence, but he is actually a mortal ancestor of hers.
  • Joan openly calls the Prince of San Antonio, "Simon". Could there be something going on between this Ventrue Invictus and her?
  • The scars on Joan's back are the only indication of Joan's bloodline - Mortifier of the Flesh
  • She is second daughter of Arya Ajit, but does not speak of this because of Sara Kuar.
  • Joan is actually a mortal descendent of Ragnar Soren, and is watched with keen interest by her ancestor.
  • Has been beaten up several times by Roald Stohl and only comes back because she expects one day to win. Roald hasn't the heart to let her win.
  • Has become afraid of Gangrel's after her encounter back in the late 90's with LA Gangrels.
  • Joan is being hunted due to her affiliation with the Band.



OOC Information


Erica Martinez US2002021903


San Antonio, TX