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Character Information

Name: Johannes Luthersoehnne, or Johan

Clan: Harbinger of Skulls

Status: Initiated as a True Sabbat, Blessed as Ductus of the Knights of Oblivion, Victorious in a Symbel Duel against Archbishop Giles de Ray, Battle-Scarred by Luther, Courageous by Archbishop Kenzie

Notable Traits: On a Path, usually wears a mask, speaks with a Germanic accent

Title or Position: Ductus of the Knights of Oblivion


Quotes About

  • "Ah, yes - our friend Johan, Ductus of the Knights of Oblivion. When our new Archbishop decided he should insult the Sword of Caine to illicit a response from us, it was Johan who answered his call, and Johan who defeated him in the symbel duel. I expect great things from this Cainite - perhaps he will be the leader our sect requires in these harsh times." - Obedience
  • "I found his personage agreeable and his manners to be above reproach. I look forward to many nights of blood and glory with him and his pack." - Sebastion Delacroix
  • "My Brother in battle Johan, he is quiet until it is time to fight then his ever watching eyes, plan and prepare, to rip out the blood of our enemies."- Gregory Solomon
  • "Johan has proven himself an able combative, but more importantly he's shown that he keeps a cool, clear head in conflict. As the Ductus of his pack, this speaks well not only of him, but of the Knights of Oblivion as a whole." Logan Kasamir Jones

Quotes By

  • "I consider myself a blunt instrument. I am strong, I am tough. I can command the dead and the energies of the body. I am unsure as to what precisely you wish me to do on this "scouting" mission."
  • "We could simply burn down their village."
  • "Let it not be forgotten that there are two groups of Cainites that bought their peace with the Camarilla through genocide. The hated Tremere may have slaughtered the Salubri and cursed the Assamites in order to join with our foes, but the Giovanni sought to replace the Cappadocians entirely. I would remind the Sword that the ambition of a few Venetian merchants nearly cost our kind an entire lineage, a withering blow to the diversity of our kind. The Camarilla may be our greatest foe, but they are not our only obstacle." - Shared during Walpurgisnacht

OOC Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Ryan Nash
Character: Johan
Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Domain: Colorado Springs, CO
VST: Michael Tann

Player: Ryan Nash

MES Number: US2012120018

Location: Colorado Springs, CO