John Doe (Mage)

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Awakening PC

Player: Jag Griffiths
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil •••
Legacy: Unknown
Position: Sentinel
Consilium: Alexandria, VA •••
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: White Out
VST: Josh Robinson

John Doe.jpeg

Birth Name: Not public knowledge

Shadow Name: John Doe

Sleeper Alias: John is the most common one, but he uses quite a few.

Offices: Sentinel of Alexandria

Quote: "Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation"


  • Arrived in Washington, DC in 2008.
  • Shortly after joining the Concilium, he joined the Cabal White Out.
  • In May of 2013, John worked with other members of the Concilium to rescue a group of newly Awakened that had been kidnapped by the Seers.
  • In August of 2013, John went to the City of New York to investigate an issue in the Time stream relating to the occupy movement years before. Along with Mother and Frost he helped the local Concilium deal with a Tremere issue.


Character Description

John is a Caucasian male in his mid-to-late 30s. He appears very average, lacking any striking features. He tends to wear nondescript clothing, always wearing gloves and shades, and just seems to sort of blend into the background. He is quite reserved and only speaks when he actually has something important to say. He tends to carry a neutral expression on his face, which doesn't really change much regardless of the stimuli around him. The most recognizable thing about him is a scar across his left eye, which is at least partially covered by the sunglasses he is always wearing.


No one has ever seen John's Nimbus.


  • Served in the military at some point before his Awakening.
  • Worked for the CIA.
    • Actually it was the NSA!
      • Nope, pretty sure it was CIA, and likely he still works for them!
        • Naaah, he's totally Secret Service.
          • Nope...he is actually Peace Corps.
            • Seriously. He was the head of Mossad.
  • Is married but doesn't like to talk about it.
    • That's cause he is whipped!
      • Dude's a way he's whipped! Now, he may be into whips and chains though...
  • John is a deeply religious man.
  • Owns a collection of every Keanu Reeves movies that has hit DVD and sends them as gifts to his victims based on how much of a threat he deems them. Obviously, someone who receives a Matrix DVD in the mail is deemed more dangerous than one who receives a copy of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
    • If you receive a copy of the "Lake House" you are SOOOO screwed!



  • "Sir, you are our best candidate to be Hierarch... You do not want a Free Council there, do you?" -John to Trevor McGowan
  • "I wish I could say the same." -John in response to a comment made by a Seer about the members of the Consilium being some of the fiercest opponents he had ever faced.
  • "Too bad you can't just shoot them in the face. I'd enjoy seeing that." - Tevye, on their meeting with Seers to negotiate a detente.
  • "We all know the strong, silent types. John takes this to a whole new level. He's a scary man, but that's how they train Guardians to act right? Either way, I'm glad that I'm standing next to him rather than standing at the wrong end of his .45" - Frost, Cabal Mate.
  • (in a report to Department Complex 49) " enigmatic and cautious Guardian, the man known only as John Doe needs little more than a prepared dossier and a pistol to perform his duties exceptionally well. While I shall leave the assessment of his mental state to the psychologists, I cannot help but deem John Doe to be a valuable asset to the Visus Draconis." - Neil Kingsley, Guardian of the Veil

OOC Information

Player: Jag Griffiths

MES Number: US2009114979

Location: Washington, D.C.