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Character Info

Mask: A whipcord-thin, exhausted looking man. His body is covered with the scars of myriad battles.
Mein: Humanoid, but covered in scales, he seems always back-lit by a morning sun.
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic
Mantle: Summer •••••
Titles: Squire, Sensei, Iron Adjunct of the Crimson Knighthood, Marshall General of the Unbowed
Freehold: John is stationed in the Freehold of Charles Towne

Notable Traits

Personality: For a summer courtier, John is weirdly hard to piss off. He's usually got a tired, dumb grin on his face, like he's had everything that could be thrown at him thrown at him, and that's just how it is. He's always ready to laugh and joke around, and is far from serious. In a fight all that changes, his face is masklike and his motions are measured, precise and minimal. He barely even makes a sound.
Lethal Mein: His hands end with long, viciously sharp claws, while a slightly curved white spike protrudes from the palm of his left hand.
Summer Mantle: Inner flames seem to lick through John's scars, heat rolling from the badges of past battles that he proudly wears. In the shimmering heat also lies a sense of anticipation; those who stand close to John feel themselves called to readiness.
Weapons: John typically walks around covered in enough pointy metal that friends affectionately refer to him as "The Porcupine." Recently, he has been seen carrying multiple Broken Blades, and is never without a white rod carved out of a single piece of bone, covered in animal carvings.
Bald: John's hair has been burned off of his skull. On the crown of his head is the tattoo of a red and black spider, which slowly moves its legs across his head.


Before Arcadia:

John has never spoken of his life before being taken. It's probably best not to ask.

After Arcadia:

John emerged from the Hedge in DC around 2002, walked into the nearest bar, and didn't look up until 2003. After a local friendly turtle knocked him on his ass, he went about traveling for a purpose. He returned to the area seven years later, sworn to Summer Court and a Squire of the Broken Bough. He entered Annapolis, hearing that a war was brewing between Autumn and Winter, and vanished for five years. He has since returned to the world.

The Present:

January, 2015: John joined those at the Winter Market in rooting out the Longest Night Motley from the region.
February, 2015: John fought with the Freehold of Cincinatti to repel Actors of the Child and the Hunter.
March, 2015: John fought with the Freehold of Puerto Rico to prevent the ressurection of a True Fae. His friend Sahara fell in battle, and John lost control of his wrath for the first time in years.
April 2015: John visited Lexington, KY, and joined the local Freehold in a battle against the armies of the Rat King, an Actor of the Child. It's armies were destroyed, and in the final battle John beheaded the King (its main head, at least).
June 2015: In the Summer Games of Annapolis John proved victorious in the mental challenge, being named the Master Strategist of Annapolis (to the shock and horror of everyone present).
July 2015: John visited Roanoke Virginia to attend the Summer games, in which he tripped on his face, almost died, nearly murdered his closest friend, and censored a penis. Also might have crashed a vampire party.
August 2015 : Actors of the Oracle and Scientist invaded his hedge, capturing his closest friend and torturing her to death, forging her body into a Prop. He led an army into the hedge and drove the Actors back to Arcadia, but failed in his promise to Sahara to murder them and reclaim her body.
September 2015: A spirit threatened to rise in Las Vegas and destroy the world. John went with a group of changelings, allying with wizards and werewolves in order to destroy the threat. In the battle, to his delight, John fought and beheaded an evil wizard that he continues to insist on calling a 'Death Eater.'
October 2015: John avenged Sahara and Castiel, joining visitors to the Annapolis Freehold to kill the Actor of the Oracle and its servants.
December 2015 In response to the army of hobgoblins being assembled by the Red Veil Academy to strike against Freeholds across the country, John assembled a group of 15 changelings, ambushing the army, killing their Knight Commander and burning their fortress to the ground.
January 2016: John traveled to Sioux Falls, partying for a while before fulfilling his lifelong dream: slaying a Basilisk.
February 2016: John traveled to the Charles Towne Freehold, joining them in a fight against an Actor of the General. The Actor was slain, at the cost of fellow Squire Rhodes. In the aftermath, concluded that matters in Annapolis were stabilized and moved to Charles Towne to assist in its stabilization. Later, traveling to Vermont, John joined a group of werewolves, vampires and mages in order to slay Arachma, the lava-spider spirit giving birth to a new volcano.
September 2016: Destroyed the last of the armies of the Red Veil Academy, announcing the formation of the Unbowed, an Institution dedicated to seeking permanent solutions to the True Fae. Laid claim to the Vajra Shakti.
September 2016: Proposed to Cheryl Taylor
October 2016: Led a direct assault on the Wild Hunt. Lost everything.
January 2017: Entered the Underworld and did not emerge.


Feel Free to Add
He is an excellent fighter. I am glad to stand beside him in battle. - Cas
A kindred soul; another who wanders, seeking to bring justice to the wicked. I am proud to call him comrade! - Sir Veritas, Champion of the Dawn Court
Met this guy years ago at Burning Man. He's shown himself to be a bad-ass and someone I can trust. Good to see him again, he went off the radar for a few years! - DJ Radix
He helped my Freehold, I helped his. Least I can do. - Frank Doyle Jr.
I was trying to talk to look at them bit's and pieces everywhere...give me a moment to collect. - Ambrose Crom Cruach
Sorry man. My way was faster.
Lot more of you Lost running around with a good head on your shoulders than those damn leeches. - Tevye
He sure likes to hit stuff doesn't he?. - Nina Weir
Dude seemed to be more into pain than Whipping Boys, some sort of self-mutilating sword handle, either way I was glad I was there to patch him up and he was at least better than the vampires, kindred, whatever they're called, which seemed to watch him licking their lips. - Doc
He was the first person who seemed to understand me, he has pissed me off, saved my life, and fought me, and is the only person that I trust more than myself. - Sahara
I'm sorry. I'll see you soon.
I owe him one, partially because he was so understanding about me taking a bite at him. Thank god he's dodgey as fuck.- Isnana
Hey, don't worry about it. Better than you have gotten fucked up by the Imperius Curse.
You deserve to be happy just like anyone else John, maybe even more so.- Bill
"I've fought for more than a decade against every Actor I've heard of. But it still isn't enough. I'm still not enough. Killing Actors, defending changelings and freeholds, is what I'm here for. I need to be better, and I won't stop until I am."
He recognized what was coming, what losing Him would do to me, and he gave me a better way. Thank you, John. - *Kage*
I saw John step on one of my lost sour patches before he left my Hallow. I want it back, but I don't know how to get him to show me the bottom of his boot without sounding wyrd. - Ammon Lu
While many have spoken about his combat prowess, what they don't speak about is his compassion. He is fair, just and not cruel even when it is warranted. A stand up example of knighthood if I have to if he could just ride well he'd be complete. - Doug Hund
A great warrior, someone I always want to have by my side rather than in front of me. - Jack Daniels
He's competent, but he's a dumbass. He needs to fucking learn not to try and kill himself. -Cordelia Cane
He kills the ones who want to kill me, and I kill the ones who want to kill him. It's pretty much love at this point. -Martin Weir
John turned out to be a bad-ass on more than just the dance floor, but now he's gotta start coming to the shows again! Take a break sometime! -DJ Radix
John took me in when I had nothing and taught me to fight for something more than myself. I'll always have his back. -Cerise di Vaar


Feel Free to Add
He's playing stupid, he's smarter than he looks
He's actually a lot stupider than he acts
He personally struck down Vorg, the Second-in-Command of the Longest Night Motley in the East Central Region.
Once fought a True Fae with a toy sword. And won.
He is the foremost expert on whether magical cookies will kill you or not.
Once got a one on one meeting with God.
Is a huge Princess Bride fan. Just pay attention to what he says.
Owns an impressive collection of vintage dresden porcelain figurines
He can't be that tough, I heard once he got knocked on his ass by a teddy bear.
He once met a real life Saint. Two sentences later the Saint threatened to murder him.
The founder of Changeling fight club.
There is an on going bet, to see who can figure out his Pottermore user name handle
Co-conspirator in the quest for DJ Radix to pants Martin Weir
Deputy of the FBI: Medieval Arms Division
Is having his likeness put up at every entrance to Arcadia. Is it as a warning or some ingenious marketing campaign.


"They looked down at his sword. It was short, sharp and plain. It was a working sword. It had no runes on it. No mystic gleam twinkled on its edge. If you believed in the Code, that was worrying. One simple sword in the hands of a truly brave man would cut through a magical sword like suet." -The Last Hero, Terry Pratchett

"Duty is heavier than a mountain. Death is lighter than a feather." -The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan

"Let there be goblin hordes, let there be terrible environmental threats, let there be giant mutated slugs if you really must, but let there also be Hope. It may be a grim, thin hope, an Arthurian sword at sunset, but let us know that we do not live in vain." -Terry Pratchett

"He had two things, he said, a sword that would not break and a war that would not end" -The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan

Player Info

Domain: MD-001-D
Player: Jacob Shpiece
VST: Liz Namiotko

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