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Changeling PC

Player: Jesse Benge
Character: Johnathan Grimm
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic
Court: Autumn
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows

Character Information

Name: Johnathan Grimm

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Draconic

Court: Autumn

Notable Traits: Lethal Mein and Striking Looks 4

Title or Position: Knight of Dorian Black, Paladin of Shadows of the Academy of Ashes, Owner of the Dragon's Breath Bar.

Motley: The Witching Hour



  • Dorian Black, Liege
  • Bobby
  • Alice, there is a story that is spoken a long time ago that these two had a sordid affair. At the end though, the hedge threw them across different times and places. He still searches for her to this day.
  • Ophelia



  • "Are you...? Oh... Hello, Alice.." Johnathan to Aubrey
  • "You are foolish, Hatter. You tried to repay a debt that wasn't there and you screwed yourself over. Are you that fresh out of the hedge... Or are you just plain mad?"
  • "Always remember, my dear... Fear is my strength."
  • "Jonathon makes the best mixed drinks around. Anytime he and I are in the same location, especially if it's at his bar, I can count on him to make sure I'm enjoying and trying new drink variations." ~ Becky


  • When he gets really angry, he breathes fire. He has no control over it.
  • His bar is just a facade, for what really goes on behind closed doors in the private rooms in the back.
  • Johnathan frightens people as a defense mechanism. He once truly loved a human woman, and Ensorcelled her. She rejected him, throwing things at him to drive him off. He tried to hold her to comfort her, but his sharp scales cut her, and as she pushed him away, his anger flared and his fiery breath scorched her. She didn't die, though. Instead, she still lives with the third-degree burn scars on her surgically-reconstructed face. Johnathan now keeps everyone away by frightening them to prevent anyone from ever getting that close to him again.
  • Something in his durance caused him to be allergic to shellfish.
  • His bed is a pile of gold and jewels.
  • He once consumed a maiden, bones and all. And that was after he got out of Arcadia.
  • Don't ever mention Pern, Puff, or Dragonlance to him. The last time some smart-ass nerd tried singing folk songs to him, they vanished and pulled pork sandwiches were on the menu for a month.
  • During his durance, Johnathan trained every Draconic to be the next Jabberwocky. His escape was one of the most mysterious of all the escapes from the Child and the Actor. Johnathan was their greatest warrior.. It wasnt until the destruction of the fourth draconic to take his title as THE Jabberwock that he began to remember the life he left behind. Now.. He serves the Autumn Court, repenting for the lives he took and causing fear by the name.


  • Igneel from Fairy Tail
  • Nick from Grimm
  • The Jabberwock from Through the Looking Glass

OOC Information

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Player:Jesse Benge

MES Number: US2009094756

Location:Washington, DC