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Jan Fuchs -- R.I.P

Infamous Qualities

  • Elder Caitiff
  • Caitiff Prince - September 6 2014
  • Sire - Astrid King - Tremere Master Elder
  • Flirts like The Devil
  • Fights like a Brave
  • Fucks like an Animal
  • Johnny Nipples
  • Captain Sexy Pants
  • Hello Eye Candy
  • Clan Tremere - 1701
  • House Goratrix - 1719
  • Camarilla - 1849

Sordid Tales

In Life

  • 1656 Westfalia - Junc herre
  • 1683 Battle of Vienna - Dragoon Musketeer
  • 1696 Prussian Academy of Arts - Lecturer
  • 1701 Yale, Guest Lecturer - Enlightenment

Clan Tremere

  • 1701 Queen Anne's War - Apprentice
  • 1717 Tribunal - Failure to Learn Thaumaturgy
  • (Caitiff) Expulsion - Servant's Oath Sworn
  • 1719 House Goratrix Oath Sworn

House Goratrix

  • 1719 Slave Trader for House Goratrix
  • 1734 Initiated Sabbat - Antitribu Regent's Orders
  • 1771 Turned informant - Handler: Astrid King
  • 1806 Abandoned Pack, ran away from Sabbat


  • 1849 Acknowledged
  • 1906 North Africa - Treasure Hunting & Torpor
  • 1949 USA - Nomadic & Tutelage
  • 2014 Symposiums Abolished; Praxis of Topeka

From Your Lips

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OOC: In Honor of Route 66, an inspiration for this character: The first 66 characters to place a relevant quote below will be offered a Trivial Boon from Johnny Rocket's history. Those I find to be the top 6 most inspiring/hilarious/raunchy/insulting will be offered Minor Boons.
OOC: STRETCH GOAL! If we hit 333 legitimate quotes from legitimate characters before Las Vegas - Johnny will honor all 333 Trivial, 33 Minor & 1 Major boons; Any Sect. (No Proxy-Death? Please?).

St skulldot.png "Johnny-- Johnny Nipples? I remember him at the Conclave. Seemed a decent enough sort. Now he's prince?" - Jackson Flynn
St skulldot.png "No comment." - Evelyn Atwood, brushing non-existent bangs away from his forehead, when prompted a second time after long minutes of staring silently into the distance, a copy of Nathaniel Hawthorne's |Rappaccini's Daughter lying open beside him.
St skulldot.png "That is a dangerous man there... reminds me of my sire. And we all know what happened when I met my sire." Jinx
St skulldot.png "Johnny is like, a dreamy whore of the highest order. Can't imagine him as Prince of anything but my bedroom though... I mean, just kidding. He's like an elder and shit, right?" - Kenzi Novak
St skulldot.png "It's so refreshing to work with someone who'll throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look it in the mouth." - Tristan
St skulldot.png "Could not take him as a serious politico. But boy he could party! " - Octavian Antony DiLaurio Novak
St skulldot.png "One underestimates Johnny at their own peril, because, of course, he wants you to. That isn't to say he isn't the flippant, ne'er-do-well badass you all have the privilege of seeing, of course...but I can definitively state that after a week of sordid bacchanal, I have a much more vivid...dare I say...biblical knowledge of him than most of you. Be afraid. Be very afraid." - Matty Carpenter
St skulldot.png "I've spent a while learning, experiencing, remembering and at times wanting to forget. The first time I met Johnny was one of the few times I didn't think of anything and just felt. Not familigia, not death.. just feeling." - Dezi
St skulldot.png "He takes me to all the best parties." - Dani
St skulldot.png "I met His Majesty on a lark in Reno, Nevada in the 1950's, after I started running from my sire. I sat down at the Mapes Hotel Cocktail Lounge to gather my bearings when I should find that the Prince in a booth full of women. Rather jealous, I went shopping, only to find the Prince at Woolworth's, buying a diamond diadem for one of his prizes. I was prepared to storm off when I found that my cologne was purchased by the Prince. He gave me a wink and a pat on the shoulder and left. I found him days later in a card game against a Giovanni where the stakes are still unmentionable. A lucky flash of a smile distracted the Giovanni long enough for the Prince to win the hand. For that he gave me a lift to Las Vegas. I am still thankful to Prince Rocket." Ewan Sterling
St skulldot.png "The first time Up-for-Adoption Elder Rocket visited my Domain, he left with a slight social censure while numerous Elders and officers of the Domain were warned for their assaults upon his person. For his deft maneuvering and avant-guard stylings, the next time he visited, I made certain that no fireballs were here to greet him." - Cybele Malveaux
St skulldot.png "Elder Rocket is a veritable lightning rod for entertainment. No matter what some might say about him, I assure you, an evening spent anywhere near his presence will be worth the price of admission. A word of advice: make sure to stay until the final curtain call. You won't want to miss a thing." - Jason Lane
St skulldot.png "Johnny has saved my life twice. He doesn't look like much, but there's no one I'd rather have in a fight. Trust him with my life, not my money or my wife." - Tank, Sheriff of Topeka
St skulldot.png "Rocket? The Prince is fun. He is part of the Puzzle. Though I wish he would not be so loud... But, 'tis his right." - Jayse, Prince's Harpy of Topeka
St skulldot.png "Johnny didn't go anarch? That bitch owes me 50 bucks!" - X, Alastor
St skulldot.png "Johnny Rocket, ah Captain Hot-Pants. We met once, it was a most impressive encounter." - Lillian Jameson
St skulldot.png "There are three things I'll never forget about Las Vegas. The nights that never seemed to end; lights sparkling like gems in the desert; the decadent sprawl he made across my silk sheets, like Lucifer after the fall. I look forward to renewing our acquaintance there." - Alexis Weiss
St skulldot.png "You should have seen the look on my sire's face when I introduced her to Prince Johnny Rocket. I did not go into details about how I knew him, but I assured her it was worth the trouble." - Marie de la Fronde
St skulldot.png "Congratulations Prince, Johnny." - Justicar De Valois
St skulldot.png "Wait, you're Prince? You're Caitiff. Fuck it, let's cruise. Fine-chicks ain't waitin'." - Bagheera Seneschal of Riverside, CA.
St skulldot.png "I remember meeting him when he was just Jonny Nipple. Tried to cheat a Gangrel at a game of poker and was very close to being ashed when I convinced the Gangrel to take just one nipple instead of his unlife. The how and the way is not important, but Johhny did promise to pay me back 'one nipple' someday. I have lost sleep over what he meant by that." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick
St skulldot.png "I remember him. Seemed a nice enough guy, swore he was on the edge of the Movement or even just Independent. He's a Prince now. Guess time changes people." - Harper Gray
St skulldot.png "How does one sum up such a delectable force of nature? Some people burn like a candle, others like a bonfire. Johnny burns like wildfire. Bright, seductive, and so very, very dangerous. If you ever have the chance, take the leap. The pleasure's well worth the pain." - Alexis Weiss
St skulldot.png "He's hot as fuck and he asked me to arrange a show in his domain. Shit, that motherfucker can get a private show any time he wants." - Aedan Night
St skulldot.png "What does it take for a member of the Ivory Tower to follow a Caitiff Prince? Watch how Prince Rocket treats those under him and you will understand." - Amos Locke
St skulldot.png "A lovely example of dressing for the female gaze. I wish I saw more of him. That said, I had no idea he'd be so... handsy." - Scarlett Thorne
St skulldot.png "Apparently he is my ex-wife I had to pay him child support." - Sid

Crème de la crème

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Matthieu Charpentier*Dezi Giovanni*Tank*Dr. Daniel Thornvick*Kenzi Novak

Out of Character:

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Johnny Rocket

Player: Adam Wiscarson
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Caitiff
Prince Status: Authority, Commander, Sovereign
Elder Status: Confirmed, Established, Privileged
Fleeting Status: Honorable, (Major Ban)
Domain: Manhattan Kansas
VST: Manhattan DST