Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes

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Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes

"He either fears his fate too much,
Or his desserts are small,
Who dares not put it to the touch,
To win or lose it all."

~ James Graham, 1st Marquess and 5th Earl of Montrose


Master Harpy of the Domain of Austin encompassing the Texas cities of Austin, Buda, Kyle, and more. As of February 2015, he is acting as Harpy of Atlantic City until such time that the city completes the transitory process of selecting a local Harpy in the wake of their own Harpy's fall from grace.

Having relocated to Central Texas from San Francisco, Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes - or simply 'Forbes' to most casual acquaintances - is a knowledgeable, well-spoken, approachable individual. He welcomes conversation and discourse with any and all, and he is quick to take whichever side of a debate might most need defending, seemingly for the sake of the debate itself.

Money, power, technology, and the rise and fall of online empires occupies the majority of Forbes's private time, much of which is spent tracking the quirks and whims of world finance. Though he plays most of his cards close to the vest, he is quick to impart a stock tip or investment advice should one inquire, and he can sometimes be found expounding upon the virtues of Video Games as a valid form of artful expression.

Forbes is an inviting conversationalist with an easygoing, almost disarming charm, but a wry wit. His social acumen and mental agility have served him well in quickly climbing the political ladder in Austin where he serves as the Master Harpy.

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"He's an Architect right? Tell him to start by building himself a clue."

Public Knowledge

Name: Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 1994

Generation: 12th (Ancilla by Reputation)


  • JR
  • Forbes



  • Master Harpy of the Domain of Austin
  • Guild Meister General for Clan Toreador

Current Location: Domain of Austin





  • "How does a neonate become Harpy in a domain the size of Waterloo? He must be lying about something."
  • "He has several Elders in his pocket."
  • "He owns two Formula 1 teams, the guy is a crazy, huge fan of F1."
  • "He knows which side of the bread to butter at all times."
  • "He's been investing in Austin for 20 years. The real power behind the Central Texas tech boom? - Forbes."
  • "That cane he carries? What a bunch of crap, he doesn't need that thing."
  • "To hear him tell it, the last thing he'd ever do is get his hands dirty - believe me, there's plenty of dirt and blood on his hands. Tangle with him at your own peril."
  • "If you buy the line that he doesn't have an art, then clearly you haven't heard him give a speech."
  • "He's barely out of his neonate diapers, but suddenly the entire Camarilla knows his name? He's either doing something really right or terribly wrong."
  • "Forbes is Lilly Belle's personal assassin, when she wants someone killed with words."
  • "The last person to challenge whether one so young should really be considered Ancilla either disappeared, was disavowed by their entire clan, or now serves as his retainer - depending who you ask."
  • "He's drank the blood of the most interesting man in the world"


  • "Harpy Forbes tis credit to my Blood and his lineage. He manages more with less than most." Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
  • "JR is pretty leet for a suit. He may be management, but he's got imagination. And deep pockets." Annie Case
  • "He's the most debonair harpy that I've ever met, but then again I don't know many harpies." Johnny Shine
  • "My dear, sweet boy. I'm so proud of him - truly, he is a master of his art..." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "I think he must play some dangerous games. He was kind enough to listen to me though..." The Gambler
  • "It's a shame about his art, or lack there of really. But he is an interesting conversationalist, which is more the most. I do enjoy our talks." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Johnston has made a name for himself as being fearless. As long as he stays that way, I'll defend him to the hilt." Tamberland
  • "Mister...I mean Harpy Forbes...has an art...You may think because it is not a fine art that is does not qualify...I do not believe this to be the case. His art is perhaps more subtle, the way he talks, the things he does, the way things work out. Hell, he got Harpy in place of a highly respected Elder? If that's not art...I don't know what is..." Zack Snyder
  • "Interesting choice for new harpy. I shall have consult my tarot on his future. Oh my it's very...bright and chaotic. I can see the threads everywhere. The fates have many, many things in store for him." Candice Caine
  • "I've heard that Harpy Forbes may not hold me in such a well regard; it's a pity, that. Often, its asking "What if?" that leads to a deeper understanding of others - but you'd be surprised what kind of ripples you can make by just touching the surface. Of the Harpy personally? The bloke has been quite cordial in conversation - a bit reserved, but seems genuine." Swagger
  • "A neonate Harpy? Most unprecedented, I am sure." - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "Do not let age fool one into false pretenses. This one shows cleverness." - Achilles Hellgate
  • "...He's very eloquent." - Angelo
  • "A Harpy with a grasp of modern technology. I almost feel for the target of any scandals...almost" - Dexter Mara
  • "Oh, he's an interesting creature. I look forward to getting to know him. I hope he can say the same!" - Nenette
  • "Given enough time, I trust his judgment will eventually catch up to his confidence." - Franziskus Winter
  • "Little can be said of the Master Harpy Forbes of my city, I have had brief interactions with him. Should that prove to be a good or bad thing, has yet to be decided." - Michael
  • "Master Harpy Forbes impresses me with his gift for making the English language dance in a manner well in keeping with my own preferences. He furthermore demonstrates an able grasp of the social dance of our society. I have every expectation that he will be a name that shines from the Domain of Waterloo for years to come." - A. Winchester
  • "Harpy Forbes seemed to be very busy, I did meet him during court though, I would like to have a chat and be able to pick his brain. I just might learn something new."--Lilith Serenity
  • "Harpy Forbes is a man of honor. It is a true joy to know kindred of quality such as him. He is one of the best that Toreador has ever produced. And i dont say that likely."-- Alexandre the Elder of House d'Aumont
  • "Harpy Forbes? Oh, yes...I know who you are speaking about now. He is very sure of himself." - Michael
  • "Few things thrill me to my very core as much as a Toreador who knows his art. Master Harpy Forbes gives me such a thrill. Long may his watchful eye remain at the head of our social arena." Miss Maggie
  • "Dry sophistication. 'Nuff said." - Gus Carter
  • "You mean to tell me that this neonate, barely twenty years embraced, has gathered enough clout to be respected as an Ancilla and get elected as the Master Harpy of Austin? Who is this Toreador, really?" - Marus
  • "Forbes... Is he the Master Harpy? I think he's the Master Harpy." - Harper Gray
  • "I have never seen one in such a sticky situation and still be able to maintain perfect resolve, this one plays poker." -Markus Kern
  • "His art must be his demeanor. He is so calm, collected, and seemingly diplomatic. A smart man to be sure, I look forward to observing this one more as I continue my stay in Waterloo." -Eris Nightingale
  • "He's the youngest Harpy I've ever met. That alone is reason enough for me to not get near the guy." - Elijah Bhaskara
  • "The words of politics and scandal are no more an art form than the pigments used to create paint, they are a science. Master Harpy Forbes understands this well. It is how we choose to apply those words to the canvas that creates the works which awe and inspire us. And in that subtle and often invisible art, Mr. Forbes is showing himself to have the makings of a master." - Dorian Burroughs
  • "A wit as sharp as any blade, Forbes is a herald of the times whose canvass is the very Court we so cling to." - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "The man seems to be in a very tight space. Caught between what is right and a system put in place to make sure that the truth is sufficently squelched and true humanity is snuffed out before it has a moment to blossom. I feel for him, and do not envy his position, anymore than I envy my own. Perhaps when the dust settles there can be hope for friendship between us." Orelia Taipetra
  • "Harpy Forbes is a man of force. He has always impressed me. He is like a blacksmith who stands at his anvil with fire burning and strikes hard hitting the mark. His words beat away the impurities and bring out the true steel of a person's character." H.W. Hayes
  • "Oh Harpy Forbes is so impressive, I can barely stand it! Where I am a blunt force trauma to the senses, he glides with the grace of a fletchette. Be careful or he'll peel you to the quick with a flick of his wrist. He really IS that good." - Nenette
  • " I am not sure whether it was his polite demeanor, intelligent commentary, helpfulness, or his simple good grace to approach me without appearing to seek anything from me; whatever his charm, it worked wonders." - Adeline Bellamy
  • "Everytime he looks in my direction. I turn away or leave the room. No point in bringing more attention on myself." - Leigh Ignotus
  • "The worst kind of Cammie is one who sees the prison for what it is and chooses to live there anyway. Libertas means being allowed to make your own choices, though. Even if it means hiding behind walls that will never let you see the sky." - Flynn
  • "My interactions with Harpies are limited. But you asked about Forbes, I respect any man that refused to run and hide from the Sabbat. His challenge to them speaks very well for him." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "Harpy Forbes is a smart fellow. He provides good analysis and uses good judgment in his professional life, and he makes good decisions when options are provided to him in his personal life. He will go far." - Michael Cayhill
  • "Suffering under the loss and blunders of so many previous Toreador and yet surviving and flourishing, he possesses no apparent physical capability of his own. he is either well protected, well connected, or extremely lucky. In any case, I do not envy him." - The Broken
  • "Harpy Forbes is a neonate worth watching. He has risen to a height not normally reached by one so young. I look forward to seeing what he does next. " - Ulric Gunvald
  • "It's refreshing to see a Harpy back the social contract despite the potential anger of an elder he speaks against. Conviction to perform your given task despite hardship is a recipe for earning my respect. I hope the good Harpy continues to do so." - David Daniel Steiner
  • "A man that bows not under social or political pressure, and knows his etiquette and traditions. A strong brick of the Tower." - Margareta Sasul
  • "I could not have asked for Archon Bellamy to send a better choice of individual to investigate matters on her behalf. Master Harpy Forbes is a delightfully respectful and distinguished individual. He conducted himself in such a way as to truly uphold the values of polite Kindred Society." - Elder Lilliana Grace, Prince of Charlestn, SC.
  • "It's rare for me to be so thoroughly charmed upon a first introduction, but Mr. Forbes won my esteem ably. Fear the Harpy whose talons are sheathed in silk!" - Evelyn Atwood
  • "Many within the Tower are as sand, shifting in the heat, creating illusions that aren't there, and faltering when foundations need to be placed. Johnston is a rock....when a deal is made." - Zaina
  • "After a few conversations with him, I could tell he was scheming and conniving, and coming from an old Setite...that is a compliment.." - Brother Billy
  • "Oh , Forbes , well......he has warned me , twice and scolded me for my lack of tact.....and I could have never felt better to be honest. M
  • "I was told to make sure Harpy Forbes understood and knew that any inhumane look I might show off at Court, was in no reflect of what I might show off in front of the Kine. Being Nosferatu I know that my features are not the most appreciated to look upon. But I will not be confined to hiding while in the presence of others beasts that might be prettier than I." - Dagmuar
  • "Monsieur Forbes is a man worth watching closely, to cross this city's great Harpy is to court true disaster." - Marie Blackwell
  • "Nothing short of delightful, and don't let anyone tell you different. If they do, he'll hear about it, and then where will they be? At the bottom of the social barrel, that's where." -Scarlett Thorne
  • "My cousin is as a delectable Uncle, he takes me in hand with things I do not know, but gives me the space to be the creature that I am. One of these nights, I will find what fire burns below the surface, and then, the world shall burn." -Babette DeForest
  • "Why would I watch TV? There's no reason to not be entertained in a world where Johnston Forbes exists." - Eddie Dean
  • "Some people don't particularly care for Forbes' brand of discourse. And some people eat at Outback Steakhouse. I can't care about the opinions of anyone with such a shit palate." - Antonin Boucher
  • "Its not every day three men come knocking on your door claiming to be family, all while you're in a bathrobe, and then whisk you away to the largest jet you've ever seen. Our interactions... thus far have been nothing short of fairy tale strange. It makes me wonder when the plot twist will occur. There are always plot twists to every good story, yes?" - Amelia Thorne
  • "I could sit and listen to Forbes for HOURS. Just to hear him speak. Rumor has it that the ladies lose their undergarments just by reading his electronic mail. Don't believe me? Pay attention to your Roses next time he speaks or sends a report." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "Wordsmithing, like wine, women, wealth, and wasted oppurtunities requires age to be truly beautiful. He is older than the ancient. Agony, ecstasy, harpy." - Hestia
  • "We all have our thorns and our barbs, but my cousin Forbes strikes fatally without drawing blood, cutting his opponents to size while they fall to pieces, still protesting that they've been cut. His art is in his words, long may they flow." - Ewan Sterling
  • Though young and perhaps inexperienced to some, it is a wise Kindred that treads with caution around Harpy Forbes. He has the skills and knowledge to ruin you before you even know there is an attack. - Jared Goodman
  • "Harpy Forbes is brilliant. His words are his art." - Candice Caine
  • "Flynn would probably kill me for saying this, but I kinda like Forbes. He somewhat plays this frenemy game with the Anarchs that is, in itself, amusing to watch. The real treat, however, is when someone gets him riled up and that hidden Toreador bitchiness rises to the surface." - Evan Lazarus
  • "The mortals have this thing on the internet, Reddit. People post and then others chime in, next thing you know some spaz is being mocked on the news. Forbes is the one man vampire Reddit." - Valerius
  • "I do enjoy the talents of the Master Harpy. His age and capabilities are of those far beyond his years. He will do much and go far." Nicholas Loring
  • "The Master Harpy? Excellent taste in cars." Isabelle Monroe
  • "Harpy Forbes is the crown jewel of the youth of the Camarilla, a shinning example of excellence of which there is no equal at present. There are many Elders who have not an iota of his skill or acumen. This pupil has long ago joined the ranks of the masters." - Arden
  • "To watch a star rise is a rare thing indeed, but Harpy Forbes' own journey is rarer still. All that he has accomplished now... Can you imagine where he will be in a hundred years?" - Ligeia Loxley
  • "Very genial, very polite and incredibly helpful if you're prepared to listen to him. He'll be a true terror when he makes it to Elder class." - Magdalene Lys
  • "The man did a thankless job for his "civilized" kindred society and was murdered for it. This aint gonna blow over quickly." Enzo Putanesca

Player Information

Gregory Bullard

Cam Number: US2013090015
Home Domain: NoWitnesses - Blood & Shadow
Email: [1]

VST: Nick Kice

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: JR Forbes
Storyteller: Austin C/A VST